Best Hojicha Powders

7 Best Hojicha Powders in 2022

It’s likely that you’ve heard about matcha powder before, and maybe even tried it; however, there’s a new powder on the block that is quickly gaining popularity. The flavor of hojicha powder is slightly different from matcha powder, and it is less caffeinated than matcha. How do I choose the best hojicha powders? The best hojicha powders are made from pure, natural ingredients with an ideal balance of flavors. It should be ground fine enough to mix into liquid for a beverage or to add flavor to other ingredients. Trying hojicha for the first time might make sense if you knew how to pick the best powder and what the best options are on the market at the moment, so we’ve covered all that below.

What Is Hojicha Powder?

This is a Japanese green tea that is roasted. It is harvested, dried, and roasted before it is prepared and packaged. Roasting hojicha gives it a toasted flavor and a beautiful aroma. In addition to being sold and used as is, these leaves can also be dried and roasted into a powder for a variety of uses. Roasted green tea powder can be used to make beverages or added to sweets and desserts to give them a unique flavor.

How To Choose The Best Hojicha Powder

There are some things to consider when choosing hojicha powder – you want one with quality, pure ingredients, plus the best flavor. When choosing a hojicha powder, here are some things to consider!

Roasting Level

Hojicha powder is made from green tea leaves that are roasted before they are ground into a fine powder, but the level of roasting varies.

There are three different roasting levels to choose from:

  1. Mostly golden brown in color, light roast hojicha powder has a mild nutty flavor and woody aroma.

    • There is not much overpowering flavor in this coffee, so it is a good choice for lattes or for drinking straight. However, it is not the best choice for adding to desserts due to the mild flavor.

  2. Hojicha medium roast has a caramel-like flavor with hints of chocolate.

    • Pastries and desserts are enhanced with this flavoring to make hot beverages and to add flavor to baked goods.

  3. Hojicha powder with dark roast flavor has bold notes similar to coffee.

    • Hojicha is a good option for rich beverages and desserts, but if you are new to hojicha, it might be too strong.


Only green tea leaves that have been dried, roasted, and ground into a powder should be used in making hojicha powder. Hojicha powder should not contain any fillers or added ingredients that could affect its quality or taste.


Take a look at how the hojicha is packaged. Powder should be stored in a dry, airtight environment – resealable bags can make this easier, so you don’t have to transfer the powder between different containers.


If stored properly, hojicha powder can be stored for quite some time, but if kept for too long, it will lose its flavor and quality. It is fine to have a small amount of hojicha every now and then if you only intend to drink it occasionally.

The Best Hojicha Powders

These are the best hojicha powders to try, keeping in mind what to look for:

1. Organic Hojicha Powder

Organic Hojicha Powder

It was carefully milled using roasted green tea leaves by Japanese Tea Kimikura to produce this premium organic hojicha powder. This hojicha powder is made with green tea leaves that are organically grown and certified, and are of the highest culinary grade. Using the perfect roasting process, this hojicha powder has a great blend of rich aroma and bitterness without being too strong.

It is definitely possible to taste the quality of this hojicha powder, which is kept fresh in a resealable bag. If you enjoy a strong latte or cold beverage, or if you want some amazing flavor in a baked good, this is the tea powder for you.

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2. Kuro Roasted Tea Hojicha Powder

Kuro Roasted Tea Hojicha Powder

Green tea leaves that are grown in Fukuoka, Japan are used to make Kuro Hojicha Powder. This powder has a unique toasted flavor that is warm and comforting thanks to the high temperature at which the green tea leaves are roasted. It gives more depth of flavor to beverages and baked goods when used in hojicha lattes and baked pastries.

The low caffeine content makes it a great alternative to coffee, especially if you are trying to reduce your coffee intake. By mixing this powder with milk or water, you get a smooth, creamy texture, with a mellow, nutty flavor. Keeping the powder fresh and at its best quality is made easier with the resealable pouch.

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3. Seein Organic Boseong Hojicha Powder

Seein Organic Boseong Hojicha Powder

Green tea leaves are slowly roasted and ground down into a fine powder to create Seein Organic Boseong Hojicha Powder. When green tea leaves are slowly roasted, they develop a soothing, earthy, smokey flavor and aroma that makes for a great warm beverage. There are notes of toffee, chocolate, and toasty flavors in this brown hojicha powder, making it perfect for baking and desserts.

Known as the green tea capital of Korea, this powder is made from green tea leaves from Boseong. The climate and soil here give the green tea its distinct taste and aroma. Green tea is sustainably grown and packed without chemicals or pesticides, which allows the leaves to retain their true flavors and qualities.

