Best SodaStream Syrup Alternatives

11 Best SodaStream Syrup Alternatives in 2022

Making soda at home has never been easier – or more enjoyable! If you own a SodaStream and want to try other tastes and syrups, this guide will help you choose the finest options.

What are the most effective SodaStream syrup substitutes? Premium ingredients are used in the best SodaStream syrup alternatives to provide greater nutrition and/or flavor. Stur Drinks, MiO, Torani, Country Time, Crystal Light, Ralph Soda Mix, Kool-Aid, and other brands provide a variety of syrup choices!

Read on to learn more about SodaStream, how it works, its classic flavors, and how syrup options can improve your SodaStream experience!

Background Of Carbonated Beverages

Simply put, SodaStream is a system that allows you to carbonate tap water at home. Additionally, the company sells flavored syrups that can be used to produce soda. Although the concept is not unique, the company has made a name for itself by miniaturizing and streamlining a process that was previously only available to major soda manufacturers.

Various forms of carbonated beverages have existed for several centuries. Since the invention of carbonated beverages, Europe has been a consumption leader, as fizzy drinks have been a mainstay in the continent.

It wasn’t long until the rest of the globe caught up. North America has already set its eyes on being the world’s largest market for carbonated beverages. It’s safe to assume that we’ve been addicted to carbonated water since since humanity discovered how to add bubbles to ordinary water.

The Carbonation Process

There are only two components needed for the process: carbon dioxide and water. It has been discovered that CO2 may be dissolved in water, giving it a distinctive fizz. Carbonating and making your own version of soda at home utilizing a choice of flavoring components rather than relying on the syrups given by SodaStream is possible in theory.

This is not an implausible thought. The soda industry is a good example because it sells drinks that consist of carbonated water, sugar, and flavorings. There was a time when carbonating water required bulky equipment or hefty canisters.

Unfortunately, the general population was unable to make use of these machines because of their high price, complicated design, and high maintenance requirements. Instead, they turned to soda producers, who offered a superior product at a reduced cost.

Still, things have improved for the better in the carbonated beverage industry recently. Let’s examine the root causes of the North American (and global) craze for carbonated water before we dive into the syrup alternatives.

Why Drink Sparkling Water?

The presence of carbonation is shared by sparkling water, seltzer water, and SodaStream beverages. The market size of the global sparkling water industry is approximately $33.4 billion, and North America has over 35% of the global share!

This enormous demand has many causes, but we can better comprehend them if we separate them into three categories:

Health-Related Taste Preference Fads And Fashions
All of these are related to the recent shift away from sugary beverages and toward alternatives such as SodaStream and individualized soda syrups. If you are on the fence about trying SodaStream or its syrup equivalents, this article can help you decide!

Health Reasons

Bottled water has an intriguing backstory. The concept of bottling water arose in little villages built around bodies of water. These springs, wells, or streams not only supported life around them, but they were also extolled by locals as having health benefits.

People in the region initially bought into the idea of bottled water because of these purported health benefits; however, as we created urban societies, the emphasis moved to convenience and “improved” hydration!

The American bottling industry began with mineral water, which is still supplied from exotic or domestic water bodies. This water contains natural minerals and was touted as being devoid of chemicals and dangerous additives.

For many years, mineral water was the sensible, healthy, and easy choice for you and your family — until carbonated beverages reached the market!

As previously stated, the invention of sparkling water is not new, but it gained popularity in the United States when people began to utilize it for its health benefits.

Sparkling water is thought to promote digestion and to keep you hydrated. The absence of specific scientific research on these benefits hasn’t stopped individuals from adopting it as a supplement for tap water.

Some people appreciate how it goes with food, while others say it helps with constipation and other minor gastrointestinal issues.

But arguably the most important reason why people are turning to plain sparkling water is because it contains no calories and is a great alternative to sugary and artificially flavored sodas.

Taste Preference

Drinks with carbonation are said to be more reviving than plain water.

