Best Microwave Pasta Cookers

13 Best Microwave Pasta Cookers in 2022

Inconvenient as it may be, there are times when you just have to cook. These days, the idea of spending time standing over a hot stove to cook seems less tempting than it once did, what with everyone’s hectic schedules. But there are also some among us who aren’t great cooks or who just don’t love it.

It’s good news that you can avoid some of the hassle and time commitment of cooking. There are a number of fantastic resources available that were created to facilitate our daily tasks.

The pasta cooker that can be used in a microwave is one example. Do not waste time waiting for the water to boil; instead, grab one of them and start to work on your meal right away.

Can you recommend a good pasta maker for the microwave? Although most pasta cookers perform the same, there are several notable exceptions. Everything hinges on the stove’s adaptability to individual tastes and cooking styles. The greatest option is the one that fits your tastes and is big enough to hold your typical portions.

Our goal in this article is to help you find the finest microwave pasta cooker for your needs. We’ve combed through the available choices to bring you the best of the best, and now you may pick from several different possibilities.

Following our in-depth analyses of the best microwave pasta cookers currently available, we’ll give some helpful hints for making a wise purchase. The greatest microwave pasta cookers, and more, are discussed in the following article.

How To Choose A Microwave Pasta Cooker

Unexpectedly efficient and practical, microwaves may be used to cook a variety of dishes. They’re not simply for reheating, that’s correct! If you have the correct equipment, you can even prepare pasta in the microwave.

When choosing a microwave pasta cooker, there are a few considerations to keep in mind and even certain areas where they differ in how the pasta is cooked or how the meal functions.

For instance, you might discover a stove with a lid with slots for draining or you might not. A pasta cooker that is big and can prepare a lot of dishes at once might be what you’re looking for, or one that’s more suited to 2-4 servings.

It’s quite cool since you get to select the choice that will work for you out of a ton of available options! Here are some things to think about when buying a microwave pasta cooker.


Obviously, one of the most important things to consider is the size options. There are numerous sizes available, ranging from tiny to extra-large and everything in between. You must have the appropriate capacity!

If you’re not sure what size you need, consider how many people you regularly prepare pasta for. If all else fails, go with a larger size so that you always have enough room to cook larger portions.

One more thing about size. You’ll also want to make sure the pasta cooker will fit in your microwave – if you have a small microwave, keep those measurements in mind!


As we will see in the following sections, there are several variables in the lids and attachments that pasta makers come with. There are numerous possibilities that come with multiple lids with varying factors, such as slotted holes or wider holes.

Again, this is likely to be a matter of personal preference, but it is something to consider. We recommend looking for slotted lids of some kind so that you can drain from them without burning yourself.

However, while we believe that is a convenient factor, you may not care as much — remember, this is not a must to make your own selection, just something to think about.


Finally, you want a microwave pasta cooker that is simple to operate and performs effectively. You require something that will consistently and thoroughly cook your pasta. The last thing you want is to end up with a foul-tasting mass of spaghetti!

Additionally, the pasta cooker must be simple to operate. If it’s difficult or inconvenient to deal with, it virtually negates the purpose of utilizing such a dish, as you can just cook it on the stove — which is rather simple in and of itself; the waiting is what we dislike!

Typically, a microwave pasta cooker may cook pasta in as little as four minutes. Time savings is a big advantage of this particular tool.

The Best Microwave Pasta Cookers

Now that you know what to look out for, let’s check out what’s on the market. There are several options to choose from, so you can zero in on the best stove for your needs.

Following extensive investigation, we have whittled the available possibilities down to provide you with a rich selection featuring a wide range of characteristics without overloading you with choice.

1. Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker

The Fasta microwave pasta cooker is one of the first pasta cookers ever made; you may or may not have heard of it. It’s quite cool! It has excellent reviews everywhere and is a truly wonderful choice to take into account! Every time you use this microwave pasta maker, you’ll obtain the ideal al dente pasta.

It is a long, wide clear cooker that can cook any kind of pasta, including linguine, spaghetti, and alfredo. Additionally, it is made to stop water from spilling out or boiling over while cooking. Three easy steps set up the dish for operation:

Start by using the dish to measure your spaghetti.
Pasta should be microwaved according to the recommended directions.
Drain your pasta using the cover with a slot. You can then complete the preparation and serving!
The cover fastens firmly. By spreading the pasta out equally, this design enables the water to circulate and cook the pasta uniformly throughout. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about anything clumping, boiling over, or sticking.


  • Designed to accept pasta such as spaghetti
  • The first pasta microwave cooker.
  • It comes with a cover for straining water.
  • Three simple steps make it simple to use.
  • For even cooking, water circulates within the reservoir.


  • This is a huge container that may not fit in a small microwave.

