Best Silicone Can Strainers

7 Best Silicone Can Strainers in 2022

You can strain liquids from cans quickly by using silicone can strainers. But which one should you choose? The best silicone can strainers are those that are universally sized, meaning that they fit over any type of can, as well as having adequate perforations to filter thick or thin liquids. We highlight the best silicone can strainers on the market below, as well as what to look out for.

What Are Can Strainers? 

Mini silicone strainers, or can strainers, are all the rage these days due to their convenience. The strainers fit over most cans and all you have to do is tilt the can to drain all the liquid. It is truly a great way to avoid piling utensils into the sink. Because these strainers are made from silicone, they are easy to clean and are odorless and stain-free. For people who regularly consume canned products and do not want to invest in a large colander, they are ideal.

These can strainers only have one disadvantage: they don’t work with extra-large cans, since a bigger strainer might be better suited. This strainer might be just what you need in your kitchen if you prefer smaller portions.

Buyer’s Guide For Silicone Can Strainers

Take a look at this buyer’s guide before diving into our recommendations!

When purchasing a silicone can strainer, you should consider the following features or factors, which we have divided into three sections.

The following are things to watch out for:

  1. Can Strainer Types

  2. Safety And Quality In Construction

  3. Perforations and size

Type Of Can Strainer

You can choose between two types of silicone can strainers. Make sure to choose the one that is best suited to your needs! First, there is a simple “cap strainer” that fits over the lid of any open can, and it is compact and snug-fitting. People who regularly consume canned food in small amounts should consider using these strainers, as they are designed to work as single-purpose strainers.

With their dome shape and perforated surface, they trap food and release all the liquid without you having to shake or jerk the can. There is also another type of silicone can strainer that serves two purposes: 1) it functions as a storage container, and 2) it is used to strain liquids. In the refrigerator, these combo strainers are perfect for storing canned food.

It has a cylindrical shape, just like a can, and a removable strainer to quickly remove the liquid, as well as a lid to keep air out. If you use this type of strainer, you can transfer the contents of any can (including brine) into the silicone container, strain and store the food in it for as long as you like. One of the best things about these containers is that some of them are also attractively designed!

Build Quality And Safety

Choose a strainer made of BPA-free and food-safe materials. Many cheaper brands may sell products that may leak chemicals. Silicone strainers may react chemically with some brine solutions, which may add unwanted microparticles to your food. Luckily, you can easily avoid this issue by purchasing a strainer made from high-quality silicone that has all the necessary safety certifications.

You can rest assured that the silicone strainers on our recommendation list are chosen for their quality. However, we always recommend that you double check each strainer’s food safety before purchasing.

Size And Perforations 

It is possible to purchase larger silicone strainers that are designed to strain large quantities of canned food in addition to cap silicone strainers that come in a universal size. Those who regularly prepare large amounts of food at home can benefit from these types of strainers.

In addition, these silicone strainers are very easy to store. Since they have a flexible structure, they can collapse into themselves, becoming flat. To expand them, simply push down on the rings. It is also important to consider the size of the perforations.

Smaller holes on the strainer can cause the liquid to flow slower, which may require you to tap the container. In some cases, this may dislodge the strainer from the container.

It is advisable to choose strainers with holes that are large enough for thick and thin liquids to pass through without building up behind them. Depending on the strainer, small and large holes may be present at the center to encourage the flow of liquid without letting food pass through.

Best Silicone Can Strainers

Time to make a purchase decision! It’s best to keep our buyer’s guide in mind when picking a strainer. You can also choose a set or a combination of two types of strainers.

1. SIFTR Can Strainer

SIFTR Can Strainer

Everyone should have this can strainer in their kitchen. In addition to straining ingredients, this tool can also be used to steep ingredients in cups! Even when used with hot water, this product won’t leak chemicals because it is made from high-quality, food-safe materials. This universal size fits any type of can, provided that it isn’t larger than its circumference (85mm).

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2. Set Of 3 Mono Can Strainer

Set Of 3 Mono Can Strainer

For people who want multiple strainers for different purposes, this set is for them. You can even stack these strainers to save space in your kitchen cabinet or drawer since they are made of high-quality materials. It is easy to wash with just plain water or light dish soap since they come in three shades of gray.

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3. 2 Pcs Multifunctional Mini Can Strainer

2 Pcs Multifunctional Mini Can Strainer

Check out this set of two eye-catching strainers if you want more style. You can strain tomato juice, syrups, and more with these strainers made from high-grade silicone. The strainers are both universally fitting and can be washed just like any other strainer on this list.

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4. Silicone Straining And Storage Jar

Silicone Straining And Storage Jar

In one container, you can strain and store canned food. Put the contents of a can in this food-safe silicone container, then put on the strainer cap and lid and store it in the fridge. No more dirty cans in the fridge. It will help preserve the food inside and also add a fun look! Simply strain the liquid and leave the food inside.

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5. Reusable Food Grade Silicone Strainer And Container

Reusable Food Grade Silicone Strainer And Container

The silicone strainer and container combo is an excellent storage solution if you want something simple and elegant. It works similarly to the storage container above, except that it is larger and can hold most small cans. This versatile container is ideal for storing mushrooms, olives, fruit, and canned vegetables.

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6. EVO COOK Mini Can Strainer

EVO COOK Mini Can Strainer

Would you like a cap strainer that fits perfectly over any type of can? Here are three high-quality silicone strainers you need to check out. They come in small, medium, and large sizes and can be used in a variety of ways! Stacking them over each other to save space is also an easy way to store them.

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7. BPA Free Silicone Food Strainer

BPA Free Silicone Food Strainer

For people who regularly use large cans, this collapsible silicone strainer is the ideal solution. Simply expand this strainer and fit it over the lid of the can – no more clunky colanders! To collapse it back into place, simply wash it with soap and water, dry it with a towel, and push it down to collapse it.

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