Best Electric Potato Mashers

9 Best Electric Potato Mashers in 2022

Want to buy a high-quality electric potato masher? Then you’ll love our handy manual and suggestions. Do you have any recommendations for high-quality electric potato mashers? With the best electric potato mashers, you won’t have to worry about straining your wrists or getting lumps in your mashed potatoes. The masher attachment on your blender will do the trick, but you can always just get a new blender. The likes of Hamilton Beach, Chefman, Dash, Braun, Philips, and others come highly recommended. Read on to find out what to look for in a good potato masher, and which electric models come highly recommended.

Electric Vs Manual Potato Mashers

Historically, mashing potatoes was a labor-intensive task that required a great deal of elbow grease, especially when large quantities of potatoes had to be mashed. Even if all the potatoes were mashed by hand, there was always a chance that lumps or unequal pieces of potatoes would remain in the bowl.

Thankfully, electric potato mashers have transformed everything! Electric potato mashers are straightforward machines designed to create a smooth mash of potatoes using a powerful motor and precise control.

You may be wondering, “Wouldn’t a regular blender or food processor make mashing potatoes easier?” You could, but you may end up mashing them too much!

Potatoes are rich in starch, and the more you mash them (or, more precisely, the more vigorously you mash them), the more starch they release, which could result in a sticky mess.

If you believe that manual intervention will resolve this issue, you are mistaken! The problem is that many individuals have difficulty determining the proper consistency for mashed potatoes, so they typically over-mash them.

Additionally, you may be left with lumps in an otherwise smooth bowl of mashed potatoes!

For this reason, these specialized potato mashers are so popular in the home. Not only do they facilitate the task, but they also make mashing potatoes considerably more efficient and effective.

Electric Potato Masher Basics

Electric potato mashers have numerous applications. All you need is an immersion blender, or a hand blender with a potato masher attachment! But, before we get into the possibilities, let’s first discuss standard electric potato mashers. Ordinary electric potato mashers are simple machines. They are typically in the shape of a wand and are held in the hand.

The power and speed controls will be located on the blender’s top grip, while the magic will take place on the bottom driveshaft! There are many different types of potato mashers; some have ricing capabilities, while others are only concerned with sheer power and producing an ultra-smooth mash.

The best thing about these mashers is that they can produce a high number of RPMs (Rotations Per Minute) while providing precise control over the bowl — and they don’t use much power!

This feature makes these appliances superior to standard blenders and food processors, which typically require 1000W – 1500W of power. Remember that while you can use these regular machines instead of electric potato mashers, you must be very careful not to overdo the potatoes!

As previously stated, when potatoes are continuously mashed at high speeds, they can release a lot of starch, causing them to become too thin and even sticky! Sticky mashed potatoes have very little use — most of the time, you won’t be able to bind them to other ingredients, resulting in a lot of waste.

The Right Way To Mash Potatoes

While mashing potatoes may seem simple, it actually requires some technical skill and a keen eye. Beginners’ inability to determine the proper consistency for some recipes is by far their biggest issue.

For instance, you must mash the potatoes when making potato cakes or potato patties so that they have a smooth but slightly lumpy texture, which makes it simpler to shape the mashed potatoes.

On the other hand, a very soft, homogenous mixture that is very smooth and smooth would be needed to make a traditional mashed potato side.

Lumpy Texture Mashed Potato Tips

It’s simple to achieve a lumpier texture with electric potato mashers. Adjust the mashing time and intensity until you have an equal proportion of smooth potatoes with only a few lumps. You can also change the consistency to your liking.

Set the electric potato masher to the lowest setting and gently press down on the boiled potatoes until they begin to mash. Give it a few pulses and then stop when the mixture is lumpy!

Pro Tip: For best results, choose a hybrid solution that combines electric and manual techniques. Begin by mashing the potatoes with a high-quality electric potato masher (see below) and then finish with a fork to achieve the desired consistency for your recipe.

Smooth-Textured Mashed Potato Tips

For a smoother and creamier mashed potato mixture, a bit of technique is required! If you believe that mashing the potatoes until they are completely smooth is all that is required, you may end up with a sticky mess.

Beginning on the lowest setting of your electric potato masher is the proper way to obtain perfectly mashed and ultra-smooth potatoes. Beginning slowly will prevent excessive starch release while mashing the potatoes.