Even though sparkling water is merely normal water with carbon dioxide added, the additional carbonation in cold water also serves to provide an impression of flavor!

Even if these qualities are minor, they are more than enough to encourage people to buy carbonated water in large quantities.

Seltzer water is a fantastic illustration of this. People purchase carbonated plain water (without minerals) because they believe it to be superior and because it is provided at a premium.

In addition to ordinary sparkling water, there is also flavored sparkling water, which is advertised as being superior than the market’s sugary beverages.

This is a key factor in the introduction of sparkling water by well-known companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co.

There are numerous varieties of flavored sparkling water products, and businesses try their best to develop new flavors each year to keep the market interesting.

These drinks often have fewer calories and less dangerous chemicals and additives than normal sugary colas. Some of them might even include extra vitamins or electrolytes to boost nutrition.

In fact, one may infer that the popularity of carbonated beverages and expanding tastes are what made businesses like SodaStream possible in the first place!

Fads And Trends

The notion of sparkling water as the latest, fashionable thing is the final piece of the puzzle in its success. This is possibly the most important and significant reason why sparkling water is gaining popularity in the United States!

For good reason, an increasing number of consumers are abandoning sugary drinks in favor of better and healthier alternatives.

Interestingly, bottling businesses have been able to associate status with sparkling water — and with the help of celebrity endorsements and marketing, carbonated water has become all the rage across the country.

There are various sparkling water brands on the market today, and each sells a variety of flavored sparkling water products that are marketed as being healthier than sugary drinks.

SodaStream – Convenience, Sustainability, And Syrups

As a result of its timely market entry, SodaStream was able to capitalize on the rising tide of the expanding demand for sparkling water. The business began by releasing a small, lightweight appliance that could be placed atop any kitchen surface.

In order to reduce plastic waste, the idea was to enable the average customer to make their own carbonated water at home using only regular tap water and a handy SodaStream equipment.

It goes without saying that the idea was warmly received and that many individuals were enthusiastic about creating their own fizzy drinks.

Of course, SodaStream expanded its product line beyond the CO2 machine by launching flavored syrups as well.

SodaStream wants consumers to enjoy a variety of flavored carbonated beverages that they may prepare themselves at home in any ratio they choose.

How SodaStream Works

SodaStream works by releasing pressurized carbon dioxide gas into a SodaStream water bottle via a simple process. CO2 canisters for the company’s devices are sold separately. To make it ready, simply place the canister in the machine’s hidden back compartment.

Fill a SodaStream water bottle all the way to the top. You can use any sort of water, but most people prefer to save money and time by using tap water.

Secure the bottle into the front nozzle, then push the buttons in sequence to release (or pump) the pressured gas into the bottle!

According to the manufacturer, at least three pumps are required for adequate carbonation. However, your preference may differ depending on how intense you like your sparkling water.

Most people agree that a regular-sized SodaStream container requires 4-5 pumps to provide optimum carbonation comparable to commercial sparkling water products.

Simply add a compatible flavor after carbonating the water to make flavored SodaStream beverages. To avoid overspilling, add the flavored syrup at an angle. Gently shake the bottle to blend the syrup, and voilà!

Environment-Friendly Sustainability

SodaStream embarked on a tough mission: to minimize the usage of single-use bottles. The greatest issue with bottled water is that it generates a great deal of garbage, namely plastic waste.

Plastic garbage has permeated nearly every element of human existence, from microplastics in water and food to the discovery of plastic in cattle and even humans! Many bottling firms now discuss sustainability; this is apparently what SodaStream is all about.

Instead of selling single-use bottles, the company sells bottles that can be reused for the duration of the SodaStream machine’s lifespan.

The initial purchase may be exorbitant, but the business promises that you would save money in the long run compared to what you would spend on traditional carbonated beverages or sparkling water.

SodaStream’s popularity in the United States is likely attributable to its adaptability, user-friendliness, and fondness for sparkling water.

