Do Canned Biscuits Go Bad

Do Canned Biscuits Go Bad?

The use of biscuits from a can is a time-saving option for producing biscuits with the desired flakiness and airiness without much additional work. But how long do canned biscuits keep?

Biscuits from a can, do they go bad? Yes. Mishandling or exceeding the recommended storage time can cause canned biscuits to spoil. Following the expiration date and storage instructions on the can will ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Below, you’ll find information on how to properly store canned biscuits and on the most obvious signs of spoilage.

What Are Canned Biscuits?

Not to be confused with canned foods that have a long shelf life due to brining or other preservation techniques! When we refer to canned biscuits, we are referring to the variety that is stored in cylindrical, pressure-sealed cans, such as this one!

Canned biscuits have changed the way we bake and are a convenient alternative for novices who want to bake 5-8 biscuits without the hassle of making the dough.

Because canned biscuits are made with perishable ingredients, they are typically refrigerated. Please note that biscuits in unopened or opened cans have a two-hour shelf life at room temperature.

Despite the fact that manufacturers add preservatives and stabilizers to increase the biscuits’ shelf life, they are still highly susceptible to bacterial growth. The only factors preventing them from spoiling in the can are the airtight packaging and the cold storage temperature.

Remember that bacteria require moisture, air, and heat to grow, so the best way to prevent their growth is to store the biscuits in a pressurized, insulated, airtight container. Biscuits in a can contain a significant amount of water, flour, and sugar, three ingredients that both humans and bacteria enjoy.

Typically, these biscuits are pre-cut and greased. So, when you open a can, you can simply remove the raw dough pieces and bake them as you normally would. However, the biggest issue with canned biscuits is storing raw biscuit dough that has been opened.

Raw Canned Biscuits – Storage Problems

If properly stored, canned biscuits can easily last until the expiration date — but what about an opened pack?

Typically, a can of biscuits will contain up to 8 or more raw dough pieces or biscuits. The issue arises when you do not wish to bake all of the biscuits at once. What do you do with the remainder? You could, after all, refrigerate them, right? Both yes and no!

Refrigeration is a great way to keep the exposed biscuits fresh and safe for up to 3-4 days, but if you want them to last longer, you’ll need to use some clever storage techniques. To begin with, the maximum storage time for exposed biscuits should not exceed one week, especially if refrigeration is used.

The reason for this is that not everyone is capable of completely protecting the biscuits from environmental damage. Accounting for various storage factors such as humidity, exposure time, refrigeration efficiency, and so on can be difficult in a home setting.

Refrigeration Method

Keeping biscuits that are both open and raw in the fridge is as follows:

Remove all the biscuits from the can and throw away the packaging before placing the opened can of biscuits in the refrigerator. Pick up a Ziploc bag that is clean, dry, and big enough to hold all of the leftover raw biscuits.
For easier storage, you can also use a smaller bag and divide the cookies into groups.
The leftover biscuits should be placed inside the zip lock bag carefully and laid flat on a baking sheet. Be sure to give each of them their own space. Store them separately from one another and don’t stuff the bag too full!
Seal the biscuits in the bag after pressing the bag’s edges to remove extra air.
The biscuit tray should be kept in the refrigerator at 40°F. To have the best experience, please use them within 3–4 days!

Freezer Method

By far the best way to store an opened or even unopened can of biscuits is in the freezer. Just make certain that the can is freezer safe.

Please check the back of the packaging for storage instructions; most cans are not designed to withstand freezing temperatures, which may affect the quality of the biscuits when they thaw.

If the can lacks a freezer-safe label or the instructions do not show how to store it in the freezer, you may have to settle for refrigeration, especially for unopened cans.

However, if the can is suitable for freezing or if you have an opened can, you may use the freezing method!

The freezing method is ideal because it keeps the biscuits fresher for longer. Typically, you can expect up to 1-2 months of storage time after the expiration date!

However, regardless of the storage method, we strongly advise that you consume the biscuits before the expiration date.

Freezing the raw dough will remove excess moisture from the dough and will also help you keep the biscuits fresh.

Here’s how to store opened and raw biscuits in the freezer (Note: For raw biscuits, we’ll use the double-freezing method to save space and maximize shelf life):

Place a large zip lock bag on a baking tray and place all of the biscuits inside, just like you would if you were baking them.
Place the cookie tray in the freezer. Check that your freezer has enough space for the tray. You don’t want the biscuits to move around or collide when they freeze!
Keep the biscuits at 0°F overnight.
Remove the tray from the freezer and remove the bag. You should now have rock-solid, individually frozen pieces of dough. To save space, stack the biscuits on top of each other!
You must work quickly for this step in order to reduce defrosting time!
You should ideally do this without touching the biscuits. Simply guide the biscuits over each other using the outside of the bag.
Return the biscuits to the freezer immediately and continue freezing them at 0°F until the expiration date — or 1-2 months after opening the can.
This method works best with no-frost freezers because they reduce the risk of freezer burn and keep the biscuits from becoming too moist.

Simply place the frozen biscuits in the fridge compartment and defrost overnight. Thawed biscuits should not be refreezed. It is best to consume them the same day they are thawed!

Signs Of Spoilage

Now, no one desires to consume a stale biscuit, or anything else for that matter; this is a “do not want” activity. In order to keep your mind (and mouth) at ease, here are a few common signs of spoilage to watch out for.

To defrost the biscuits overnight, simply place them in the refrigerator compartment. Do not refreeze thawed biscuits. After thawing, it is best to consume them on the same day!

Black Spots Or Growths

Check the condition of all unbaked biscuits in storage before using them. Inspect the dough on all sides for any discoloration or mold. Mold or bacterial growth could be the cause of these discolorations. The biscuits should be thrown away if you find any discoloration or dark spots on the dough.

Crumbly Texture

If the texture of the stored raw biscuits is crumbly, this may indicate spoilage. Fresh, uncooked dough should be very pliable and soft to the touch. If you notice a significant difference in texture, it is probably best to discard the entire batch.

Slimy Or Watery Layer

Feel the raw biscuit dough for any signs of slime, excess grease, or a watery layer on the surface. The dough has gone bad if there is too much moisture and an unpleasant smell.

Please keep in mind that you may experience a combination of these symptoms. However, they are all significant enough to necessitate throwing out the raw dough altogether.

Related Questions

Biscuits in a can are simple to store if you know how! Now that you know how to properly store them and how to determine if they’ve gone bad, the following questions are relevant.

Can baked canned biscuits be stored in the fridge or freezer?

Yes. Baked canned biscuits must be stored in the same manner as raw biscuits. The storage time for these biscuits, on the other hand, will vary greatly. Refrigerated baked biscuits will only last 2-3 days before going bad and/or losing texture. Frozen baked biscuits can be stored for up to 1-2 months, but for the best texture and flavor, consume them within the first month.

Can you bake frozen canned biscuits?

Baking raw canned dough is best when it has been allowed to thaw in the refrigerator before use to maximize baking time and quality. If you’re short on time, you can skip the thawing and preparation steps and simply bake the frozen canned dough in the oven, but you’ll need to make some adjustments to the baking time and method.

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