The City Council and Mayor represent the City of St. Charles as political leaders and are responsible for adoption of the city budget, determining the tax rate, enacting city legislation and general policy making decisions on behalf of the community as a whole.

The Mayor and five Council Members are elected at large on a non-partisan basis. Regular City Elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November during every odd numbered year.

Dennis Smith

Mayor – Term ends 12/31/2017


Melissa Morgan

Mayor Pro Tem and Councilmember – Term ends 12/31/2019


Rusty Gyles

Councilmember – Terms ends 12/17/2020


Tom Blomme

Councilmember – Term ends 12/17/2017


John Goering

Councilmember – Terms ends 12/31/2019


Megan Allison

Councilmember – Term ends 12/31/2017