Best Flavored Coffees

11 Best Flavored Coffees

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for recommendations for the best flavored coffee! What are the best flavored coffees? The best flavored coffees are made from responsibly sourced high-quality Arabica, Columbian, or Robusta coffee beans that provide rich flavor notes and a smooth texture. In addition to K-cups, whole beans, ground, and instant coffee, premium flavored coffee is also available. Our recommendations for the best flavored coffee can be found below, along with information on its different forms and a buyer’s guide!

Popular Coffee Flavors

We love the following coffee flavors, but there are many more to choose from:

  • The hazelnut

  • The caramel flavor

  • The blueberry

  • The mocha

  • The vanilla flavor

  • The pumpkin

These are just some of the popular flavor options available on the market, but you will find tons of variations as well.

In the case of most artisanal coffee makers, the coffee is usually flavored using natural ingredients, but with added artificial flavors.

It’s just that coffee alone has a lot of flavor notes. Some can be acidic, while others can be fruity or even subtly sweet.

The overall range of the beverage can be enhanced by adding different concentrations of flavors to counteract these natural flavors (more on this below).

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Flavored Coffees

You can use this guide to choose the best coffee flavor and brand on the market.

The following are four things you should look for when choosing flavored coffee or coffee brands.

The following should be on your radar:

  1. The quality of the beans

  2. Flavorings: Artificial vs. Natural

  3. Types and quantities

  4. Ethics/Sustainability

Bean Quality

There is another factor that determines the overall flavor of coffee – the quality of the beans. We have already discussed how flavorings are added to coffee during different stages of the manufacturing process.

Do you remember when we discussed how these added flavorings must overcome the natural flavor notes of coffee beans?

Some manufacturers use inferior quality beans to minimize the flavor of coffee and maximize the amount of artificial flavorings.

While the coffee will have a much stronger artificial flavor, the texture and flavor will still be greatly inferior to brands that sell high-quality flavored beans.

You’d be surprised what high-quality Arabica or Robusta coffee beans can offer if you think the difference is negligible.

For the best experience, choose a brand that offers superior quality beans and high-quality flavoring agents.

Artificial Vs. Natural Flavorings 

Manufacturers use artificial and natural flavorings to enhance the inherent flavor of coffee beans, but you should also be aware of the types of flavorings used in these products. You should opt for an all-natural coffee brand that uses natural flavorings or advanced roasting techniques to extract the hidden flavor notes in the beans if you are a purist.

You can, however, choose from a variety of artificial and naturally flavored coffee beans if you want a fun and flavorful twist in your morning cup. Browse our list below to choose a delicious flavor, then move on to a different brand and flavor to explore what the world of premium coffee has to offer.

Quantity and Types

In the event that coffee isn’t consumed within the recommended storage period, it can go bad, but what’s worse is that it first begins to lose its flavor before it goes bad.You should always consider quantity when you’re making a purchase. If you are not planning on making large batches of coffee, a bag of 11 ounces is a good starting point. You’ll be able to make several cups of coffee from an 11-ounce bag before the product starts to lose its original flavor.

There are different standards for the number of cups. For example, in the United States, 10 grams of coffee are recommended for every 6 ounce (180 ml) cup. In Europe, 7 grams is recommended for every 125 ml cup.

It is generally recommended that you get 16-25 cups of coffee from every 11-ounce bag of coffee – you can estimate how much coffee you need for your daily or monthly needs by using this rule of thumb!

Why not try one of the many flavors of flavored coffees if you don’t have time to grind the beans yourself?

As an alternative to whole coffee beans, we recommend a variety of instant and pod coffees.

Sustainability and Company Ethics

As important as the coffee itself is this factor.

With coffee consumption at an all-time high, the industry has historically underpaid workers and used questionable harvesting techniques that lead to waste and environmental degradation.

You should also take into account the impact your beverage has on the environment when you make your cup of coffee.

Our recommendation is to only purchase coffee from brands that are committed to helping the environment by employing better practices, paying better, and minimizing waste.

