Just Egg French Toast

Just Egg French Toast

Nothing is more disappointing than not being able to eat French toast because you cannot eat eggs. Here’s a French toast recipe using Just Egg plant-based scrambled eggs! I promise you won’t even notice the difference! The Just Egg alternative to eggs is made from mung beans, and it cooks exactly like eggs! What a great way to cut down on cholesterol for those with egg allergies.

Using Just Egg replaces the eggs in this recipe and you can use any milk you want, whether it is dairy free or actual milk, to make this recipe. If you need a quick breakfast before going to work or school, this recipe is ideal for a special weekend brunch.

Besides being easy to make, this tasty recipe only takes 15 minutes. For a complete breakfast, I like to serve it with bacon or sausage. To make this recipe, you will need a shallow bowl or container and a skillet (we recommend this pre-seasoned cast iron skillet from Amazon if you don’t have one).

What Kind Of Bread To Use

The brioche bread has a subtle sweet flavor and a chewy texture, which makes it absolutely delicious. I recommend using older bread because it doesn’t get quite as soggy, and it maintains its shape quite well.

What Is Just Egg?

There is a plant-based mung bean “egg” mixture that can be used to replace eggs in recipes like this one.

Can I Use A Different Milk Than Almond?

Since I had almond milk in my fridge, I used it in this recipe, but you can substitute any non-dairy milk of your choice! It would also be great to use oat milk in this recipe. If you are able to find vanilla flavored milk, it would be great to use it in this recipe.

What Toppings Should I Use?

You can’t go wrong with maple syrup and berries, but feel free to get creative! I might try topping it with peanut butter or coconut whipped cream next time.

What Else Should I Serve With This Recipe?

You can definitely add some vegan bacon or sausage for protein – so you’ll get a full breakfast! Adding protein will also help maintain your blood sugar levels.

How Long Will This Recipe Keep For?

French toast leftovers won’t be good because they’ll be too soggy, but making the batter the night before is a good idea. Next morning, just whisk it up and you’ll be able to make French toast right away!

Just Egg French Toast Recipe

Four servings per recipe

5 minutes to prepare

10 minutes to cook


  • Scrambled eggs made with Just Egg plant-based protein

  • Brioche bread that is at least a day old

  • Sugar, two tablespoons

  • Cinnamon, 1 teaspoon

  • Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon

  • I used almond milk for the 12 cups of non-dairy milk


If the bread isn’t already sliced, slice it.

Whisk the Just Egg, milk, vanilla, and sugar in a shallow and wide bowl or container until smooth.

Coconut oil should be heated in a skillet over medium heat.

After the skillet is hot, dip both sides of the bread slices into the egg batter. Cook on one side until golden brown, then flip and cook on the other side.

Place the french toast on a plate and top with your favorite toppings. Enjoy!

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