Gently press down on the potatoes and evenly mash them by lifting and rotating the masher around the bowl. This will serve as your first visual cue that the lumps are beginning to disappear.

Before proceeding, be sure to move the masher around evenly on all sides of the bowl. Do not pull and slam the masher into the bowl with force. Be gentle and patient!

Once all lumps have vanished, stop and evaluate the consistency. Examine the sample with a spoon for lumps and unequal pieces.

Complete with a quick taste test. Before proceeding, evaluate the texture and flavor of the mixture. If you detect lumps, we recommend mashing the potatoes with a fork, as the electric potato masher may be too aggressive at this point — mashing with a fork will take only a few seconds and minimal effort!

You may be tempted to mash the potatoes more, but keep in mind that you must still mix and fold the potatoes after adding the seasonings. Even if there is room for improvement, you can make all the necessary adjustments when you combine and mash the potatoes following seasoning.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Electric Potato Mashers

Let’s talk more about the mashers themselves now that we know how to use them to make mashed potatoes to your liking. When looking to buy an electric potato masher, keep the following in mind: Incorporate High-Quality Functions and Capabilities Into Your Design.

Design And Build Quality

The primary advantage of electric potato mashers is their convenience and comfort of use. If these two characteristics are not present, there is no point in making a purchase!

Please note that these handheld blenders are equipped with a motor capable of operating at very high RPMs. The greater the output, the greater the likelihood that the machine will vibrate.

These vibrations can cause fatigue and eventually a great deal of discomfort, particularly when mashing large quantities of potatoes. Always choose a potato masher with a sturdy body and an extremely comfortable grip.

Some cheaper brands will typically sacrifice quality and usability in order to provide more power; however, as we’ve already discussed, you don’t need that much power to mash potatoes!

Pay close attention to the machine’s build quality, usability, and design, as these characteristics will matter much more in the long run!

When purchasing a potato masher for home use, individuals with disabilities or conditions such as arthritis should pay special attention to these minor details.

Even though you could complete the task with any subpar immersion blender, you would eventually have to view it as a chore instead of an enjoyable experience!

Features And Capabilities

When shopping for an electric potato masher, keep in mind the tasks you intend to use it for, and pay attention to the masher’s features and capabilities.

If you don’t have a strong preference, you should probably just get an all-purpose masher that can handle any kind of mixing or blending job, as most electric potato mashers can rice and mash potatoes. Checking the masher’s power settings on the handle is a good first step.

Even if you choose a blender with only an on/off switch, you should look for one with at least two or three power levels to avoid instantaneous blitzing of the potatoes.

Many people are also worried about maintenance. Since mashed potatoes tend to be messy, it’s a good idea to look for a model that has features like a detachable blade and a twist-to-fit option for fast assembly.


Additionally, pay attention to the attachments or extended capabilities of the blender. If you don’t want to invest in a device that specializes in a single task, we recommend going with a modular device that supports accessories.

What is the definition of modularity? Not all electric potato mashers can be used to blend food, just as not all hand blenders can be used to mash potatoes. Having a device that is modular and can support attachments will be of great value in this situation!

To mash potatoes, simply replace the base with the proper attachment, and then return it to its original configuration for general-purpose blending tasks. You will not only be able to utilize a machine you already own, but you will also save a significant amount of money!

Some attachments also include a built-in ricer function that can mash and rice potatoes beautifully and uniformly without the need to purchase a separate machine.

Despite the fact that not all blenders support attachments, if you have a machine that does, you may get the most out of your investment!

Best Electric Potato Mashers

Now that you understand the fundamentals of electric potato mashers, what to look for, and the best techniques for achieving the desired consistency of mashed potatoes, it’s time to look at some of our suggestions!

1. Oofaybill Electric Potato Masher With Non-Slip Handle

For those who experience persistent wrist issues, this device is possibly the best choice. This potato masher/ricer is one of the best-designed ones available, in addition to being an excellent masher/ricer. It is designed specifically to gently mash potatoes until they are perfect.

The machine’s straightforward and clever design relocates the power button from the side to the top handle grip. You will therefore have a more relaxed grip and better control over the mashing procedure!

A strong blade at the machine’s base can quickly and easily mash any kind and size of potato in just 20 to 30 seconds. The best feature is that the blade can be removed, making cleaning a breeze.

