Air Fryer Hash Browns Recipe

Air Fryer Hash Browns Recipe

Breakfast hash browns that are crispy, golden, and delicious are my absolute favorite food. The flavor of hash browns is incredible for how simple they are to prepare. The use of an air fryer gives these hash browns a unique twist compared to the traditional variety. The air fryer is a great kitchen tool since it allows you to cook food in a healthy manner by using less oil while yet achieving the desired crispiness. These air-fried hash browns are the latest example of the device’s extraordinary capabilities, and they continue to wow me.

Making Hash Browns (Overview)

The hash browns may be prepared in a skillet, the oven, or an air fryer. The final way is my favorite since air-fried hash browns are perfectly crisp. It is incredibly simple to prepare hash browns in the comfort of your own house. You can always purchase hash browns from the supermarket, but nothing beats home-cooked hash browns.

There are two possible preparations for hash browns: hash brown patties and traditional hash browns. I chose hash brown patties for this dish because to their superior flavor and texture.

The hash brown patties have a crisp outside and a slightly softer interior. The traditional hash browns are crisp throughout. Nonetheless, if you choose to attempt the traditional form, here is how to make them:

1 pound of peeled and shredded potatoes
1 ½ tbsp avocado oil
Salt and pepper to taste Half a teaspoon of garlic or onion powder
Put the grated potatoes in a basin containing water. Allow the potatoes to sit for twenty minutes. This will eliminate potato starch, making hash browns crispier. After 20 minutes, drain the potatoes and set them on a kitchen towel.

The grated potatoes should be squeezed as much as possible. Combine the potatoes with the seasonings and oil, then evenly place them in the air fryer basket.

Air-fry the hash browns at 380 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve with pleasure.

This version is rather dry for me, but you can try it if you like. My version of hashbrowns contains the same spices, but it also includes a little bit of breadcrumbs and is baked differently. Everything is contained on the recipe card.

My Tips For Perfect Hash Browns

Do not skip the soaking – Soaking the potatoes in cold water helps eliminate starch, resulting in crisper potatoes. Dry the potatoes – For optimal crispiness, drain the potatoes thoroughly. Squeeze the potatoes to remove as much liquid as possible after the initial drain.
Always season your hash browns – I know you’ll use salt and pepper, but don’t forget to add some garlic powder or onion powder as well. These make a significant difference.
Cook the potatoes in the microwave for a few minutes – Once the potatoes have been grated and drained, place them in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for a few minutes. You’ll be able to extract even more juice from the potatoes this way.

Can I Use Sweet Potatoes?

Hash browns made with sweet potatoes are possible. You do not need to soak sweet potatoes in water because they are less starchy than traditional potatoes. It will be alright with a nice rinse. However, I do advise draining them.

Any remaining liquid will only produce steam, and the hash browns risk becoming gummy and crunchy. Sweet potatoes will be combined with seasonings and some oil, just as regular potatoes. I advise omitting the breadcrumbs from the sweet potatoes. The same length of time can be used to cook these in the air fryer.

Air Fryer Hash Browns

Time to prepare: 15 minutes

Time to cook: 15 minutes

3 servings per recipe (2 hash browns per serving)


4 potatoes, peeled, grated
1 12 tablespoon breadcrumbs
pepper and salt, to taste
1 gram of garlic powder
0.5 grams onion powder
2 tsp canola oil


Step 1: Prepare the potatoes by peeling and grating them.

Second, soak the potatoes for 20 minutes in cold water.

Third, transfer the drained potatoes to a microwave-safe dish. The potatoes should be microwaved for 4 minutes on high, and stirred after 2 minutes.
Fourth, line a baking sheet with paper towels, and then set the potatoes there. Press some additional paper towels over them to help them dry off.

To recap Step 5, return the potatoes to the basin. Douse with oil, seasoning, and breadcrumbs.
Six, mix the ingredients thoroughly by stirring. Make 6 burgers with the mixture.

Seven, load up your air fryer with three patties.

Hash browns should be air-fried at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, with turning halfway during cooking time recommended.
Put some hash browns on the table beside your usual breakfast of eggs and bacon.


4 potatoes, peeled, grated
1 12 tablespoon breadcrumbs
pepper and salt, to taste
1 gram of garlic powder
0.5 grams onion powder
2 tsp canola oil


Potatoes should be peeled and grated.
Put the potatoes in a bowl of cold water for 20 minutes. Place the potatoes in a microwave-safe basin and set aside. Microwave the potatoes for 4 minutes on high, stirring after each minute.
Line a baking sheet with paper towels and place the potatoes on it. Cover with additional paper towels and press to dry.
Return the potatoes to the bowl. Mix in the oil, spices, and breadcrumbs.
To blend, stir everything together thoroughly. Form the mixture into six patties.
In an air fryer basket, place three patties.
Cook the hash browns in an air fryer for 15 minutes at 375°F, flipping halfway through.
Serve with eggs and bacon or other favorite morning items.

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