Best Spearmint Teas

5 Best Spearmint Teas in 2022

People are talking about spearmint tea a lot lately. Although it’s been available for some time, it seems like the public has only just discovered it. In addition to being readily available and inexpensive, this tea is also quite refreshing, mild in flavor, and easy to consume.

Okay, then which stores sell the finest spearmint teas? Choose a tea that uses premium tea leaves (ideally organic). You should also avoid buying tea that has been sitting around for a while and instead choose for the newest, most unadulterated variety available.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at how to pick the perfect spearmint tea for your needs. As usual, we provide a wide selection of alternatives that vary in quality, quantity, and cost.

What Is Spearmint Tea?

There are a variety of mint teas, as you may have noticed or maybe personally experienced. What, though, is spearmint tea? Does it vary from peppermint tea, too? There is a difference between peppermint tea and spearmint tea. Both herbal teas are in the same family, but peppermint tea has a much stronger flavor since it contains a lot of menthol.

Spearmint In such case, what precisely is spearmint tea? The dried spearmint herb leaves are used to make spearmint tea. Common mint, lamb mint, garden mint, and mackerel mint are other names for it (all these names are interchangeably used for spearmint tea products).

Other species of mint can be distinguished from this one by their oblong-shaped leaves, though we won’t get into that much detail right now. You should be aware that spearmint has a mildly minty flavor with undertones of sweetness. It is highly herbaceous yet tends to lean more towards sweetness than bitterness or savory.

Spearmint obviously has a much milder flavor than peppermint and doesn’t have the spiciness because of its significantly lower menthol level. It’s simple to obtain and inexpensive to get spearmint tea. It is very adaptable, incredibly cooling, and available in a range of tea varieties. And perhaps most importantly, it offers many of nutritional advantages!

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Spearmint Teas

When most consumers look at a single-herb tea product, they don’t aware that there are a slew of other things that influence the quality and flavor of their tea. This includes the method by which the tea leaves were dried, the quality of the herb used to manufacture the tea, the age of the leaves, their dry size, and even the form in which they are used.

If you don’t take these aspects into account, you can wind up with a bland or bitter tea, which is the polar opposite of what spearmint tea has to give! And, given the health advantages of this tea, selecting a high-quality one is even more vital.

Type Of Tea

This does not refer to the flavor of the tea, but rather to the manner in which it should be consumed: tea bags and loose leaf tea. Even within each of these categories, there are several variants.

Typically, loose leaf tea is far more fresh than bagged tea. You can adjust the amount of tea you use and the flavor intensity. However, a tea ball or strainer is required for this product.

In contrast, tea bags are more convenient to use and require no extra equipment. You can select from an assortment of materials. Nevertheless, as we’ve indicated, the tea is frequently aged and processed.

If you purchase one of these teas, be sure to verify the manufacturer or packaging date. Additionally, get tea in lesser quantities so that you do not age it further at home.

Leaf Size

Crushed tea leaves with a coarser grind produce a better cup of tea than those that are too finely ground. There are more healthy compounds and aromatic oils in the tea because of the increased surface area.

Another difference between loose leaf and pre-packaged tea is the size of the leaves. Therefore, drinking loose leaf tea is a great way to increase your intake of healthy compounds.

Whether you prefer loose or bagged tea, you should only ever buy high-quality leaves. If you’re looking to reap the health advantages of a tea, the mass-produced variety is your best bet.

Leaf Quality

You’ll observe that certain teas are incredibly cheap while others are absurdly pricey. Contrary to popular assumption, it’s not just about getting money, either! Because they are manufactured in smaller amounts, the more expensive teas are typically of a considerably higher quality.

These leaves are frequently more skillfully picked, dried, prepared, and even packaged. It guarantees that your tea has larger leaves, which eventually result in better-tasting tea.

It’s usually a good idea to learn a little bit about the origin and production of the tea before purchasing it, whether it’s pricey or not. You can use this to assess whether the price and quality are comparable.

Best Spearmint Teas

So, without further ado, here are our top selections for spearmint tea that are easily accessible online. We attempted to have something for everyone, whether it was loose leaf tea or tea bags. So, just because we like tea A does not imply that tea B is inferior. It’s possible that it’s a better fit for you!

1. Traditional Medicinals Organic Spearmint Herbal Tea Bags

This is one of our all-time favorite products. It is certified USDA organic and GMO-free. Traditional Medicinals employs 100% recyclable materials for the packaging and renewable energy (such as solar panels) to manufacture this tea. Plus, the tea bags themselves are 100% biodegradable!

This tea is also brewed from organic spearmint tea leaves grown by a small number of sustainable producers. It has a super-refreshing minty taste and all the health advantages you may expect from a tea of this type. There are no chemicals or sugars present; only natural spearmint flavors.

Making it is also pretty simple. Simply add the tea bag to your cup and steep it for 5 to 10 minutes in boiling water. This is a fantastic option for one of the top quality teas available at a very reasonable price!

2. Davidson’s Organic Loose Leaf Tea Leaves

If you’re just getting started with loose leaf teas, we suggest trying Davidson’s spearmint. It’s worth noting that the USDA has also verified the organic status of these leaves. This guarantees that the leaves are of the highest quality and taste.

Included with each loose leaf spearmint tea purchase is an instruction sheet detailing how much to use per cup and how long to steep the tea. This loose leaf tea offers one of the nicest flavor profiles we’ve enjoyed in quite some time, and it’s surprisingly cheap for the quality you get.

3. Alvita Organic Spearmint Tea Bags

This tea has been verified as organic. We truly prefer the environmental certifications the other products have, which is the only reason it isn’t higher on our list. We don’t know what other items are recycled, but this package is as well.

However, the spearmint tea itself is fantastic! Its flavor profile is delicate and minty, just like spearmint tea ought to be. The teabags are very practical and simple to use. Excellent instructions on how to prepare this tea in many ways are also included in the package. Overall, a fantastic tea at a fantastic price!

4. Frontier Organic Spearmint Loose Leaf Tea

Following that is a separate loose leaf tea from Frontier. Its big leaves also aid in the absorption of more important oils and nutrients. This company creates tea from organic, kosher-certified, and non-irradiated leaves. This is simply a procedure used by bulk manufacturers to dry and preserve their leaves, at the expense of flavor and nutrients.

But this tea is incredible. It is more expensive, and some argue that it provides fewer environmental benefits (we cannot say). However, upon tasting it, it does not taste mass-produced.

5. McCormick Caffeine-Free Spearmint Tea Bags

Last but not least, we have a tea choice that is more affordable! It is not organic and one of the most commercially made spearmint teas available. However, it is a terrific option if you do not wish to spend a fortune on tea. Or if you simply wish to explore a different flavor.

These tea bags are sold in packs of 25 and will last you a considerable amount of time. And because the tea leaves inside are much smaller than those in other goods, the tea is ready to be consumed much more quickly.

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