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4. Aprika Hojicha Green Tea

Aprika Hojicha Green Tea

Japan harvests, roasts, and grinds down Aprika Hojicha green tea leaves into a powder so that the powder is authentic and flavorful. This expertly roasted green tea is roasted without fermentation in porcelain dishes, bringing out the nutty and earthy undertones that it naturally contains.

This organic and natural hojicha powder is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, while being low in caffeine. Only green tea leaves are used and artificial colors and sugars are not added. You can use this reddish-brown powder to make hot or cold beverages, such as tea or latte, as well as smoothies and baked goods. With a resealable bag, the powder can be kept fresh and retain its best quality.

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5. Matcha Moon Hojicha Powder

Matcha Moon Hojicha Powder

With green tea leaves that are harvested, roasted, ground, and packed in Uji, Japan, Match Moon Hojicha Powder retains quality, flavor, and freshness. Unlike fresh-roasted coffee, hojicha powder is a rich, reddish-brown colored powder with a smokey, roasted aroma and taste. The powder can be enjoyed warm or cold, used as a natural flavoring in dishes, or dissolved in water and whipped into a creamy beverage.

Besides being organic, the powder is also all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and packed with antioxidants and nutrients. To ensure optimal freshness, the powder is stored in a resealable bag so that you can use it for baking or making hot beverages.

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6. Yamasan Hojicha Powder

Yamasan Hojicha Powder

Organic Hojicha Green Tea Powder is carefully blended and powdered so that the flavor and aroma remain, giving you the best quality. Roasting tea leaves traditionally removes the bitterness and leaves a toasty scent, resulting in a reddish-brown powder. Powder is made from 100% organic green tea leaves. Only the best quality leaves are selected and prepared for powdering.

You can then enjoy all of the best flavors and aromas in baked goods and beverages after roasting over high heat. Utilize the resealable pouch in which the hojicha powder is packaged to enjoy low-caffeine beverages.

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7. Jade Leaf Organic Hojicha Roasted Green Leaf Powder

Jade Leaf Organic Hojicha Roasted Green Leaf Powder

Whenever you want a tea-like beverage and love the flavor of green tea hojicha, Jade Leaf hojicha powder is the perfect choice. A warming, rich, full-bodied beverage infused with chocolatey, smokey notes, this hojicha powder is loved by many. Aimed at creating a traditional hojicha tea or a hojicha latte, either hot or cold, this powder is crafted with tencha and gyokuro, Japan’s most prized green teas.

To create the best, toasted flavor possible, the green tea leaves used to make the hojicha powder are all grown in Japan and are 100% organic. In comparison to other powders, this one is slightly darker in color due to the roasting process and has a more chocolatey flavor. The Teahouse Edition hojicha powder is the perfect choice for those who enjoy a full-bodied, warm drink at home.

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How To Use Hojicha Powder

There are some other uses for hojicha powder besides matcha. The powder can be used to make hot tea, but it is more popularly used for making latte drinks. The powder is blended with hot or cold milk, then sweetened with syrup or honey. Hojicha powder is also used to make cookies and other baked goods – some people even use it to make ice cream!

Final Thoughts

You should try hojicha powder at home for its rich, warm, and subtle flavors. It is great as a warm beverage, or added to desserts or baked goods. It is important, however, to make sure you purchase a high-quality, 100% natural product when purchasing hojicha powder and avoid any fillers or additives. We have listed what you should look for when purchasing hojicha powder, as well as some of the best options currently available!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve learned all about hojicha powders, we thought it might be a good idea to ask you a few additional questions.

What is the difference between matcha and hojicha?

Although both matcha and hojicha powder are made from green tea leaves, they are very different when they are processed. During the production of matcha, dried flat green tea leaves are stone ground into a fine green powder, and the green color of the powder reflects the quality of the matcha. The roasted, rolled green tea leaves, along with the stems, stalks, and sometimes twigs, are used as roasted hojicha tea leaves or grounded into a fine powder.

Can you drink hojicha every day?

You can consume hojicha tea or hojicha lattes on a daily basis, but you need to consume it in moderation. Hojicha tea and hojicha lattes do have some health benefits, but too much can be harmful.

How long does hojicha powder last?

When kept in a cool, dark environment, hojicha powder can last up to a year if it is kept in an unopened, airtight container. Keep hojicha powder in an airtight container once opened, and use it within three months.

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