Do White Claws Freeze

Do White Claws Freeze?

White Claws have recently emerged as the summer’s go-to beverage, and there are so many creative ways to use them to create delectable beverages and desserts. White Claws freeze, right? Yes, but you shouldn’t freeze White Claw with the lid on the can. The can will crack or even explode if it is left in the freezer because the liquid expands when it freezes but the can doesn’t. With a few simple techniques, you can actually create delectable White Claw slushies and popsicles! In order to safely freeze White Claws for slushies and popsicles, how can we do that? Let’s look at it.

Can White Claws Freeze?

White Claw is a hard seltzer with an alcohol base and typically a fruit flavor, making it a refreshing summer drink. Because the alcohol content is very low (around 5% depending on where you live), the freezing temperature of White Claw is similar to that of water (32°F). Yes, White Claws can be frozen if placed in the freezer.

But don’t put your White Claws in the freezer just yet; there are a few conditions! The first thing you should know is that when water freezes, it expands. When it solidifies, its volume can increase by up to 9%. That may appear to be good news — more White Claw to enjoy! However, if you freeze White Claw in a can, the metal will not expand to accommodate the expansion of the liquid.

The end result? When the liquid becomes too large for the can to handle, it will crack or even explode. The second thing you should know is that as the liquid freezes, the carbon (bubbles) may escape, causing the White Claw to become completely flat. This is fine if you’re making White Claw popsicles or slushies because you don’t need the fizz if you’re going to eat it frozen. However, freezing White Claw may not be a good idea if you just want a cold drink because it will lose all of its fizz when it melts.

Do You Have To Refrigerate White Claw?

You don’t need to keep White Claws in the refrigerator to keep them fresh because they are packaged in a can with a tight seal. Since White Claws are typically better when enjoyed cold, especially on a hot summer day, most people prefer to refrigerate them. It is preferable to keep your drinks chilled while traveling by placing them in a travel cooler that is filled with ice as opposed to freezing the cans first.

Although White Claws do not require refrigeration, we do advise that you store them in a dry, cool environment. Extreme temperature swings can damage cans and even cause them to explode by causing the liquid to expand and contract in unpredictable ways.

Does White Claw Go Bad?

White Claws do not go bad or spoil when properly stored in a sealed can and in a cool, dry climate. They do, however, have an expiration date. This is because, even if the seal is airtight, CO2 may still be able to escape through the tiny air gaps, and the fizz may dissipate and the flavors may change after about a year. That is why it is best to consume White Claw within the recommended timeframe to preserve the fizz and flavors.

If you don’t finish an opened White Claw, you can store it in the fridge, but keep in mind that the bubbles will be gone the next time you drink it. An open White Claw can be kept in the fridge for about three days before going bad. If you’re not sure if the White Claw is still good, give it a sniff. If it has an unpleasant odor, it is no longer safe to drink. If the White Claw smells good but tastes bitter or sour, throw it out and open a new can.

How To Freeze White Claw

Pour the liquid into an ice tray made of plastic or silicone and put it in the freezer if you want to freeze your White Claw. The can will crack or even explode in the freezer if you freeze it completely. White Claw will take about 6 hours to completely freeze, just like water, so it’s best to store them in the freezer for the entire night. When the White Claw is frozen, the flavors will still be present even though the fizz won’t be visible. There are a variety of dishes you can prepare using delicious White Claw cubes once you have them frozen, including:

White Claw ice cream
Slushies from White Claw
Use them as ice cubes in another beverage to add a hint of alcohol without watering it down.
Learn how to make some well-liked summertime White Claw beverages and treats by reading on!

How To Make White Claw Popsicles

White Claw popsicles are incredibly simple to make and perfect for the summer.

You will require:

A can of White Claw in your preferred flavor (12 oz)
1 cup berries, fresh (strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries are all great)
Sucrose syrup
There are six popsicle molds.
To begin, mash the berries into a puree. Depending on your preference, you can leave them whole or blend them with the White Claw in a blender.

Combine the White Claw and a tablespoon of syrup in a pitcher. The sugar will balance out the tartness of the berries, but you can skip this step if you don’t want the popsicle to be too sweet.

Fill each popsicle mold about a third of the way with berries and the rest with your White Claw mixture.

Freeze the mold for at least 6 hours or overnight before serving your delectable and refreshing White Claw popsicles!

How To Make White Claw Slushies

In order to create a slushie, ice and flavors are typically blended to create a thick ice blend. Frozen White Claw cubes are a fantastic way to make slushies without diluting the beverage.

You will require:

a vodka shot.
ice cubes made from a can of White Claw in the flavor of your choice.
your preferred fruit (mango, berries, or another tart fruit would complement the flavors of White Claw very well)
Once you’ve gathered everything, combine it in a freezer. If you prefer a looser consistency for your slushie, you can add a little bit more White Claw or even fruit juice. You should have a delicious and incredibly cooling White Claw slushie once you’ve combined everything.

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