Best Insulating Blankets For Smokers

11 Best Insulating Blankets For Smokers in 2022

In cold weather, insulating blankets are an excellent method to keep your smoker’s interior temperature constant. But which one ought to you purchase?

Which insulating blankets are ideal for smokers? The best smoker insulating blankets include a fabric that fits the grill perfectly and completely envelops it. For the greatest outcomes, try using thermal insulators from brands like Smokehouse, Stanbroil, BBQ Butler, QuliMetal, Green Mountains Grill, Camp Chief, and more.

Learn more about insulating blankets in the sections below, including how they function, if they live up to their claims of effectiveness, and a list of the top insulating blankets currently on the market.

What Are Insulating Blankets?

Insulating blankets are comprised of a blend of heat-resistant and insulating fabrics. To boost thermal efficiency, place this jacket over heat sources. In other words, it aids in heat retention and is a wonderful tool for BBQ grills.

What effect do thermal blankets have? A lot!

View from above of colorful vegetable kebabs and a corncob roasting on a winter BBQ outside in the snow, with wonderful spicy sauces and a wood pile nearby.
Imagine frying a steak or smoking a brisket inside a refrigerator, because that’s exactly how you’d be grilling during the winter.

The heat would still be concentrated inside the cooking chamber, but the cooler ambient temperatures would gradually chill the outside of the grill.

The chilly temperature will ultimately reach and affect the main chamber, affecting the surface temperature of the food and potentially increasing fuel expenses.

Cooking With And Without Insulation

Insulating blankets are constructed from a combination of heat-resistant and insulating fabrics that are flexible and pliable. This barrow Some individuals believe that thermal blankets are nothing more than a gimmick and a means for businesses to earn a quick buck.

However, in this instance, these products are effective! The distinction between cooking with and without insulation can affect the following: Doneness Bark Juiciness


When utilizing an insulating blanket that is intended to trap heat, you can anticipate an even dispersion of heat. Contrary to popular perception, insulating blankets will not, especially on a chilly day, cause the steak or food to burn because of a higher accumulation of heat.

The inside temperature of the grill can be easily checked and altered with thermometers; even without them, the blanket will still function well if the outside temperature is low enough.

However, cooking in subfreezing conditions without a covering will typically result in undercooked or inadequately cooked meat that doesn’t create a sufficient bark.


When cooking without an insulating blanket, the bark will most likely absorb the majority of the detrimental impact. To create an even and thick enough bark, you need a continual flow of hot air and stable temperatures, which a thermal blanket may provide. Remember, without heat, the seasonings and liquids will not caramelize or undergo the essential chemical changes!


Combining the failure of the two aforementioned features of a nicely cooked steak will likely result in a less succulent piece of meat that is undercooked or overly dry in certain parts.

Buyer’s Guide For Insulating Blankets For Smokers

Now that the need for insulating blankets has been established, a brief buyer’s guide is provided so that you can select the most appropriate blankets for your smoker. Consider all of these suggestions before committing to a purchase: Sizing Up Your Options
Choosing The Right Material And Features

Choosing The Right Size

Choosing the proper size insulating blanket for your specific grill is the most crucial factor. Thankfully, you have a lot of options to select from! For particular grills, you can get thermal blankets designed specifically for them. These covers are made to suit the grill’s exterior properly while keeping chilly air out.

The length of time the meat would need to cook and how done it would be would both be greatly affected by putting on a loose blanket without securely fastening it. And let’s not even begin to discuss the difficulties associated with wearing a small-size thermal jacket that doesn’t cover the grill parts!

Choosing The Right Material And Features

Insulating jackets are typically comprised of fiberglass, Reflectix film layers, heavy gauge polyethylene, or other composite materials that give increased heat resistance and insulation, as well as being water and oil resistant.

Most heat blankets designed exclusively for barbecues cost around $70 or more. You can even get some general use insulating blankets for $25, but these blankets are just designed to cover the grill superficially.

They may not be suited for long-term use, but they can save a lot of time in an emergency and have a favorable impact on the meat’s properties. Choose insulating blankets with cutouts for handles and other areas around the grill.

The best blankets also include magnets that adhere to the surface of the grill, as well as hooks and other securing systems to hold the garment in place. Also, do not use insulating items when the outside temperature is 40°F or higher, as the meat may become overcooked.

If you don’t already have a set of thermometers, we strongly advise you to get one, especially if you’re cooking with the blanket on. Here’s a terrific place to start!

Best Insulating Blankets For Smokers

These are some of the most effective insulating blankets for smokers in general. You can use any of these throughout the colder months to enhance your cooking experience!

1. Smokehouse Electric Smoker Insulation Blanket

62.25 x 24 x 0.19 inches in size. Smokehouse is a safe and simple insulation blanket that fits most barbecue grills like a glove. Unlike lesser alternatives, it can sustain high temperatures for extended periods of time thanks to its sturdy construction. The jacket releases oil and water, extending its life and making it simple to clean, even after long periods of use in the oven.

2. Stanbroil Grill Insulation Blanket For Traeger Pro 22 Series

15.55 x 13.94 x 5.67 inches in size For the Traeger Pro 22 series, Stanbroil has produced one of the greatest insulation blankets. You can turn up the heat without fear thanks to the superior flame retardant and insulating elements used to make this blanket. Forget about sagging blankets that move all over the place as you open and close the grill. This jacket includes sturdy bottom points that will keep it firmly in place, and you can also tighten the hooks as necessary!

