Why You Need To Try Dill Pickle Lemonade

Why You Need To Try Dill Pickle Lemonade (With Recipe)

The pairing of dill pickles and lemonade may not seem obvious, but we’d like to thank whoever came up with this brilliant idea! Dill pickle lemonade is a refreshing and zingy summer drink that everyone should try.

But what exactly is dill pickle lemonade, and why should you drink it? This refreshing drink is made with homemade lemonade and dill pickle vinegar and garnished with dill pickle slices. It has a sweet yet tart flavor with a hint of saltiness — the ideal “pick me up” when the summer heat gets to you!

Do you want to know how to make the best dill pickle lemonade? We have all the answers you need and more! We’ll look at the best ingredients to use when making dill pickle lemonade and give you some pointers on how to make and serve this refreshing summer drink.

What Is Dill Pickle Lemonade?

The refreshing summer beverage dill pickle lemonade is made from lemon juice and pickle juice. Now, we realize this sounds a bit bizarre, but bear with us! The pairing of pickles and lemonade is not conventional, but it works surprisingly well here. Consider that lemons and pickles are natural partners, and all we’re doing is combining them in a refreshing summer beverage!

You may not have considered the fact that dill pickle lemonade is actually quite healthy. Not only will it quench your thirst, but it has numerous health benefits as well:

The sugar and salts in dill pickle lemonade are excellent for replenishing electrolytes and boosting energy.
The probiotics in fermented pickle juice are beneficial to digestive health.
Dill contains a compound that can aid in cholesterol reduction.
Pickle juice can assist in regulating blood glucose levels.
The antibacterial properties of vinegar and dill can help combat bad breath.
Rehydrating and replenishing sugars and electrolytes, dill pickle lemonade is a fantastic hangover remedy.
Still a little unsure about dill pickle lemonade? We’re here to convince you to try this incredible beverage, and we won’t stop until we succeed!

So, if the great health benefits of this summer beverage are not enough to convince you, let’s examine its flavor.

What Does Dill Pickle Lemonade Taste Like?

Dill pickle lemonade is one of those strange flavors that sounds terrible but tastes better than you’d expect. The predominant taste is sweet yet sour, fresh and lemony, not unlike traditional homemade lemonade.

The pickling liquid, however, adds a salty, vinegary undertone that complements the sweetness. The liquid absorbs some of the dill pickle and seasoning flavors, enhancing the lemonade’s overall flavor.

The end result is a refreshing beverage with a strong lemon flavor that is sweet, sour, and has just a trace of salt. Those who have experienced the magic of salted lemons will understand what we’re talking about here. We’re confident that after trying this refreshing summer beverage, you’ll become a lifelong fan.

How Is Dill Pickle Lemonade Made?

Dill pickle lemonade is comprised of precisely what one would expect: dill pickles and lemonade. But how do these ingredients combine to form this delicious beverage?

Dill pickles are actually miniature cucumbers cultivated specifically for pickling and preserved in a brine composed of vinegar, salt, sugar, water, and seasonings. You can find these delicious and wildly popular pickles in most grocery stores, or you can make them yourself.

The herb dill is the predominant flavoring in dill pickles, which gives them their distinctive flavor. The great thing about dill pickle lemonade is that it utilizes the leftover pickling vinegar after all the pickles have been consumed!

The additional component of dill pickle lemonade is lemon syrup. This is identical to how we make traditional homemade lemonade: by combining lemon juice and sugar to create a tart yet sweet syrup.

Dill Pickle Lemonade Recipe

If you know your way around a lemon squeezer, then making dill pickle lemonade is a breeze. Don’t worry if you’ve never made homemade lemonade before. To help you out, we’ve included a simple, detailed, step-by-step recipe below.

Step-By-Step Guide To Making Dill Pickle Lemonade


A jar of dill pickle vinegar, ideally with one or two pickles remaining for garnishing 10 to 12 fresh lemons (enough to yield 1 cup of fresh lemon juice)
1/2 cup of refined sugar
3 glasses of icy water


chopping board
a razor-sharp knife
Juicer for lemons
Cup or jug for measuring
Pitcher for large spoons, preferably with a lid


Make your dill pickle lemonade first. Using a sharp knife and a cutting board, cut the lemons in half.
Use the lemon juicer to squeeze all of the lemons into the measuring cup. Ensure that you scoop out any seeds that float in the juice.
Fill the pitcher with the water, sugar, and lemon juice. Stir thoroughly until all of the sugar has dissolved.
10 ounces of the pickling liquid from the pickle jar should be transferred into a measuring cup.
The pickling liquid should be poured into the pitcher and thoroughly mixed. For a few hours, place the pitcher in the refrigerator to chill the lemonade.
Your dill pickle lemonade is ready to be served at this point! Slice any leftover dill pickles into thin strips if you have any.
Ice should be used to fill a glass halfway, and then chilled lemonade should be poured over the ice, stopping just shy of the rim.
The most cool drink for the summer you’ve ever had is garnished with sliced dill pickles.
If you don’t have any dill pickles, a thin slice of lemon or lime can be substituted as a serving suggestion.



