Best Yerba Mate Flavors

11 Best Yerba Mate Flavors in 2022

One of the healthiest iced teas you can drink is guayak yerba mate. It has a variety of flavors and is cooling. But which Yerba Mate tastes are the best? Orange Exuberance, Bluephoria, Lemon Elation, Tropical Uprising, Enlighten Mint, Revel Berry, Blackberry Mint, Lima Limon, Grapefruit Ginger, Cranberry Pomegranate, and Classic Gold are some of the top Guayak Yerba Mate flavors.

We also discuss yerba mate’s advantages, the flavor of unflavored yerba mate, and whether yerba mate offers you energy in this post. If you’re unsure about which Guayak Yerba Mate flavor is best for you, keep reading to find out more about its most well-known tastes!

What Is Yerba Mate?

The yerba mate herb originates in South America. Yerba mate is a South American beverage made by steeping the plant’s leaves in hot water. In terms of taste, yerba mate is both herbal and earthy. Depending on how it was cultivated and brewed, the beverage’s flavor may change subtly.

There is caffeine in yerba mate. There are about 70 milligrams of caffeine in a typical yerba mate serving. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is roughly 120 milligrams. A cup of coffee typically has about the same amount of caffeine as a strong brew of yerba mate.

Yerba mate is a popular ingredient in energy drinks due to its high caffeine concentration and stimulating effects. Yerba mate iced teas are also produced by some companies, and they come in a variety of flavors. Guayak is among the most well-known manufacturers of yerba mate beverages.

Types Of Guayakí Yerba Mate Drinks

Guayak produces many yerba mate products. The Guayak brand’s product line comprises yerba mate beverages and loose leaf yerba mate.

Guayak Yerba Mate beverages come in a few different varieties:

energy-dense cans
Cans of yerba mate that sparkle
dazzling cans with less sugar and no added sugar
There are many different varieties of Tereré bottles (cold-brew yerba mate) of Guayak Yerba Mate beverages. They combine herbal and fruity flavors, and some of them also include spices.

Fruity Guayak Yerba Mates typically taste sweeter while herbal varieties have a spicier undertone.

Is Yerba Mate Good For You?

In comparison to most canned and bottled drinks, yerba mate is healthier! Yerba mate increases your energy and sharpens your focus. It also helps digestion and physical performance. However, yerba mate beverages made for sale could have extra sugar. If you want to avoid this, consume them sparingly or purchase unsweetened yerba mate drinks.

Does Yerba Mate Give You Energy?

Yerba mate beverages, like coffee and tea, provide energy. The caffeine in yerba mate drinks improves focus and concentration. Yerba mate functions differently than caffeine and other stimulants. It has long-lasting impacts on the body. The effects of yerba mate endure a few hours and do not cause you to crash!

What Is The Most Popular Guayakí Yerba Mate Flavor?

There are many tastes of Guayak Yerba Mate, making it difficult to determine which is the most well-liked. The majority of Guayak enthusiasts have a preferred flavor; some enjoy sweet, fruity flavors, while others prefer to sip on reviving Yerba Mate. Orange Exuberance, Lemon Elation, and Revel Berry are some of the most well-liked Guayak Yerba Mate tastes.

Best Yerba Mate Flavors

When it comes to Guayak Yerba Mate drinks, you have a variety of possibilities. Here are some of our favorite tastes to try – whether you prefer normal yerba mate or sparkling, you will undoubtedly discover a flavor you enjoy!

If you prefer sweet flavors, try a delicious Guayak Yerba Mate. Choose a lemon-flavored Guayak Yerba Mate if you want something tangy and zesty. Buy a Guayak Yerba Mate with mint for a cooling impact on hot days. And if you simply enjoy yerba mate, we urge that you sample all of the Guayak tastes because each one is distinct!

1. Orange Exuberance

Orange Exuberance

The color orange is always popular. Get a can of Orange Exuberance if you want to sample Guayaki Yerba Mate for the first time. This high-energy beverage is an all-natural substitute for energy drinks that are chock-full of artificial additives. You will also detect flavors of tangy tangerine and lime in addition to the orange’s sweet and powerful flavor. This yerba mate tea is slightly tart from the lime and tangerine, which counteracts the orange’s sweetness.