Fortunately, many companies (and all of the ones in our list below) are now taking steps to promote sustainability in order to help the environment.

The coffee may cost a bit more, but the relative extra cost will ease your conscience and help the environment!

The Best Flavored Coffees

Now that you know what to look out for in the best flavored coffee, it is time to make your purchase decision! Our handpicked recommendations are selected according to our above buyer’s guide, so you can buy any of them with confidence.

1. New England Coffee Blueberry Cobbler

New England Coffee has been in the business for around a century, so you can be sure that you’re not only getting a great-tasting product, but one that comes from decades of experience. 100% arabica beans with blueberry notes make this the best all-natural option for people who want to improve their morning coffee game. In small batches, these beans are medium-roasted to provide rich textures and subtly sweet and spicy notes that are neither overpowering nor subliminal. In addition to the brand’s long-standing sustainability plan, it promises to deliver high-quality beans that are perfect for any coffee lover!

2. Dunkin’ Caramel Me Crazy Flavored Ground Coffee

Who doesn’t love caramel in their morning coffee? Dunkin’ has outdone itself with its classic caramel-flavored ground coffee. Featuring sweet caramel, butterscotch, and brown sugar flavor notes, this coffee is made with 100% premium arabica beans! Pre-ground and flavored with artificial ingredients, this product is ready in a matter of seconds by simply adding water.

Just pour out the contents of the bag and enjoy! It can be prepared in a variety of ways and comes in different quantities, too! Furthermore, the packaging is designed to preserve the quality of the coffee without requiring you to move it!

3. Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee

Enjoy premium arabica coffee in all its glory. If you enjoy a freshly brewed cup of authentic coffee, you will love this product. It isn’t artificially flavored but relies solely on the natural fruity notes of the bean. With Cameron’s coffee, you will always enjoy a smooth, non-bitter cup of coffee regardless of how you prepare it. Try all-natural arabica coffee if you haven’t already.

4. Amazon Fresh Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

With this medium-roasted hazelnut-flavored ground coffee by AmazonFresh, you’ll experience a balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity. With Amazon’s brand image and commitment to quality and sustainability, this product is guaranteed to be of high quality. This 12-ounce bag will make 25-30 cups of coffee, and with its smart packaging, you can keep it fresh for longer. You will be able to make commercial-quality cups from the comfort of your home with artificial hazelnut flavor and aroma.

5. Gevalia Chocolate Mocha Flavored Coffee

Featuring 100% high-quality arabica beans with a medium roast, Gevalia’s chocolate mocha flavored coffee is the ultimate chocolate and coffee treat. There is no better way to start the day than with this product, which is compatible with all brewing methods of coffee. To preserve the aroma and flavor of the beans, Gevalia uses advanced manufacturing processes and snap-cooling technology.  You can enjoy these velvety, smooth, and indulgent coffees throughout the month – or sooner if you are an avid coffee drinker.

6. Wallacea Certified Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee

If you are looking for the next best thing in your coffee journey, then say hello to Wild Kopu Luwak coffee. Known as one of the most expensive exotic coffees in the world, this blend is worth every dollar. The unique manufacturing method gives this coffee a low acidity and surprisingly sweet flavor! Wild civet cats consume and digest only the ripest coffee cherries, thus producing the beans.

Digestion gives the beans their distinct flavor and makes them easier to consume! You can enjoy a cup of certified Wild Kopi Luwak at home with this resealable 8.8oz bag – sold for as much as $80 in the USA!

7. 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee

You can now enjoy 100% Jamacia Blue Mountain coffee sourced from high-quality beans grown in mineral-rich volcanic ash. A deliciously mellow cedar flavor and excellent texture make this coffee an excellent choice for any coffee enthusiast. These pods are compatible with all K-cup brewers and 2.0 machines, and are available in K-cups.