10-12 fresh lemons A jar of dill pickle vinegar, preferably with one or two pickles left in the jar for garnishing (enough to make 1 cup of fresh lemon juice)
12 cup white sugar
3 cups cool water


chopping block
Sharp blade
Lemon juicer
Measuring cup or jug
Pitcher with a large spoon, preferably with a lid


Prepare your dill pickle lemonade first. On a cutting board, use a sharp knife to halve the lemons lengthwise.
Squeeze all of the lemons into the measuring cup. If any seeds make it into the juice, strain them out.
Put some sugar and water in a pitcher and add some fresh lemon juice. Be sure all of the sugar has dissolved by stirring it vigorously.
Get a measuring cup and transfer 10 ounces of the liquid from the pickle jar.
The pickling liquid should be poured into the pitcher and mixed thoroughly. To chill the lemonade, place the pitcher in the refrigerator for at least two hours.
The dill pickle lemonade is ready to be served. Cut any leftover dill pickles into matchstick-sized pieces.
Fill a glass halfway with ice, then pour the chilled lemonade over it until it reaches the bottom of the glass.
Add the sliced dill pickles as a garnish, and you’ll have the most delicious summer drink ever.
As an alternative to dill pickles, a thin slice of lemon or lime can be used for serving.

How Do You Make Dill Pickles?

You could try making your own dill pickles to take your dill pickle vinegar to the next level. Thus, you obtain the best of both worlds: homemade dill pickles that are crisp and flavorful, as well as a jar of the ideal blend of pickling vinegar for your lemonade.

The process of preserving pickled cucumbers for long-term storage is somewhat complicated, but this can be simplified by making refrigerator pickles.

As the name implies, they are refrigerated, which eliminates the need for complex procedures such as fermentation and canning.

Here are some straightforward instructions for making your own homemade dill refrigerator pickles:

In a saucepan, combine equal parts water and vinegar, then add salt and sugar to taste.
Yes, we are aware that vinegar tasting is unpleasant, but it is the best way to find the perfect blend for you! Some people prefer pickles with a hint of sweetness, while others prefer them to be extremely salty.
Allow this mixture to cool to room temperature after bringing it to a simmer for a few minutes.
Cucumbers are packed into jars.
Cucumbers of a smaller size can be pickled whole, while larger cucumbers should be sliced.
Pour the brine over the cucumbers and add any desired seasonings.
Fresh dill, black peppercorns in their entirety, and sliced garlic all work well.
Place the sealed jars in the refrigerator.
After one week, they will be ready to eat and will last for approximately two months.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve figured out dill pickle lemonade (and dill pickles), let’s look at some other common and lemonade-related questions!

How long does homemade lemonade last?

Homemade lemonade won’t keep as long as store-bought lemonade because it is made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Your homemade lemonade will stay fresh for up to 7 days if stored in a covered jug in the fridge.

It’s a good thing that making a fresh jug of homemade lemonade every few weeks or so isn’t a hassle because it’s so easy to do! Additionally, because homemade lemonade is so delicious, there is a good chance that it will all be consumed within a day or so.

Can you make sparkling lemonade at home?

The “fizz” in store-bought lemonade is caused by carbonation. Making carbonated lemonade at home will be difficult unless you have a SodaStream machine lurking in the back of your kitchen cupboards!

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to make sparkling lemonade at home. Pour your lemon syrup over ice in a tall glass, then top with chilled club soda or sparkling water for immediate fizz! This won’t last long, so don’t be tempted to make a jug ahead of time.

How do you make elderflower lemonade?

Elderflower lemonade, with its mild flavor and floral undertones, is a cool summer beverage. Making it is incredibly quick and easy, and it’s a great way to upgrade your basic lemonade recipe. Simply prepare an elderflower syrup, then use it as the foundation for your lemonade. Here are some easy guidelines:

In a big pan, combine 1 cup of water, 1 cup of fresh or dried elderflowers, and 1 cup of granulated sugar.
Turn the heat down to a gentle simmer, then let the mixture sit for an hour.
To get rid of the flowers, carefully strain the liquid through muslin or cheesecloth.
The cooled syrup should be combined with 6 cups of water and 2 lemons’ juice; stir thoroughly.
Place the jug of lemonade in the refrigerator for several hours.
Serve with a thin slice of lemon on top in tall glasses over ice. Enjoy!

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