4% juice is used to create Orange Exuberance, a non-carbonated yerba mate tea. The latter gives the tea its delicious citrus flavor! A can of Orange Exuberance Yerba Mate has about 120 calories and 150 mg of caffeine per can. Each serving of Orange Exuberance Yerba Mate has 27 grams of sugar.

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2. Bluephoria


If you enjoy berry-flavored drinks, Bluephoria Yerba Mate is a taste you should certainly try! Blueberries and elderberries combined with yerba mate generate a fruity ecstasy. You’re probably familiar with the flavor of blueberries because they’re one of the most frequently available and commonly consumed berries; elderberries, on the other hand, may be daunting to some individuals.

Elderberries are purple berries that have a tangy, sharp flavor. They complement blueberries wonderfully and produce an overall acidic and sour flavor that overpowers the genuine flavor of the yerba mate tea.

As a result, when you take a sip of Bluephoria, you immediately taste the blueberries! Bluephoria Yerba Mate is also non-carbonated. Bluephoria, like Orange Exuberance and other Guayak Yerba Mate flavors, is vegan and gluten-free.

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3. Lemon Elation

Lemon Elation

Many individuals enjoy herbal teas with lemon flavor. This is not surprising because lemon gives iced teas a vibrant, refreshing flavor. Give Lemon Elation Yerba Mate a try if you enjoy lemon iced tea. This tea’s dominant flavor is lemon. However, Ginger and Elderflower are also present in Lemon Elation Yerba Mate!

Together with the grassy flavor of the yerba mate plant, these ingredients give the tea hints of other flavors and give it a wholesome flavor. Lemon Elation has a floral undertone from elderflower and a dash of pungency from ginger.

Lemon Elation Yerba Mate is also recommended because it has fewer calories than the two Yerba Mate tastes from Guayaki mentioned above. Only 100 calories are present in each can of Lemon Elation Yerba Mate. In addition, it doesn’t have any carbonation and has fewer added sugars than Orange Exuberance and Bluephoria.

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4. Tropical Uprising

Tropical Uprising

You probably already know that you may substitute a drink with tropical flavors for your daily caffeine intake, but did you realize that you can obtain the same effect by drinking something other than coffee? Mango puree and condensed pineapple juice give Tropical Uprising Yerba Mate its delicious sweetness. Hibiscus, another tropical plant, is used in Tropical Uprising Yerba Mate, and its acidity complements the Yerba Mate’s earthy notes.

If you’re looking for a low-calorie beverage, the Tropical Uprising Yerba Mate is a great option among the Guayak Yerba Mates. 60 calories and 11 grams of sugar are all you’ll find in a can of Tropical Uprising Yerba Mate. The Yerba Mate from Tropical Uprising is 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.

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5. Enlighten Mint

Enlighten Mint

One of the most distinctive Guayak Yerba Mate tastes is Enlighten Mint. Refreshing is the best way to sum up the flavor of Enlighten Mint. Peppermint and honey are combined to create Enlighten Mint Yerba Mate Tea. One of the Guayak teas that still has a noticeable yerba mate flavor is this one.

The yerba mate flavor is still more noticeable, despite the fact that you can taste the refreshing mint flavor, as many people have noted. It imparts a tereré flavor to Enlighten Mint Yerba Mate, which is yerba mate tea steeped with cold water.

There isn’t much honey flavor in this tea, but it does give this minty yerba mate drink just the right amount of sweetness! For energy and to combat the heat of the summer, sip on a cold can of Enlighten Mint. Enlighten Mint Yerba Mate has 150 mg of caffeine each serving, which is plenty to get you through the day.

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6. Guayaki Yerba Mate, Clean Energy Drink Alternative

Guayaki Yerba Mate, Clean Energy Drink Alternative

Revel Berry, another Guayak Yerba Mate for berry fans, is a non-carbonated yerba mate tea with raspberry and blackberry. The raspberry flavor dominates this tea, although it is a combination of sweet and acidic flavors. There’s also hibiscus in Revel Berry – you might think this tropical plant doesn’t fit with the berries, but hibiscus has a cranberry-like flavor that pairs well with raspberry and blackberry!

If you want an invigorating yerba mate drink that lacks the original flavor of the yerba mate plant, try Guayak Revel Berry. Revel Berry has 120 calories per can and 27 grams of added sugars, but it is not particularly sweet.

