Best Jarred Hollandaise Sauces

7 Best Jarred Hollandaise Sauces in 2022

Hollandaise sauce, one of the five French mother sauces, goes well with eggs Benedict, poached fish, and steamed veggies. Although hollandaise sauce is quite simple to make, if you don’t want to make it from scratch, you can just use one of the many canned hollandaise sauces available in stores and online!

So, which canned hollandaise sauces are the best? The best hollandaise sauces in a jar are creamy, silky, eggy, and delectable. They have a pale yellow color and a buttery texture, and their unique flavor and creamy consistency are utilized to enrich any cuisine. Continue reading for a buyer’s guide to the best canned hollandaise sauces, as well as our top recommendations!

What Is Hollandaise Sauce?

Chefs and food critics alike love Hollandaise sauce, originally known as Dutch sauce. This French sauce is traditionally created with egg yolks, emulsified butter, lemon juice or white wine vinegar, a pinch of cayenne, salt, and white pepper, and these ingredients.

This delectable sauce comes in a variety of forms and has evolved into a foundation for numerous other recipes. You can play around with the flavors and have fun experimenting. You might substitute lime juice for lemon, for instance, or add some chopped basil!

Hollandaise sauce, typically savored for breakfast or lunch, is a crucial component of eggs Benedict and can also be served with salmon and steamed vegetables.

Best Jarred Hollandaise Sauces — Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to jarred hollandaise sauces, various brands sell this delectable sauce – if you get the proper one, you won’t be able to tell the difference between it and a freshly produced one. With so many options to pick from, it might be difficult to find the ideal product. Here are some things to consider when seeking for the best jarred hollandaise sauce!

Liquid Sauce Or Sauce Mix

There are two varieties of hollandaise sauce available in stores: a liquid and a sauce mix. Although you can warm the ready-to-eat hollandaise sauce while serving, a liquid sauce is ready to eat and requires no preparation. On the other hand, a sauce mix needs to be prepared before use by combining it with milk, water, and other ingredients.


A classic hollandaise sauce is produced with only a few ingredients. This condiment, however, comes in a variety of flavors. When purchasing jarred hollandaise sauce, make sure to read the ingredient list so you know what to expect in terms of flavor.


Jars of hollandaise sauce come in various sizes. You can choose a little or large jar depending on how many people will be eating it so that you have the proper amount and nothing is wasted.


Jarred hollandaise sauces come in a variety of pricing ranges depending on the brand’s popularity. Depending on your spending limit and your budget, you can pick the best option.

Best Jarred Hollandaise Sauces

You can easily buy ready-made hollandaise sauce from the store to pair with your favorite foods. If you are confused about which one to pick, we’re here to help you choose!

1. Knorr Professional™ Ultimate Hollandaise Sauce Mix

Knorr Professional™ Ultimate Hollandaise Sauce Mix

The ideal hollandaise sauce mix from Knorr Professional tops our list due to its exceptional taste and quality. It is creamy, buttery, and inspired by from-scratch recipes. This container contains no MSG and no artificial flavors or preservatives. All you have to do to make this dish is combine the sauce mix with butter, water, and milk and cook it!

Its solid consistency keeps it from breaking down and separating, making it an excellent choice for pairing with your favorite recipes. What’s fantastic about it is that you can play about with the milk/water ratio to reach the right consistency. You can also add a dash of lemon or a few aromatic herbs to enhance the flavors!

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2. Delouis Fils Authentic Hollandaise Sauce

Delouis Fils Authentic Hollandaise Sauce

This French-made, real hollandaise sauce is smooth, rich, and created with fresh butter. The Delouis family’s formula, which has been honed using premium ingredients and tailored to the market without sacrificing flavor or quality, was first created as a vinegar enterprise in France.

It comes in a 4.4-ounce jar and tastes a lot like authentic hollandaise sauce because to its powerful lemon flavor. This sauce is really simple to use and has excellent internet user evaluations. You can eat it right out of the jar or heat it briefly to enhance the flavor.

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3. Christian Potier Hollandaise Sauce

Christian Potier Hollandaise Sauce

The Christian Potier Authentic No.9 Hollandaise Sauce is a favorite choice for poached eggs, fish, chicken, and vegetables. It includes no artificial flavors or colors, is non-GMO, and gluten-free, and is made from cream, egg yolks, butter, lemon juice, and white wine. All you have to do to heat it is simmer it for 5 minutes or microwave it on high for 45 seconds or medium for 1 minute!

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4. Primal Kitchen Hollandaise Sauce

Primal Kitchen Hollandaise Sauce

This Primal Kitchen hollandaise sauce is a wonderful substitute for traditional hollandaise sauce and is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant. This seasonally appropriate sauce, which is free of dairy, soy, and canola, is ideal for enhancing the flavor of your favorite recipes.

The new dish from Primal Kitchen is keto- and paleo-friendly and does not use cashews. It uses avocado oil to give it a creamy texture and lovely flavor rather than butter or heavy cream.

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5. Maille Hollandaise Sauce

Maille Hollandaise Sauce

With over 270 years of experience, Maille is a renowned name in the condiment industry – masters in developing the perfect combination of flavors and gourmet quality, and this original hollandaise sauce is no exception!

It is a touch tarter than the other options on this list, made with eggs, butter, and lemon juice, and may be served with a variety of foods, including classics like poached eggs, ham, and muffins for eggs Benedict.

It is a tasty sauce in the brand’s range of French condiments that is very simple to use. Simply give the contents of the jar a good swirl before serving. Although it is not necessary to cook it, you can if you want your hollandaise sauce warm.

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6. Reese Hollandaise Sauce

Reese Hollandaise Sauce

Reese is the most reputable brand in America for gourmet specialty products, and this hollandaise sauce is the ideal choice to improve the taste and quality of your meals. It has a robust lemon flavor and a thick texture that is simpler to serve once the contents of the jar have been heated. It is a fantastic balance of taste, quality, and price. It goes well with steamed veggies, asparagus, eggs, and a number of other recipes. It’s a terrific choice for the price.

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7. Great Value Hollandaise Finishing Sauce

Great Value Hollandaise Finishing Sauce

This Terrific Value hollandaise sauce is made with natural lemon flavor and is a great way to spice up your favorite meals. Its natural lemony flavor complements eggs, meat, and vegetables. It comes in an easy-to-open/close jar to keep its freshness and is ideal for adding a distinct flavor to your weekday dinners.

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Related Questions

Now that you know all about jarred hollandaise sauces, along with our top picks of the best ones, here are a few additional questions we thought you might have!

How do you store jarred hollandaise sauce?

If kept cool, dry, and out of the sun and moisture, unopened hollandaise sauce from the store can last for several months. It must be refrigerated after being opened and eaten within 3 to 5 days.

How do you tell whether hollandaise is stale?

The consistency, color, and smell of hollandaise sauce are the best indicators of spoilage. It has to be thrown away if it lumps up, looks gritty, darkens in color, or has an off scent.

Are hollandaise and bearnaise sauces interchangeable?

No, the two sauces are not interchangeable. To make a variety of other sauces, including béarnaise sauce, hollandaise is made with egg yolks, emulsified butter, and citric acid. By incorporating shallots, tarragon, and parsley into hollandaise sauce, bearnaise sauce improves on it.

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