2. Pasta N More Pasta Microwave Cooker

This second alternative is a shorter option than our first option. This makes it more suitable for tiny microwaves that cannot accommodate longer lengths. It is yet another highly-rated product! This pasta cooker is non-stick and has a straining lid and handles.

The dish is constructed with microwave- and dishwasher-safe plastic materials that will not distort or soften when exposed to heat.

This also makes it a dishwasher-safe option. It is constructed to be strong and dependable, and it features an attractive, user-friendly design. This is ideal for boiling pasta, but may also be used for steaming and cooking other foods.

Pasta N More is a restaurant that truly lives up to its name. It consists of the container, a steaming rack, a strainer lid, a storage lid, and a recipe book.


  • 5-piece set with straining lid and steaming rack
  • Has handles for easy handling of the hot dish
  • Works for pasta and other uses as well
  • Dishwasher-safe materials
  • Very easy to use and work with


  • Many customers did not receive the steam inserts as advertised — it is unclear whether the company made a mistake or misadvertised

3. Pampered Chef Large Micro Cooker

You might have seen this amazing meal in action if you’ve ever been to a Pampered Chef event. Despite being a little more pricey than some of its rivals, it’s still a very nice meal. Another highly regarded product is this one. It is also very well crafted.

The capacity of this dish, which is quite enormous for this kind of container, is 2 quarts. Due to its height and shape, the dish ought to fit even in small microwaves. So that your pasta doesn’t clump or cook improperly, the water may still circulate. The dish is easily utilized by right- or left-handed folks and has two side handles.

For drainage purposes, the lid has strainer holes as well. You never have to worry about the cover coming off the dish while it is draining because it locks tightly onto the dish. This is an additional dishwasher-safe choice.


  • Premium quality model
  • Holds 2 quarts, which is pretty sizable
  • Designed to hold a lot but also fit into smaller microwaves
  • Locking lid has straining holes
  • Easy to use and versatile


  • Costs just a little bit more than alternative options
  • Does not really come with a lot of instructions for use

4. Comfecto Microwave Pasta Cooker With Strainer And Lid

Following that is another long, rectangular pasta cooker. It’s a well-made alternative with an appealing style. It is the most visually appealing of the pasta cookers, but it also performs admirably for its intended purpose. Because it is not as lengthy as the Fasta Pasta alternative, it may fit in some smaller microwaves.

The pasta cooker is supposed to have a capacity of up to 5 pounds and to be non-messy, with no boiling over option. It can also be used for steaming, making it useful for more than simply pasta. The cook time isn’t much faster than boiling, but you may serve pasta in around 15 minutes and avoid standing over the stove.

This dish is heat-resistant. It features a lid and a strainer for storage adaptability, and it’s quite easy to drain off water after cooking. This is a streamlined pasta machine that is easy to use and takes up little space.


  • Sleek and simple design
  • Can be used to steam foods as well
  • Comes with a strainer and lid
  • Large capacity dish
  • Cooks pasta in about 15 minutes


  • The cooker does not come with any instructions for use

5. Lekue Quick Microwave Pasta Cooker

Next up is a unique terracotta choice. It’s a bit more expensive than the others, but it’s a fantastic dish, so we doubt you’ll be disappointed if you decide to get it! This is a lengthy dish, so please verify the dimensions. It is designed to accommodate all forms of pasta, from spaghetti to ravioli and beyond.

You have a bowl with measurements as well as a top with holes for straining. It does not have a closed cover for storage, but it is just intended for cooking, therefore this is acceptable. This dish was not designed to be universally applicable, although it can be used for steaming. It was intended to cook and then drain pasta.

This pasta cooker is likely one of the quickest available. Depending on the type of pasta you are cooking, it may take as little as 10 minutes to cook. It takes almost half as long as boiling in most circumstances! Additionally, the dish is dishwasher-safe, which is always a plus.


  • Made specifically for cooking and draining pasta
  • Very easy to use
  • Includes a straining lid
  • Cooks pasta quickly and efficiently
  • Great for any kind of pasta
  • No issues with boiling over


  • Quite a bit more expensive than most options
  • The dish does get hot from cooking, so plan to use a hot pad or gloves

6. Kitalma All-In-One Microwave Cooker Set

Perhaps you want a dish that can be used for multiple occasions, and pasta is at the top of that list. Pasta can be cooked successfully in this appliance, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a multi-cooker solution. Popcorn, bacon, rice, and veggies are just some of the items that can be cooked in this.

You can cook a whole meal’s worth of spaghetti or whatever else you like in this dish because of its generous capacity. It’s versatile enough to be put to use in a wide variety of cooking situations. A true multi-cooker, this is the best pasta pot you can buy.