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7. Sparkling Blackberry Mint

Sparkling Blackberry Mint

One of the best effervescent yerba mate teas is blackberry mint. This tea’s distinctive flavor is produced by the addition of blackberries, huckleberries, and mint. 3% of the berry juice in a can of Blackberry Mint is sufficient to produce a strong berry flavor. Both huckleberries and blackberries have a sour berry taste. The mint gives the beverage a pleasant flavor and works well with these fruit.

Compared to normal Guayak Yerba Mate in cans, this bubbly yerba mate tea has a significant reduction in calories. Only 15 calories and 1 gram of added sugar are present in each can. Additionally, sparkling yerba mate has less caffeine in it. There are 80 mg of caffeine in each can of this Blackberry Mint Yerba Mate. Additionally, it is organic, vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free.

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8. Sparkling Lima Limon

Sparkling Lima Limon

For those looking to lose weight, Guayak Lima Limon Yerba Mate is the greatest solution. This effervescent yerba mate tea has only 5 calories and no added sugar! Lima Limon Yerba Mate is also a wonderful alternative to soda drinks because it is refreshing, fizzy, and contains 3% lemon and lime juice! In this drink, you may also taste the real flavor of yerba mate tea. While this sparkling Lima Limon Yerba Mate is unsweetened, it may be relied on whenever you need energy to get through the day. This caffeine-free yerba mate tea has 80 mg.

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9. Sparkling Grapefruit Ginger

Sparkling Grapefruit Ginger

This Grapefruit Ginger Yerba Mate beverage is a must-have if you’ve tasted all of the popular Guayak Yerba Mate varieties and are searching for something new. Sparkling water is used in the production of Grapefruit Ginger Yerba Mate, making it lighter and more palatable. A smart approach to stop drinking soda is to get sparkling yerba mate.

It can appear bold to pair ginger with grapefruit. These elements work nicely together, though. The peppery and somewhat spiciness of ginger brings out the pleasant, bittersweet flavor of grapefruit. A sparkling Grapefruit Ginger Yerba Mate can has only 10 grams of added sugar and 45 calories. 80 mg of caffeine is also present.

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10. Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate

Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate

Cranberry Pomegranate Yerba Mate is another sparkling yerba mate tea you should try. It has a delectable blend of yerba mate brew, pomegranate, and cranberry. This effervescent Cranberry Pomegranate Yerba Mate has a wonderfully sweet, tangy, and herbal flavor and includes 5% juice. On their own, cranberries and pomegranates are high in antioxidants. They pack a powerful punch when combined!

The calories in Cranberry Pomegranate Yerba Mate effervescent drink are 100, which is not much when compared to most canned soda drinks. This drink contains 22 grams of added sugar and 80 mg of caffeine. This delightful yerba mate beverage can easily replace your afternoon coffee!

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11. Sparkling Classic Gold

Simply because the name doesn’t list the contents, you could decide against buying Classic Gold Yerba Mate, but you should definitely give it a try! The original yerba mate flavor of Sparkling Classic Gold Yerba Mate is enhanced with tamarind, lime, and spice flavors. Fruit juices and ginger juice are also added to the beverage, giving it a well-rounded flavor with a bite.

Many people agree that Classic Gold tastes like cola, as the brand claims because it is their spin on the traditional cola. The good news is that Classic Gold is significantly healthier. Classic Gold Yerba Mate has 120 mg of caffeine as opposed to its effervescent siblings, which have 80 mg. 100 calories and 24 grams of added sugars are present in one can of Classic Gold Yerba Mate.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve learnt everything there is to know about Guayak Yerba Mate, here are some extra questions we thought you might have.

Can You Drink Yerba Mate Every Day?

If you enjoy yerba mate but are unsure whether you can drink it every day, there is good news.

Guayak Yerba Mate, unlike most energy beverages, is free of artificial chemicals! If you don’t have any health concerns, a can of Guayak Yerba Mate once a day won’t hurt you.

Is Yerba Mate A Good Alternative To Coffee?

Caffeine content of yerba mate is comparable to that of coffee. The fact that yerba mate is abundant in antioxidants makes it an even better alternative to coffee.

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