Current Syrups Offered By SodaStream

The company currently provides its clients with a choice of about a hundred different syrups (or “Soda Mixes”). SodaStream’s original Cola flavor is the brand’s most recognizable offering. Because of this flavor, the company rose to prominence in the sparkling water industry.

Coca-Cola has a bad reputation when it comes to health, but its delicious flavor keeps people coming back for more.

Many have tried to unseat Cola as the dominant soft drink, but until today, none have come close to matching Cola’s signature flavor and carbonation.

Many happy SodaStream owners swear by the company’s selection of cola flavors. Many people like the cola flavor with natural sweeteners since it so closely mimics the zesty, refreshing taste of Coca-Cola.

In a similar vein, the company offers a variety of “inspired” tastes that aim to imitate the taste of well-liked soft drinks.

It even collaborates with other companies to make foods and drinks that may be used in their vending machines by means of “partnered tastes.” This explains why ice tea flavors, energy drink syrups, and fruity flavors are all readily available.

Why Go For Alternatives?

You may question, since SodaStream currently offers a variety of flavors, why alternatives are necessary. The quick answer is that alternatives to SodaStream syrups provide greater customization and even better nutrition. Some of the SodaStream syrups may be nearly as unhealthy as their commercial counterparts since they contain sugary components.

Although the organization offers a variety of diet options, they are insufficient for clients seeking an organic, natural, and healthy alternative. This is where alternatives enter the picture!

Not only can you unleash the full potential of SodaStream by combining different flavors, but you can also use your imagination to make completely unique beverages in your kitchen!

Best SodaStream Syrup Alternatives

We have compiled a broad list of options that provide a combination of flavor and nutrition, as well as additional advantages such as cost savings. These companies sell a variety of soda mixes in a variety of flavors that may be used with a SodaStream machine!

1. Stur Drinks – Healthy And Low Sugar Alternative

We advise you to try the flavor syrups from Stur Drinks if you’re looking for nutrition and health advantages. These syrups are created using stevia leaf extracts, natural fruit or vegetable tastes, and fruit extracts. The company’s creator came up with the concept while trying to make a tasty and healthful drink for his wife, who was expecting.

The business has developed a variety of fruity tastes based on fruits including pomegranate, strawberry, orange, blueberry, watermelon, and more after years of development and expansion!

These flavors are nearly as tasty as SodaStream syrups, however they are a little less sweet. They are the ultimate cost-saving option because they are also somewhat less expensive.

The best aspect is that you don’t need to make any ratio adjustments when using Stur Drinks syrups in place of SodaStream syrups.

2. Torani Syrups – Cane Sugar Alternative

Torani stands out as a premium, high-quality brand with years of experience. The company makes flavored alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage syrups. Its most popular flavors are hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel, which may be used to make a variety of beverages and even bubbling tea mixes.

Torani syrups are created with 100% cane sugar, a healthier substitute for table sugar. Table sugar isn’t harmful on its own, but it’s typically found in high concentrations in commercial colas and even some SodaStream syrups.

You can get a lot of bang for your buck here, as a 750ml bottle of Torani syrup may make up to 6 liters of beverage in a SodaStream bottle!

3. Kool-Aid Syrups

The relatively recent cooperation between Kool-Aid and SodaStream demonstrates how committed and flexible the company is to developing flavor combinations for both current and potential customers.

If you follow the directions correctly, you will have a tasty beverage that may be less calorie-dense than conventional colas or even SodaStream syrups. Sparkling water and Kool-Aid definitely taste different.

Even while you might need to use a more concentrated Kool-Aid mixture, it will still have fewer calories than a typical can of cola, and youngsters will adore the brand’s natural and traditional fruity flavors!

For those who are brand-new to SodaStream and Kool-Aid, we advise choosing the Hawaiian Punch or Diet/Zero Sugar varieties.

4. Ralph SodaMix – Non-Artificial Sweetener Alternative

Ralph Soda mixes taste quite similar to SodaStream syrups, but with one major difference: they are cheaper, better, and perhaps tastier! SodaStream is well-known for its cost-effectiveness, which you can further by using Ralph SodaMix syrups.

