Best Blue Curacao Brands

9 Best Blue Curacao Brands – Complete Guide

An alcoholic beverage obtained from the Caribbean that is often used in cocktail recipes, Blue Curacao is a punchy and vibrant blue-colored liqueur flavored with oranges, other citrus fruits, and spices. Blue Curacao is used in Blue Lagoon and Bluebird cocktails.

Best Blue Curacao brands will stay true to their original recipe by blending Laraha oranges with other citrus fruits and warm spices to create a balanced bittersweet taste. Find out what Blue Curacao tastes like, how it’s used, and which brands are the best, so you can pick the right one for your next cocktail party.

What Is Blue Curacao And How Is It Used?

Blue Curacao is a famous orange-flavored liqueur with a distinctive bright blue color and interesting origins. If you’re not a fan of cocktails, you may not be familiar with the name. A drink called Blue Curacao was first made with Laraha oranges that were grown on Curacao Island, off the coast of Venezuela, in the 1800s.

Located in the Caribbean, Curacao Island has a warm climate and a vibrant tropical environment. Like its namesake cocktail, the island is vibrant, colorful, and full of life. Despite the fact that Blue Curacao is now made in many different countries throughout the world, the original and best blue cocktails still originate from its homeland.

Although Blue Curacao is often mixed with other citrus fruits and varieties of oranges, the main ingredient should be the dried peel from Laraha oranges. The spices and sweet ingredients are blended together to create a perfectly balanced liqueur.

An intense, slightly bitter taste with a sweeter aftertaste greets your palate when you take a sip of neat Blue Curacao. You will taste orange and other citrus fruits, blended carefully with warm spices. The purpose of Blue Curacao is to mix with other ingredients in cocktails and not to be consumed alone.

With food colorings, Blue Curacao’s brilliant blue color makes it a popular ingredient in colorful cocktail blends. Without the coloring, Blue Curacao would be clear and colorless. The alcohol strength of Blue Curacao varies widely. Weaker versions may contain only 15% alcohol by volume, while stronger versions may have more than 40%.

A good cocktail bar will have at least one type of Blue Curacao on hand. The Blue Lagoon is the most famous cocktail containing Blue Curacao. Another popular choice is the Bluebird, a gin cocktail. Blue Curacao is used in this recipe for easy blue margaritas.

How To Choose The Best Blue Curacao Brands

Choosing the perfect Blue Curacao brand for your cocktail can sometimes be overwhelming because there are so many options! There are a wide variety of options available, from common brands found in grocery stores to artisan limited-edition versions. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when looking for the best Blue Curacao brands.

Quality Of Product

You should buy the best quality Blue Curacao that you can afford. However, a higher price tag does not necessarily equate to better quality. Brands of Blue Curacao should adhere as closely as possible to the original recipe and ideally include Laraha oranges. Other citrus fruits and different types of oranges may also be added. Some versions of this liqueur have a pure and simple flavor, while others are more complex with underlying notes of spices.

Ingredients used to create this delicate blend should be derived from natural sources with minimal artificial additives and flavors. It is impossible to avoid using artificial ingredients altogether since the color will likely have been created using food coloring.


It will come down to personal preference what flavor you prefer in Blue Curacao, but there are certain components all cocktail connoisseurs will agree on when it comes to this popular liqueur. Due to the dried orange peel used as the base ingredient, Blue Curacao should have a slightly bitter citrus taste.

The bitterness should be very mild and should be perfectly balanced by the sweetness of this cocktail mixer. This gives the drink a smoothness that blends perfectly with other cocktail ingredients. Spices are commonly used in this liqueur and add a warm flavor that complements the orange perfectly.

Alcohol Content

When searching for the best Blue Curacao brands, it is important to keep the alcohol content in mind. There is no industry standard for this liqueur, and it can range from 15% ABV to over 40% ABV. Mixing cocktails requires being aware of the strength of the liqueur you are adding.

You may need to adjust the amounts in your recipe if you use more alcoholic versions. Blue Curacao syrups can be used if you are avoiding alcohol altogether. These mimic the taste of this popular liqueur without the alcohol.

Best Blue Curacao Brands

There are a huge variety of Blue Curacao brands available, from common grocery store brands to artisan limited-editions.

1. Drillaud Blue Curacao

One of the most upmarket versions of this liqueur is Drillaud Blue Curacao. This flavorful cocktail mixer features a perfect blend of bitterness, sweetness, and subtle undertones of spice. The color of the liquor is vibrant blue, transforming the appearance of your flavorful, brightly colored cocktails. The alcohol content is about 25% ABV, which is strong enough to taste without overwhelming.

