How To Sharpen A Pizza Cutter

How To Sharpen A Pizza Cutter

Blunt pizza cutters are the absolute worst. A blunt pizza cutter will rip your pizza dough instead of cutting it into nice, tidy slices, whether you’ve painstakingly made an artisan pizza at home or are anxiously awaiting a takeout pizza. So, how do you sharpen a pizza cutter? Use a whetstone, abrasive nail files, or a knife sharpening. The sort of pizza cutter you choose and the design of its blade will determine the technique you employ. Maintaining your pizza cutter’s edge will enable you to cut through pizza slices neatly as opposed to ripping them apart. Continue reading to discover the most effective techniques for sharpening a pizza cutter, including our straightforward how-to!

Why Do Pizza Cutters Need Sharpening?

Pizza cutters, like any other piece of culinary equipment with a sharp edge, require regular sharpening. When it comes to maintenance, pizza cutters are sometimes forgotten, and it is all too easy to take these small instruments for granted. When it comes to dividing up this family favorite, a sharp pizza cutter can make all the difference! The job of a pizza cutter is arduous. They must cut the crusty dough carefully without splitting the toppings or pushing the cheese apart.

They are also frequently required to cut up pizzas that have been placed on a hard surface, such as a granite chopping block. This is a foolproof method for swiftly blunting any sharp edge! A pizza cutter that is no longer sharp will not be able to cut the pizza neatly. A blunt blade will tear the dough rather than cut it, creating jagged edges. It will also pull the toppings across the surface of the pizza, destroying your meticulously completed pizza-making efforts.

Types Of Pizza Cutter

Let’s look at the numerous kinds of pizza cutters available before we discuss how to sharpen one. All require a sharp blade to easily cut through a pizza’s crispy bottom. Regularly sharpening this blade can help your pizza cutter last longer.

Pizza Cutter Wheels

Pizza cutter wheels are made up of a sharp-bladed wheel coupled to a handle. The wheel is moved across the pizza’s surface, cutting through the heated dough. These are the most prevalent type of pizza cutter and are popular among many people. Sharpening pizza cutter wheels, on the other hand, can be difficult! Holding the wheel stationary while honing it is challenging. When shopping for a new pizza cutter, opt for one with a replaceable wheel for simple cleaning and sharpening — it’s a game changer!

Pizza Cutter Rockers

The blade of a pizza cutter rocker is long and curved, typically with handles on either end. To cut through the pizza, the blade is positioned on its top and rocked with both hands. They work well for neatly chopping herbs as well. When compared to pizza wheels, these blades are typically more simpler to sharpen. They are just like your kitchen knives in that they can be sharpened. We advise trying this one out!

Pizza Scissors

When it comes to chopping up pizza, pizza scissors are the new kids on the block! They’re entertaining and simple to operate, and because to the flat bottom blade, they can serve up pizza slices. Cleaning and sharpening pizza scissors might be difficult due to their many delicate components, but they’re absolutely worth having in your culinary gadget arsenal.

How To Care For A Pizza Cutter

There are several things you can do to keep the blade on your pizza cutter in perfect shape if you don’t want to have to sharpen it every time you use it! A pizza cutter needs a sharp blade to cut effectively. Running a blade along a hard surface, such a pizza stone or cutting board made of granite or marble, can quickly blunt it. Your pizza cutter blade, along with any other blade, will live longer if you switch to a hardwood or plastic cutting board that is safe for food. It is also vital to avoid pressing the blade of your pizza cutter into the cutting board. It is preferable to perform two or three mild runs as opposed to one forceful cut.

Wipe the pizza cutter’s blade clean right away after use. Food drying on the blade makes cleaning more difficult and erodes the cutting surface! Although most pizza cutters can be washed in the dishwasher, it is not always a good idea to do so. The motion of a dishwasher can tarnish a pizza cutter’s cutting edge. When your pizza cutter is clean and dry, store it within a cover that will safeguard it. Blades often become dull from rubbing against other silverware.

How To Sharpen A Pizza Cutter

If the edge of your pizza cutter has become dull and blunt, it is quite simple to sharpen it again. The optimum procedure will be determined by the sort of pizza cutter you have. Metal pizza cutter blades can be sharpened in many of the same ways as knives are. Unfortunately, you cannot sharpen a pizza cutter wheel made of plastic or porcelain. The odd shape of the sharp edge plus the fact that the wheel is revolving make sharpening a pizza wheel difficult. A pizza cutter rocker, which is comparable to a knife, is considerably simpler. There are no moving parts to worry about, but the curved design of the blade may make it difficult to sharpen with a regular kitchen knife sharpener. Pizza scissors can be difficult to sharpen, however this depends on the design. Some pizza scissors can be disassembled, making the operation more easier. Here are the greatest pizza cutter sharpening methods!

Abrasive Nail File Or Fine Sandpaper

The results might not last as long as some of the other techniques on our list, but this is one of the simplest ways to sharpen the blades on your pizza cutter. Grab a clean, fine piece of sandpaper or an abrasive nail file. Hold the file or sandpaper firmly in one hand while holding the blade in the other. Run the abrasive surface up the side of the blade, toward the point, in quick strokes. Work just in this direction; resist the urge to rub the rough surface back and forth. Continue until the pizza cutter blade is sharp all the way along. With a clean, dry cloth, remove any dust from the blade.

Manual Knife Sharpener

A manual knife sharpener can be used to sharpen a pizza cutter, although its effectiveness is dependent on the sharpener’s design and the type of pizza cutter. These sharpeners are made up of two wheel-shaped sharpening stones that are properly positioned to go down either side of a blade. The form of your pizza cutter blade and whether it will fit inside the knife sharpener determine if this procedure will work for you. It is also difficult to sharpen a pizza wheel in a knife sharpener since it will rotate against the sharpener’s wheels.

Handle the manual knife sharpener with one hand or fasten it to a work table. In a steady motion, pass the blade through the knife sharpener. Never apply pressure, and never run the blade backwards and forwards. You may need to slant your pizza cutter blade slightly to one side depending on its form. Clean the blade with a gentle, dry towel.

Whetstone Vs. Puck Sharpener

A whetstone is an ancient way of sharpening a blade that has been used for generations. This fine-grained stone is great for restoring blunt blades to their former glory, so once you’ve mastered it, you’re unlikely to switch tactics! A puck sharpener is a whetstone incorporated in a handle for convenience. This procedure may be used to sharpen any style of pizza cutter, though it can be difficult at first to sharpen a curved blade or wheel.

For 15 minutes, soak the whetstone or puck sharpener in water. Place the blade of the pizza cutter at a 20-30 degree angle on the stone. Draw the blade towards you in one continuous, strong stroke, with uniform pressure all the way around. Sharpening a pizza cutter wheel may require several rotations to get an uniformly sharp blade.

Power Tools

If you are not accustomed to handling power tools, avoid utilizing this method! However, if you’re skilled with household maintenance, you can sharpen blades like pizza cutters with some power equipment. Power tools are most suited for rocker pizza cutter sharpening. On a moving surface, a pizza wheel can be dangerous to handle and could even cause damage. If you’re confident in your ability, you can utilize a belt grinder by angling the pizza cutter blade onto the rotating belt. To make sure the entire surface is sharpened, slowly glide the blade across the belt.

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