Best Powdered Ketchups

7 Best Powdered Ketchups (And What They Taste Like)

You can add a lot of flavor to your dishes with powdered ketchup. With so many varieties of powdered ketchup available, which one should you choose?

A powdered ketchup is available in two forms: powdered condiment and tomato powder. The powdered condiment form can be enjoyed with popcorn, fries, and other snacks, while tomato powder can be used as a spice! Discover more about powdered tomato ketchup, how it’s made, what it’s used for, and how it compares to regular ketchup below!

Powdered Vs Regular Ketchup

If you are asking “why?”, there are a bunch of reasons why you would want powdered ketchup in your pantry. It has been a while since powdered ketchup was introduced. With the advent of dehydrating food and experimenting with flavors, manufacturers have turned their attention to powdered ingredients. A versatile and flavorful form of the condiment, powdered ketchup could be sprinkled over food without adding excess moisture.

Chances are that you have already tried powdered ketchup!  Those who have ever eaten snacks with tomato flavor will understand what powdered ketchup tastes like. There is no truth to the popular belief that powdered ketchup is made by reducing regular ketchup until it becomes a concentrate! Most types of ketchup are thick, so applying that much heat (and for that long) will cause them to burn and change in texture.

Instead, manufacturers use a dried blend of tomato powder and flavorings to achieve that distinct ketchup taste! In order to differentiate powder ketchup from regular ketchup, let’s look at their characteristics first!


This is due to the fact that powdered ketchup has a higher concentration of flavor than regular ketchup.  You will only ever need to sprinkle ketchup over food rather than drenching it like you would with “wet” ketchup. There are many varieties and versions of regular ketchup on the market, and ketchup powder is no different.

This is what gives regular ketchup its lip-smacking flavor: tomato puree, spices, garlic, sugar, and herbs. The ingredients in powdered ketchup are the same – and if you use tomato powder alone, you can even make your very own ketchup powder blend at home (more on this below).


When powdered ketchup is mixed with water, it has a “free-flowing” consistency. As a powdered condiment, ketchup without an anti-caking agent will likely clump up and even solidify over time due to the type of stabilizers and preservatives it contains. Powdered ketchup has the same drawback as regular ketchup.

Despite its dry texture, powdered ketchup has a much longer shelf life than regular ketchup, so its pros and cons are much more balanced. Ketchup powders usually have a pale red color instead of the darker shade that is usually associated with regular ketchup.

The tomato powder is also mixed with other flavorings and stabilizing ingredients that dilute its natural color. There are also some bright red ketchup powder varieties that use food coloring to make the condiment appear appealing – however, they are usually the least healthy!


The versatility of powdered ketchup is perhaps even greater than that of its regular counterpart. Powder form makes it easy to add as a flavorful garnish to any type of food. Use it as a garnish over pasta or sprinkle it on salads for a healthy and flavorful touch. It can also be used to give fries a rich and delicious ketchup flavor. When you sprinkle powdered ketchup over fries, they will maintain their crispiness and won’t become soggy.

In a similar way, you can add it to popcorn, poutine, pizza, tacos, hot dogs, and much, much more! Even adding it to your favorite sandwiches and burgers can make it a direct substitute for regular ketchup. Alternatively, you can mix a few tablespoons of powdered ketchup with water and use it as a flavorful stock for sauces. Use ketchup powder to enhance the flavor of any meat marinade if you are looking for a secret ingredient.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Powdered Ketchups

When purchasing powdered ketchup, you should keep two things in mind:

  1. Tomato powder vs. premixed blend

  2. Quantity

Premixed Blend Vs Tomato Powder

It is best to opt for a ready-to-sprinkle, pre-mixed blend of ketchup if you want a simple but delicious flavor. If you want to give food a ketchup flavor, you can sprinkle this powder over them to give them a sharp and tasty flavor.  We recommend starting with a high-quality tomato powder for people who want a more customized powder. Make sure you buy tomato powder or ketchup that is made from high-quality, farm-fresh tomatoes. If you’re looking for all-natural products, keep an eye out for GMO labels.

Adding tomato powder to sugar, salt, garlic powder, and chili flakes can give it a ketchup-like taste – you can even add MSG if you want an even more commercial taste. If you’re looking for a condiment that can be customized according to your preferences, this is a great DIY approach.

Even better, you can make your own healthy ketchup powder without adding unnecessary additives! For instance, you can add Italian herbs to pizza sauce and reduce the sugar in ketchup powder to give it a saucier taste. To make a quick gourmet barbeque sauce at home, you can even add spicy ingredients or even smoke the powder!

