How To Cut A Pizza Into 6, 8, 10, or 12 Slices

How To Cut A Pizza Into 6, 8, 10, or 12 Slices

Pizza is a surefire way to impress a large group, and it’s also fun to prepare because everyone can pitch in. Takeout pizza or frozen pizza is a quick and easy (and delicious) alternative to making pizza from scratch.

The only problem in serving pizza is determining how to cut it so that each slice has the same amount of toppings and dough. If you’re serving 10 people, for instance, you’ll want to divide the pizza into 10 even pieces. But how do you keep from slicing off too little?

If you want to serve 6, 8, 10, or 12 people, how do you cut the pizza? Picking a pizza with the proper amount of slices already built in is the easiest way to get started. Slices from a small pizza cut into 12 will be teeny-tiny, whereas slices from a large pizza cut into 6 will be overly enormous.

In that case, read on to learn everything you need to know about cutting pizza to size so that you may improve your slicing and always have the correct amount of pieces to go around.

How Many Slices Should You Cut A Pizza Into?

Depending on how many pieces you want and how big the pizza is, you should cut it into that many slices. It is advisable to cut the pizza into 8 slices in this situation so that you have ideally proportioned servings for two people. Most store-bought pizzas and traditional pizza stones have a 12-inch diameter.

When choosing how to cut your pizza, it’s really up to you and how many other people you’re eating it with as well as how big you like your slices to be. Just make sure you have a sharp pizza cutter! Here are some recommendations to help you choose the ideal serving size per pizza.

What Size Pizza Is Best To Cut Into 4 Slices?

If you’re just having a small pizza at home, 4 slices will suffice! You should only cut a 6-inch pizza into four slices – you might be able to cut an 8-inch pizza into four slices, but the slices will be pretty enormous.

It’s a breeze to cut a pizza into four slices: Vertically cut the pizza in half. Using a pizza cutter, cut the pizza in half horizontally. Only two cuts are required to cut a pizza into four pieces!

What Size Pizza Is Best To Cut Into 6 Slices?.

There are two excellent options for slicing a pizza into six slices; the smaller option will yield somewhat thinner pieces that are still substantial enough to enjoy.

The optimum size pizza to divide into 6 slices would be an 8-inch pizza or a 10-inch pizza. These provide six wonderfully proportioned pizza slices, sufficient for one to two people.

These are two smaller-sized pizza alternatives that may not be ideal for a family, but if you’re searching for a pizza to savor by yourself, those six slices are perfect!

To divide a pizza into six pieces, follow these steps:

The pizza was cut in half.
Turn the pizza slightly and cut it again in half.
Flip the pizza over and cut it in half a third of the way through.
This should yield six equal pizza slices.

What Size Pizza Is Best To Cut Into 8 Slices?

When splitting a pizza with a friend, eight slices is more reasonable than six. A 12-inch pie is perfect for slicing into eight bite-sized pieces. To everyone’s satisfaction, the slices will be just the proper thickness for holding and eating.

In addition, slicing a pizza into eight pieces is a breeze, as it is the standard number of servings for the medium pizzas sold for takeout or in the frozen food aisle. This is how you divide an 8-slice pizza into quarters:

Cut the pizza in half lengthwise.
Vertically divide the pizza in half.
Change its orientation by 90 degrees and divide it in half again.
Cut it in half after giving it one final spin.
All you have to do to get 8 uniform slices is cut the pizza in half four times.

What Size Pizza Is Best To Cut Into 10 Slices?

You need a larger size pizza to cut into 10 decent pieces because cutting a small size pizza into 10 slices means everyone will probably get quite a thin slice. A 14-inch pizza is the ideal size to split into 10 slices. A 14-inch pizza is the best choice, though you can order bigger pieces if you want to go up a size.

A 10-slice pizza requires extra cutting, but it is still quite simple to make.

Slice the pizza in half after the first one.
The following cut should be made at a 30 degree angle.
Repeat, then cut once more.
Slice after a further movement of 30 degrees.
It could be unclear how to do this, but you would basically cut the pizza in half, move the slice to where you want it to be, cut through the pizza at this point, then add two more slices to reach the halfway mark.

What Size Pizza Is Best To Cut Into 12 Slices?

Who doesn’t want to get 12 decent-sized pizza slices? A 12-slice pizza is perfect for 2-3 people to share – with the correct size pizza, all of the pieces should be substantial enough to enjoy but not so thin that they are difficult to eat.

An 18-inch pizza is the perfect size for cutting into 12 slices. Because this is a large size that you are unlikely to find in your local pizza store’s frozen section, you will most likely have to order it as takeout (or create your own pizza at home).

Cut a pizza into 12 slices as follows:

Halve the pizza horizontally.
Cut the pizza in half vertically again to make a cross.
Cut across one of the wedges that has been divided into three equal halves.
This should be done for each wedge.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of pizza (apart from its taste) is that it can be cut in virtually any way you choose.

If you feel like you need a little assistance determining how many slices to cut a pizza into, the above method should suffice!

Even if it takes you a few attempts to learn how to properly slice pizza, the flavor will remain the same, and even an uneven piece will be excellent.

Related Questions

What is the best tool to use to cut pizza?

You can use a knife or even kitchen scissors, but a circular pizza cutter works best.

The pizza is easily sliced into uniform pieces thanks to the circular blade that glides across the pie like a wheel. A pizza cutting guide, which is simply a board with markings to indicate where to cut the pizza, can be used as an additional aid.

How do you cut a pizza without a pizza cutter?

A large chef’s knife is a decent substitute for a pizza cutter if you don’t have one. To ensure that the cheese is not too soft and hence does not adhere to the knife as much, it is wise to let the pizza cool somewhat before cutting into it.

Is it okay to cut pizza with scissors?

Many people’s go-to method for slicing pizza is with scissors, which is great by us. The pizza-cutting shears can even be purchased separately. The pizza needs to cool down a bit so you don’t burn your hands when cutting it with the scissors.

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