There are many varieties of Blue Curacao available, but this version is widely considered to have the smoothest and best flavor. Some people believe it is good enough to be consumed straight, served over crushed ice, but most people use it for cocktails.

2. Giffard Blue Curaçao Liqueur

Avrille’s Giffard Distillery is the second Blue Curacao brand on our list. This version contains a blend of bitter and sweet orange peels, although the manufacturer does not specify if it is from Laraha oranges. This version has a similar alcohol content to our top pick, but it tastes much stronger. After a few mouthfuls, the orange flavor begins to mellow out. Additionally, it is slightly sweeter than other Blue Curacao liqueurs, making it perfect for cocktail blends that like a hint of sweetness.

3. Dubouchett Blue Curacao Liqueur

The American version of this classic Caribbean liqueur is Dubouchett. Using bitter Lahara oranges as the base of the original recipe, the manufacturers have stayed true to the original recipe. The sweeter oranges and sour lemon extracts are harmoniously blended with these.

The flavor is completely natural, and only artificial additives are used for the blue coloring. The result is a clean, balanced flavor with a distinctive orange aroma. Despite its 15% ABV, this mixer is not too overpowering, so you can use it generously in your cocktail blends.

4. DaVinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Blueberry Syrup

Unlike some versions of this liqueur, DeKuyper Blue Curacao does not have an overwhelming spiciness. You can use it to add a punchy tropical citrus flavor to your favorite cocktail recipes. Despite its higher price tag, many connoisseurs believe this is a brand worth paying extra for. Compared to other brands on our list, this brand contains around 27% ABV. If you reduce the amount you use in your cocktail recipe, the dominant flavor will still shine through.

5. Time for Treats Sugar Free Blue Raspberry Flavored Syrup

For good reason, Bols Blue Curacao is one of the most famous and best-known brands of this liqueur. Several decades ago, Bols Blue Curacao was used in the first Blue Lagoon cocktails, although more upmarket versions are now more popular. The main flavoring of this version is the bitter Lahara orange, blended with hints of Valencia oranges and Kinnow oranges. A delicate blend of herbs is also included in the recipe, and the final mix is dyed a vibrant blue.

6. 1883 Routin Blue Curacao Syrup

You might feel like you’re missing out on all of the best cocktail recipes when you’re trying to avoid alcohol. When you consider that Blue Curacao is more used for its flavor than for its alcohol content, you wonder why it seems necessary to have alcohol in this drink. Blue Curacao’s great flavor has been replicated in this tasty alcohol-free syrup.

A product of the French Alps, it’s free from artificial flavors and preservatives, and has the same great taste and vibrant blue color we love in its alcoholic counterpart. Whether you want an alcohol-free option at your drinks parties or simply want an alternative refreshing summer drink, this imitation liqueur syrup is perfect.

7. Torani Syrup Variety Pack, Soda Flavors

Featuring bitter oranges and a special blend of herbs, this American version of Blue Curacao liqueur is made with bitter oranges. The result is a flavor that is unique to this version of this popular liqueur. Additionally, Lords Blue Curacao has a very reasonable price tag and a 30% alcohol content.

We strongly advise giving this cocktail mixer a try if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option with a great flavor. While it might not be the best option if you’re trying to recreate an authentic Blue Lagoon, it is a good option if you need to buy mixers in bulk for a cocktail party.

8. Arrow Blue Curacao Liqueur

This Blue Curacao alternative is made from the peel of a bitter variety of Seville oranges and has a lower alcohol content at 15% ABV. The perfect blue lagoon cocktail starts with this subtle liqueur, which features just the right amount of orange. Because of its reduced alcohol content, it can be used directly in place of the original ingredient without altering the cocktail’s flavor.

There are many supermarkets stocked with Arrow Blue Curacao liqueur because it is a popular choice among American consumers. A wide variety of cocktail recipes could benefit from this excellent m option.

9. Hiram Walker Blue Curacao

The last item on our list, which is also American, is created using Caracara orange bittersweet peel. This gives it a traditional Caribbean flavor that, when combined with other ingredients for a cocktail, tastes like a ray of sunshine. The majority of grocery stores should have this version readily available. It has a moderate alcohol content of 15% ABV and is a mid-range option. Due to its excellent flavor and affordable price, this brand is frequently chosen by cocktail bars.

We hope this article has helped you identify some of the top Blue Curacao brands to look out for. There are many options available, as you can see, so there should be something to suit everyone. Purchasing a bottle of this flavorful liqueur will significantly increase your collection of cocktail recipes, making it ideal for your upcoming summer get-together!

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