Simple, healthy, and all-natural ketchup seasoning can be made by mixing tomato powder with salt and garlic. If you add salt and garlic, you can easily create that distinctive tomatoey flavor that tomato powder lacks!


Picking the right seasoning depends on the quantity. This is where you have to consider your personal taste! There are many ready-to-serve ketchup seasonings available in 3.5-oz shaker bottles, but you can also choose from 4–6 oz bottles. Alternatively, you can use tomato powders if you want to go beyond that.

Many brands don’t sell large bottles of ketchup powder, but you can make your own at home using a 24-oz tomato powder container. To see how you can use tomato powder in your meals, we recommend that you begin with a small shaker bottle. You get far more value out of making your own ketchup powder than buying commercially produced ketchup!

Best Powdered Ketchups

Now that you know all about powdered ketchup and its uses, let’s look at our recommendations.

1. Ketchup Seasonings Bottle

Ketchup Seasonings Bottle

If you’re looking for a safe bet, then look no further! An intense, umami-laden flavor will complement any type of food with this ketchup powder made from rich tomato powder and other flavorful ingredients. Also, it is the perfect size for anyone who enjoys ketchup flavor and wants to use this powder in their everyday cooking.

This ketchup powder is made from high-quality ingredients to provide you with the same great taste as commercial ketchup. Additionally, it comes in a highly convenient 10-oz sprinkling bottle that not only extends the shelf life of the powder, but also allows you to sprinkle it precisely.

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2. Ketchup Kernals Seasoning

Ketchup Kernals Seasoning

You’ll quickly discover that this vegan-friendly ketchup seasoning is your new favorite ingredient. Unlike traditional ketchup, this powder is highly concentrated and flavorful, and it coats food evenly; just sprinkle it over food and toss it to evenly distribute the powder. Natural ingredients and high-quality dehydrated tomatoes are used in the preparation of this seasoning.

The carefully selected herbs and spices make this vegan ketchup mix taste as tasty as any other ketchup mix. Add it to popcorn, fries, burgers, dressings, and more – there are no limits!

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3. Ketchup Seasoning Mix By Flavor God

Ketchup Seasoning Mix By Flavor God

Here’s another safe bet! Flavor God’s ketchup seasoning is specifically designed to give your favorite snacks a restaurant-level taste. In contrast with cheaper brands that are loaded with sugar and unnecessary chemicals, this keto-friendly and low-sodium alternative uses natural, premium ingredients to deliver a highly delicious ketchup flavor. As a result of its airtight container design, this seasoning will not clump up even when exposed to air over time.

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4. Badia ALL-PURPOSE Ketchup Seasoning

Badia ALL-PURPOSE Ketchup Seasoning

This seasoning can be substituted for regular ketchup if it tastes great with it! Almost any type of tomato-based food can benefit from this versatile ketchup seasoning. Whether you are cooking eggs, poultry, fries, hot dogs, or more, this seasoning adds a complex flavor to every dish.

The consistency is great, but due to the natural ingredients, it may clump up compared to food products. Don’t worry, you can shake it or blend it in a food processor to “re-powderize” it!

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5. SPICES VILLAGE Tomato Powder


This high-grade tomato powder can be used in an endless number of ways and is gluten-free, kosher, and GMO-free. You can use it alone to get a rich tomato flavor, or pair it with any number of ingredients to make it taste like ketchup!

To make ketchup powder at home, combine this tomato powder with 12 teaspoons of salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and citric acid. Make your dinner guests go wow with this healthy and high-grade tomato powder instead of artificially flavored ketchup!

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6. Augason Farms Tomato Powder

Augason Farms Tomato Powder

Whether you’re making ketchup powder, BBQ ketchup powder, or any other condiment with tomato flavor, we highly recommend using this amazing tomato powder – it even comes with classic recipes! With a concentration of premium tomato powder, this product is made from farm-fresh and carefully selected tomatoes.

You can either hydrate it with water to make regular ketchup, or you can use it with other dry ingredients to make a scrumptious and versatile ketchup seasoning. With the sturdy 10-oz container, this product has a shelf life of about 25 years. Once opened, you can shift it to an airtight container and it will maintain its quality for months.

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7. Premium Dehydrated Tomato Powder

Premium Dehydrated Tomato Powder

We’re in the elite category here! Unlike other low-quality tomato powders, this is an excellent all-natural alternative that is keto-friendly, GMO-free, gluten-free, and additive/preservative-free. We highly recommend this product if you wish to make ketchup seasonings or other tomato-based products.

The product contains carefully selected red tomatoes that are meticulously air-dried and then processed to preserve their quality and flavor. This tomato powder comes in a large 24-oz resealable bottle, which makes it easy to store and use for making ketchup seasoning!

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