If versatility is what you’re after, this device also functions as an immersion blender. Overall, this one tool can really help you out with a variety of tasks!

2. Chefman Electric Immersion Blender

If you need complete control over the texture and consistency of your mashed potatoes, this is the tool for you! This is one of the most user-friendly potato mashers and immersion blenders we’ve seen. This machine has a simple one-touch function, but it also has a clever pressure-sensitive trigger to control the blade speed!

Its highly intuitive and precise power trigger can help you achieve better results, resulting in a far more creamy and smooth mixture than other machines. This machine is dishwasher safe and powerful enough to pulverize ice cubes or other tough ingredients.

3. Dash Chef Series Immersion Hand Blender

Searching for a comprehensive remedy? Then take a look at this hand blender with immersion! The flat bottom of this blender allows for complete and even contact with the food. You don’t have to worry about using too much power because there are up to five different power settings, and it can easily make mashed potatoes that are smooth and blended.

This device will help you make perfect, soft mashed potatoes whether you’re in a rush or prefer to take your time. The ability to puree virtually any vegetable with this blender is perhaps the main benefit you should consider purchasing. With mashed potatoes, you can practically add any kind of food and it will homogenize the mixture without you having to work too hard!

4. JIEQIJIAJU Electric Potato Masher

If you despise cleaning between the blades, we have a very simple solution for you. It is a lightweight and well-designed solution for anyone looking for a simple, dishwasher-safe blender that can get the job done without you having to worry about cleanup. This masher’s 250W motor can homogenize potatoes and can also be used for other tasks.

It has a detachable blade at the bottom that can be removed and replaced in seconds. Don’t want to squander your time? Then simply remove the bottom attachment and place it in the dishwasher, just like any other plate or utensil!

5. Braun Hand Blender Multiquick Vario

We love this combination potato masher and hand blender! It includes everything required to mash potatoes and complete other blending tasks. If you have never owned a handheld masher or blender before, we cannot recommend this package enough.

It includes a basic immersion blender, a portable food processor, a whisk attachment, and a regular container with a powerful and “turbo”-enabled motor for blending virtually any food.

Braun is a well-known brand with an excellent reputation on the market, so we believe that every beginner should consider purchasing this set, especially if they don’t already own any of the included accessories.

6. Ovente Potato Masher Blender Attachment

For less than $20, you can have all your potato mashing needs met. If you already have an Ovente immersion blender, this is the best option. Simply remove the blender’s base and snap on this low-cost and space-saving attachment to convert the machine into a potato masher. The attachment is simple to set up and remove, so it can be cleaned separately, even in a dishwasher.

For information on whether or not this accessory is suitable for use with your Ovente appliance, please see the manufacturer’s note in the product description.

7. Philips Potato Masher Accessory

If you want to get the most out of your Philips immersion blender, we strongly suggest checking out this potato masher accessory. Not only can you save money, but you also receive the same high-quality, potato-specific Philips design.

This masher attachment is designed for effortless detachment and attachment. It employs a secure locking mechanism that keeps the masher in place without excessive vibrations. The masher is designed to be durable and can easily support heavy loads! We believe this is the best option for individuals who do not wish to fill their kitchen cabinets with specialized appliances.

8. BELLA Immersion Hand Blender

Want something a little more stylish? Then we recommend taking a look at this elegantly designed and highly capable masher. This machine easily mashes potatoes without leaving lumps! It’s made of extremely durable stainless steel, allowing you to blend straight from the pot — who doesn’t want fewer dirty dishes?

Its powerful motor can quickly render large batches of potatoes. You can also change the power setting to achieve the desired consistency! We recommend this machine for people who want an all-purpose machine for everyday use that will also complement the décor of any modern kitchen.

9. Hamilton Beach Immersion Hand Blender

We think Hamilton Beach has hit the mark with this incredible bundle because it is big on value and features. For those who are just starting out and don’t already own a handheld blender, this is yet another excellent investment. Along with an excellent immersion blender, you also get a whisk and a very useful food processor accessory.

You have complete control over consistency and texture thanks to the machine’s built-in 225W motor and power controls that can be adjusted. High-quality stainless steel was used in its construction, and all of the accessories are dishwasher-safe. Very large batches of potatoes can be easily mashed with no uneven or lumpy pieces remaining!

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