Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes

  • When I want a crispy side dish that is unbelievably crispy and fuss-free, I use my air fryer! As you already know, air fryers make food better and crispier.

    Pre-cooked baby potatoes are drained, mashed, and seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

    After being prepared, the potatoes are cooked in the air fryer, resulting in crispy, golden potatoes with a creamy center.

    This easy-to-make potato dish pairs well with just about anything you cook for dinner and is ready in no time!

    Which Potatoes Are Best For Air-Frying?

    Yukon baby potatoes are perfect for air frying! Choose potatoes that are about one inch in diameter.

    As well as baby Yukon potatoes, red potatoes are also great.

    It’s okay to use plain potatoes if you can’t find any baby Yukons or red potatoes. Slice them thickly, precook, smash, then finish cooking with an air fryer.

    Do I Need To Boil The Potatoes Before Air-Frying Them?

    You don’t have to, but you can. It all depends on your mood or how much time you want to spend preparing this! I used the boiling method, but air fryers would work as well.

    Once they’ve been cooked, smash them with the bottom of a glass, and then cook them in the air fryer until they’re perfect. I’ll share more instructions below.

    How To Air-Fry Smashed Potatoes Without Boiling Them First

    Smashed potatoes must be precooked before they can be roasted. However, you can use an air fryer for this or boil them first.

    Here is how to use the air fryer only:

    1. You should wash, drain, and dry your potatoes.

    2. Bake the potatoes at 400°F for 15–20 minutes, then remove the potatoes and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

    3. You can also use that mixture to brush the smashed potatoes. Use the bottom of a cup or glass to smash the potatoes. Sprinkle the potatoes with minced garlic, salt, and pepper, then drizzle them with olive oil.

    4. The potatoes should be placed in the air fryer basket in a single layer, then air-fried for 15 minutes at 400°F.

    5. Enjoy the potatoes as a snack or serve them as desired!

    Can I Change Something In This Recipe?

    In terms of preparation, there isn’t a lot of space to work with, but the seasonings can be easily mixed!

    This recipe uses salt, pepper, and fresh garlic, but you can also add dried Italian herbs, chili powder, or red pepper flakes.

    Seasoning combinations are completely up to you, but if you’re using herbs, make sure they’re dried – fresh herbs tend to burn.

    How To Serve Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes

    With tzatziki or a variety of delicious and complex chutneys, these air fryer potatoes pair perfectly with your casseroles and stews.

    How To Store Any Leftovers

    You can keep leftover potatoes in the refrigerator for five days by covering them with foil or storing them in an airtight container.

    You can serve them by reheating them for five to seven minutes in the oven.

    Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes

    Preparation time: 5 minutes

    Cooking time: 30 minutes

    Servings: 4


    • Baby gold potatoes, 1 lb.

    • Olive oil, 2 tablespoons

    • Add salt and pepper to taste

    • Garlic cloves, minced (or garlic powder, 12 tsp)


    The potatoes should be thoroughly washed.

    In a pot of boiling water, cook the potatoes until they are tender.

    Then, drain the potatoes and place them on a baking sheet. Use a cup to smash the potatoes.

    Add olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic to a bowl.

    Place the potatoes in an air fryer after brushing them with this mixture.

    The potatoes should be air-fried at 400°F for 15–20 minutes.

    Warm potatoes before serving.

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    Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes

    Four yields

    Preparation time: 5 minutes

    30 minutes to cook

    Time: 30 minutes

    You want an irresistibly crispy side dish that’s fuss-free and easy to make? These potatoes are ready in no time!

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    • A pound of baby gold potatoes

    • Olive oil, 2 tablespoons

    • To taste, salt and pepper

    • Garlic cloves, minced (or garlic powder, 12 tsp)


    1. Make sure the potatoes are thoroughly washed.

    2. Boil the potatoes until they are tender.

    3. Smash the potatoes with the bottom of a cup after draining them and placing them on a baking sheet.

    4. Mix olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic in a bowl.

    5. Place the potatoes in the air fryer after brushing them with this mixture.

    6. At 400°F, air-fry the potatoes for 15–20 minutes.

    7. Warm the potatoes before serving.

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