8. Schuil Whole Bean Coffee

With notes of sweet and rich maple syrup, this is the best full-bodied artisan coffee on the market! It contains 100% natural and authentic Columbian beans that are roasted to perfection. Because Schuil believes in providing its customers with options, you can choose between ground or espresso beans! For those who enjoy fruity notes in their coffee, this is a great place to begin, and it will certainly improve over whatever coffee you have stored away in the kitchen.

9. Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice

Dunkin’s pumpkin spice K-cups are perfect for novices and coffee connoisseurs alike! This velvety smooth flavor and velvety smooth texture will blow you away with its extremely mellow and delicious flavor. You can enjoy 22 cups of these K-cups with your Keurig Coffee Maker! It’s the best way to get a coffee-house-quality cup at home made with high-quality arabica beans and artificial pumpkin and seasonal spice flavors!

10. Lifeboost Coffee French Vanilla Ground Coffee

Those who love caffeine should keep a classic French vanilla coffee in their cabinet. We’re confident that Lifeboost’s French vanilla ground coffee will become your next favorite! The coffee is sourced from sustainable harvesting and is 100% natural and authentic arabica beans, making it a great choice for those who enjoy low-acidic coffee that is also easy on the stomach and teeth.

This medium-roast coffee is also available in hazelnut – and with a 12-ounce bag, it’s an easy commitment that you can enjoy on your own or share with friends and family!

11. Volcanica Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Volcanica uses high-quality arabica beans that are medium-roasted to bring out the natural flavor of the bean, which sets it apart from inferior quality hazelnut coffee beans. The result is a highly balanced coffee product with all the natural flavors and a delicious layer of hazelnut! This flavored coffee will become your new go-to for any occasion thanks to its creamy smooth texture and full-bodied flavor.

Flavored Coffee – A Brief History 

It is safe to say that almost everyone enjoys a fresh brew of delicious coffee, with an estimated 2 billion cups consumed every day. While flavored coffee may seem like a modern invention, it has been around for millennia. Humans have consumed fresh coffee for over a millennium. When coffee beans are raw, they are soft, spongey, and have a grassy aroma. But when they are roasted, they become the classic coffee bean we enjoy so much.

When coffee beans are roasted to varying levels of depth, they offer a nutty or slightly fruity flavor. Ancient cultures discovered that coffee beans could be altered by manipulating the roasting time as well as having spices, herbs, and essences added to alter the flavor.

Many artisanal coffeehouses around the world serve cinnamon and coffee, which is still a popular pairing. As manufacturing processes evolved, our beloved cup of coffee also evolved. Traditionally, natural flavorings were seasoned after the coffee was prepared. In 1958, the first true commercial flavored coffee hit the shelves, ushered in a new era of instant coffee.

In addition to preserving the natural flavor of coffee beans, its aromatic notes, and the added flavors, instant coffee is the preferred choice for flavorings. It was relatively new to the world of instant coffee back then, since most people roasted and ground their coffee beans at home or relied on coffee shops for freshly brewed coffee.

While this form was infamously known for being inferior to fresh-brewed coffee, things changed during the late 1990s when manufacturers began utilizing new methods to improve the taste and quality of brewed coffee.

Instant Coffee And Flavorings 

Instant flavored coffee was once perceived to be just a chemical mixture rather than “true coffee” – but this is far from the truth! The following steps are used to manufacture high-quality instant coffee: As soon as the raw beans arrive at a processing plant, they are cleaned of debris and sent to a revolving roaster for roasting. As the beans are being roasted, they constantly move around the mixing chamber, ensuring they are evenly roasted.

Following roasting, the beans are forced down a chute into large industrial coffee machines which heat the powder until it condenses and becomes an extract.  Once the extract has been spread across the assembly line, it is flash frozen. In pressurized chambers, excess water is evaporated through sublimation, and the resulting coarse or fine powder is then mixed with various flavors.

It is recommended to add the flavors at the very end to ensure that the ingredients don’t react with or mitigate the natural flavors of the beans – however, some brands may choose to add the flavors during the brewing process too. Following homogenization, the mixture is packaged, labelled, and shipped to coffee lovers everywhere.

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