There is a handy splash guard lid on the dish to keep things clean. You can also drain your pasta easily with the help of the numerous inserts and accessories. If you need to, you can even put goods in storage in the dish because it has a lid.


  • Multi-cooker dish that can do so much
  • Large capacity dish that can handle full meals
  • Includes inserts for straining as well as a lid
  • Dishwasher-safe materials
  • Easy to use for a variety of purposes


  • Doesn’t come with a lot of instructions to help you out but you can find resources online

7. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice & Pasta Cooker

The following option offers yet more adaptability, but it is still focused on making pasta rather than attempting to prepare everything. This cooks pasta and rice. You can buy a cooker that is intended for the job because these things cook generally similarly.

This is a comprehensive collection that includes a variety of extras. You receive measuring spoons, glasses, a pasta measurer, a rice paddle, and a steaming insert. It has a 12-cup capacity, which is very big, and a locking cover as well. Although the inside dish is removable for straining, the lid does not include slots for this purpose.


  • Versatile but designed for pasta and rice
  • Comes with a lot of useful accessories
  • Removable dish for straining purposes
  • Large 12-cup capacity


  • Some users had issues with water leaking out during cooking

8. Nordic Ware Multi-Boiler

This next option resembles a pot, but it is designed to fit inside a microwave. This option is ideal for anything that requires boiling to cook. It can be used for rice, pasta, or even oatmeal; it can also be used to steam vegetables!

This comes with a lovely top with vented slots for steaming but may also be used for straining if necessary. Be advised that this is a modest dish that is best for 1-2 serves. It is designed to prevent problems with boiling over, which is always beneficial.


  • Designed to prevent boiling over
  • Best for 1-2 servings
  • Lid doubles for steaming or straining


  • Pretty small, ideal for 1-2 servings
  • No insert for steaming so those items sit in the water

9. ZSQM Marukio Microwave Pasta Cooker

Check out this rectangle pasta dish that can accommodate spaghetti and other varieties of pasta with ease. This is intended to be adaptable without requiring an excessive amount of space-consuming components. It is ideal for college dorms and small apartments where storage can be difficult.

This dish is distinctive in that it lacks a removable lid but has a strainer attached. It is an open dish, so pasta and water must be added. One end of the dish features a sieve that is integral to the dish, making draining a breeze.


  • Built-in strainer on dish
  • Simple, space-saving design
  • Perfect for a dorm or small apartment


  • Fairly new listing so there isn’t a lot of feedback from tried and true use

10. Microwave Pasta Cooker with Portioning Tool

A cute small rectangular dish, just the correct size for individual servings, is up next. It’s a basic, lidded dish that may be used with minimal effort. The depth ensures that it won’t overflow. The best feature is that it includes a measuring tool for the pasta so you can make just the right amount.

The lid has holes on it, so you can use it to steam food, and you can also use it to drain pasta in the sink after cooking. There’s already a fill line marked on the dish, making it a breeze to use. It does a great job in the kitchen and performs just as advertised.


  • Vented lid for straining
  • Includes a portion measuring tool
  • Deep so won’t boil over easily
  • Easy to use


  • The markings on the gauge wear off easily

11. Happy Zone Microwave Pasta Cooker

As basic as it gets is the Happy Zone pasta cooker. It’s constructed with high-quality components and makes cooking pasta simple. Although there are no true straining holes in the design, the lid can be used for straining by attaching it and loosening one end. It’s a little, straightforward pasta cooker ideal for one serving and modest spaces for storage.


  • Perfect for individual servings
  • Includes a lid
  • Lid doubles as a strainer if you’re creative
  • Small and simple
  • Great for single servings and small cooking spaces


  • The lid can be used for straining but does not actually have straining holes

12. Reston Lloyd Microwave Cookware & Storage

This is another multi-cooker option that can be used for pasta as well as a variety of other items. You receive the dish and reservoir, as well as an insert that serves as a removable strainer and a lockable cover with venting. That’s a lot of work for a small pasta maker!

This is an adaptable dish that isn’t particularly large yet comes in handy. It has a lot of capabilities and is only three pieces!


  • 3-piece multi-cooker dish
  • Used for pasta and other foods
  • Removable strainer insert
  • Locking lid with vents


  • Dish is pretty small and best for 1-2 servings

13. Rapid Pasta Cooker

The Rapid pasta cooker is another choice ideal for compact spaces for preparing 1-2 servings. It claims to cook pasta in half the time compared to traditional methods. It is a small, rectangular dish with a removable insert that can be used as a strainer after cooking. It is simple and convenient simultaneously!


  • Simple but effective design
  • Insert can be used for straining
  • Small, good for small spaces
  • 1-2 serving size


  • Tends to have boiling over issues

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