Instead of high-fructose corn syrup, these syrups are flavored with natural flavors, cane sugar, and organic stevia. The best part about this option is that the brand also provides samples of 1 liter of beverage. You can thus try the samples before purchasing a larger-sized bottle!

5. MiO Sugar-Free Berry Variety Naturally Flavored

Kraft Foods is the owner and operator of MiO, a household name in the area of formidable brands. MiO produces high-quality, tasty, electrolyte-infused energizing syrups. Their energy drink mixes come in a variety of tropical flavors, and you can use them to make your own energy booster at home. While the brand’s syrups are flavored with artificial sweeteners, the good news is that they are engineered to be calorie-free!

6. Crystal Light Sugar-Free Fruit Variety

SodaStream has collaborated with Crystal Light (also owned by Kraft Foods) to produce a variety of delicious and nutritious new tastes for use in the home.

There are a variety of “Pure” and “Classic” varieties available from the company, including lemon, raspberry, peach tea, and many more, all of which have the same philosophy as the company’s other fruit-flavored beverages. These syrups are derived from real fruit and other natural ingredients; they do not contain any high-fructose corn syrup.

Unlike natural sugar-free options, Crystal Light syrups do contain artificial sweeteners. That doesn’t make them particularly healthful, but it sure beats the alternative of consuming any of the several sugary sodas and syrups available.

7. Country Time Sugar Sweetened Lemonade

Love lemonade? Then you will enjoy this collaboration! Country Time and SodaStream have joined forces to provide their consumers with a zesty lemon flavor that is certain to revive you!

Country Time syrups are the greatest at giving lemon-infused flavors, and their sugar-free varieties can be utilized to create a pleasant and relatively nutritious soft drink to battle the summer heat.

Country Time can be used in the same proportions as Kool-Aid and Crystal Light. Don’t forget to modify the beverage’s concentration to your preference!

8. Jelly Belly Drink Mix – Variety Pack

Jelly Belly makes its own sparkling water, but if you want to save money while still getting the same amazing flavor, we recommend looking at Jelly Belly drink mixes!

These pre-mixed syrups are quite convenient, and they can also be a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. They are organically flavored with real fruit juice and are free of corn syrup. You receive a smooth, sugar-free alternative that is both refreshing and tasty!

9. Nuun Sport: Electrolyte Drink Tablets

For those who choose to remain active, there is this option. When it comes to fast energy drinks, Nuun flavor combinations are some of the best on the market. They have a strong flavor and a well-balanced combination of minerals and electrolytes, which can aid with weariness and avoid dehydration.

The low calorie profile of Nuun, which is sold in tablet form, makes it very convenient to use. Simply drop in the appropriate number of tablets to create a delightful energy drink that you can sip without feeling bad about the extra calories.

10. Tang Orange Naturally Flavored Powdered Soft Drink Mix

Tang works similarly to Kool-Aid, so you can enjoy nearly any flavor with your SodaStream at home. Tang has been around for a long time and was once the preferred drink of astronauts! Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane while invigorating yourself with a variety of sparkling flavors.

If all you have is the powder, the best way to use Tang with SodaStream is to first make a syrup out of it. Tang should be dissolved in water and added at an angle to the prepared carbonated water. Gently combine the ingredients and serve.

Despite the fact that Tang contains sugar and artificial flavors, it is significantly less caloric than other syrup brands and commercial beverages on the market.

11. DASANI Drops Orange Passionfruit Water Flavor Enhancer Drink Mix

Dasani Drops are the optimal way to experience fruit-infused carbonated flavors! This has to be the ideal choice for folks who desire a nutritious, tasty, and simple-to-make beverage.

Dasani Drops are naturally flavored and include sucralose. You can get lemon, watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, orange, and pineapple tastes, among others! These calorie-free drops can impart a variety of fruity aromas that can transform ordinary water into something amazing!

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