3. BBQ Butler Smoker Insulation Blanket – Lil’ Tex Elite

23.5 x 13 x 4 inches in size Compact, consistent, and quite convenient. This little smoker insulator is ideal for small barbecues and fits the Lil’ Tex Elite grill well. It’s composed of high-quality insulating materials, and because it fits securely over the grill, you may leave it on all winter.

This insulation blanket is intended to preserve heat inside while also protecting the grill from the outside. With this affordable and well-designed insulation blanket, you can use fewer pellets and cook steaks just like you would in the summer!

4. ABN Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Insulation Blanket

Dimensions: 4 x 6 feet OR 6 X 8 feet Don’t want to invest in an expensive insulation blanket? Then why not try an all-purpose fiberglass insulating blanket that is meant to trap heat and protect you from fire or stray sparks?

This heavy-duty blanket is meant to contour around the barbecue and, as it is malleable, you can use it for nearly any type of grill. It may involve some DIY when it comes to fitting, but you can quickly secure it using powerful magnets on either side.

The best aspect is that the blanket can be folded and stowed away when not in use, and you don’t have to worry about storing it in specific places because the material can readily tolerate water, dirt, and grease.

5. Stanbroil Grill Insulation Blanket For Traeger 34 Series, And Texas Grill

Dimensions: 15.63 x 12.6 x 6.69 inches This is arguably the best-fitting thermal insulating blanket that you will ever find for a BBQ grill. It’s constructed with care and firmly fits Traeger 34 series and Texas Grills.

The jacket itself is created from high-quality materials that can endure blistering heat, so you may also leave it on for extended periods without the danger of it catching fire. It’s entirely flame retardant and can be readily applied to any style of BBQ grill within minutes.

6. Camp Chef 36in Smokepro Insulated Blanket

Dimensions: 36 inch Camp Chef has definitely excelled itself with its SmokePro insulated blanket. This has got to be one of the most well-designed thermal blankets that we have seen for home smokers. It’s created utilizing fiberglass, which implies that the material itself can resist max temperatures, and then some!

Never fumble when putting on the blanket! The SmokePro is designed with built-in magnets that instantly and securely cling on to the base of the grill without additional effort. It’s sleek, secure, and incredibly efficient at keeping the internal temperature of your grill, even in frigid temperatures.

7. Hisencn Grill Thermal Insulation Blanket

Size: 53 x 27 x 49 inches We adore this insulation blanket because it not only adds utility but is also visually appealing! This insulation blanket, with a silver surface and excellent Polyurethane, can easily withstand heat and helps you to keep a consistent internal temperature!

The blanket is designed to rapidly fit over a variety of Texas and Traeger grill models. Simply drape it over the grill and adjust the fit using the blanket’s hooks. You may use this blanket all year, and because it is also weather resistant, it will be a terrific long-term investment for your barbecue!

8. Uniflasy Grill Insulation Blanket

18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches This warming blanket is intended to save fuel and reduce your grilling expenses. It is superior to many other less expensive foil blankets on the market and can effectively retain heat without generating a significant temperature disparity.

The design is superior, and it should be compatible with all common grills. In addition to several attachment points and cutouts for handles at the bottom of the blanket, there are numerous anchoring points.

9. BBQ Grill Thermal Insulation Blanket For Camp Chef 24″ Pellet Grills

The product’s measurements are 13.78 x 13.03 x 4.53 inches. Our second product from Stanbroil, this time an insulation blanket, is ideal for pellet smokers of any size. This insulating blanket is constructed in the same way as previous Stanbroil products.

A thermal insulation solution can be expected to be both simple to install and convenient to store. The blanket can be used year-round for barbecuing, however it is not advised for use on extremely hot summer days.

10. QuliMetal BBQ Grill Thermal Insulated Blanket

0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches in size The QuiliMetal BBQ insulation blanket was thoughtfully and aspirationally created.

Regardless of the kind of pellet smoker, it is built of high-quality thermal insulation and flame retardant materials that provide noticeably improved thermal insulation performance.

The material’s multi-layer construction ensures that fuel costs will be reduced. Additionally, it contains Velcro, metal rings, hooks, and other locking components so that it may quickly and securely fit any common grill.

dislike using heated blankets? Leave it on after that! The blanket will survive a lot longer than other, thinner, and more flimsy insulation blankets since the exterior is built to withstand oil, dust, and UV light.

11. Green Mountain Grills Heavy-Duty BBQ Grill Thermal Blanket

27 x 23 x 2 inches in size Looking for a one-stop solution to reduce pellet use, retain more heat, and protect your grill from nearly every environmental factor? Then you should get this thermal insulation! Green Mountain Grill offers a form-fitting canvas that can adequately accommodate Daniel Boone Pellet Grills.

It’s made of high-quality fabrics that have been shown to give higher thermal insulation than other low-quality blankets on the market. It contains mounting holes and a set of magnets that instantly attach onto the grill’s side and top. You may even leave the blanket on to safeguard your pricey grilling set.

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