Monterey Jack Vs Mozzarella

Monterey Jack Vs Mozzarella — What’s The Difference?

The versatility and flavor of Monterey Jack and Mozzarella have made them two of the most sought-after cheeses. Even though they share the trait of being widely consumed, the two are not the same. Knowing the distinctions between these two cheeses will allow you to make informed decisions about their application.

What sets Monterey Jack apart from Mozzarella, then? Comparing Monterey Jack to Mozzarella, you’ll notice a number of key distinctions. Differences between Monterey Jack and the Italian-born Mozzarella include their respective countries of origin and their namesake cheeses’ names. As with Monterey Jack, Mozzarella is a semi-hard cheese.

Read on to learn about the origins of Monterey Jack and Mozzarella, as well as some of the key differences between the two cheeses and some delicious recipes that feature either one.

All About Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a cheese that was first produced by Spanish missionaries in Monterey, California, and is therefore popular in Spanish cuisine. It is a semi-firm American cheese made with pasteurized cow’s milk. It is aged for 6 to 9 months, and due to the aging process, it is somewhat similar to aged cheddar and shares the same rich, nutty, and sharp characteristics.

In general, Monterey Jack is a mildly flavored, buttery cheese with a pale yellow hue and a semi-hard, pliable consistency. It has offshoots with distinct production styles and tastes.

You can find variations of Monterey Jack, such as Pepper Jack, which is made with chili peppers and more spice, as well as Monterey Jack combined with other ingredients to create specialty cheeses.

As we compare Monterey Jack to Mozzarella, please note that we will only be discussing the standard variety of Monterey Jack and not any of its variations in this article.

All About Mozzarella

Mozzarella is an extremely popular Italian cheese. Stretching and kneading techniques are used to create mozzarella and achieve its distinctive texture and flavor. It is a soft, fresh cheese that can be made from cow’s milk (raw or pasteurized) or buffalo’s milk, but only in certain regions of Italy.

Authentic mozzarella should be made using traditional methods, but because regulations in America are less stringent, you can find mozzarella in a variety of textures, some of which are quite plasticky.

Differences Between Monterey Jack And Mozzarella

Since they are distinctly dissimilar in terms of appearance, texture, flavor, and other factors, it is unlikely that these two types of cheese would be confused with one another. To better understand how to use them, it still helps to go over the differences between the two!


The textures of Monterey Jack and Mozzarella differ, and this is especially true when the mozzarella is made using traditional methods. Monterey Jack is a semi-hard cheese with a firm and smooth texture. It has a buttery, creamy finish and is not stringy at all. Monterey Jack becomes creamy and smooth when melted, with no graininess or greasiness.

Mozzarella is a semi-soft cheese, but it has a curd-like texture that can be pulled apart into strands. The more moisture there is in mozzarella, the springier it is! Low-moisture mozzarella is typically firmer and more solid in texture. Mozzarella melts beautifully and retains its flavor and texture when melted, without becoming greasy or stringy.


Both Mozzarella and Monterey Jack should be easy to recognize based solely on appearance. The exterior of Monterey Jack is firm and smooth, with a pale yellow hue. Normally, it comes with a thin, edible rind. Monterey cheese is typically sold in blocks, pre-shredded, cubes, or slices.

In contrast, because of the way it is made, mozzarella is typically sold in rindless balls or braids and is almost always white in color. Most frequently, it is offered for sale in tubs or vacuum-sealed containers of whey or brine.

Although some low-moisture mozzarella varieties are available for purchase in blocks, cubes, slices, and pre-shredded forms, they may not always be genuine mozzarella.

Taste And Aroma

Monterey Jack is slightly milder than Mozzarella, but it has more flavor. It has a buttery flavor with hints of aged cheddar and even Colby cheese. The sharpness of Monterey Jack is determined by how long it has been aged.

Mozzarella is a mild-flavored cheese with a very fresh taste that perfectly captures the milky flavor. It is a mild-flavored, light-aroma cheese that adds a creamy freshness to a meal without being overpowering.

Firmer Low-moisture mozzarella cheese has less of a fresh, milky flavor, and it can sometimes be processed so much that it tastes like plastic. It is best to avoid these types unless you are making dishes like pizza.


Also, Monterey Jack and Mozzarella are employed pretty differently! These two cheeses can be used interchangeably, however keep in mind that mozzarella is significantly milder than Monterey Jack. Monterey Jack, a cheese with Spanish roots, is frequently used in Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

As Monterey Jack melts so beautifully, it is an excellent choice for quesadillas, nachos, and other dishes that require melted cheese that does not get greasy, gritty, or stringy. It is also delicious when sliced and used in sandwiches or on a platter.

Mozzarella cheese is widely used in Italian cuisine, and it can be sliced and served raw in a Caprese salad with fresh basil and tomatoes, melted on top of pizza or pasta, or stuffed inside spaghetti.

Nutritional Value

Knowing how many calories are in a slice of Monterey Jack versus a slice of Mozzarella cheese can be helpful information if you are watching your weight.

When comparing the calorie content of two cheeses, mozzarella is the better option due to its lower calorie count per ounce (85 vs. 106 for Monterey Jack). A little more fat and calcium can be found in Monterey Jack as well. Protein, salt, and cholesterol content, among others, are also fairly similar between the two.

Similarities Between Monterey Jack And Mozzarella

Now that we’ve covered the distinctions between Monterey Jack and Mozzarella, let’s discuss their commonalities so that we know when to substitute one for the other. First, they are both composed of cow’s milk. Typically, pasteurized cow’s milk is used to create Monterey Jack. Mozzarella is also produced from raw cow’s milk or buffalo milk.

The two forms of cheese are also believed to have a mild flavor, however aged and matured Monterey Jack can develop a stronger flavor.

Both types of cheese melt exceptionally well, therefore their culinary applications are comparable. Both can be used to make pizzas or to top pasta, and are great for many dishes in which the cheese must be melted without becoming greasy or gritty.

When comparing Mozzarella and Monterey Jack, the type of Mozzarella is crucial. Firmer, low-moisture Mozzarella cheeses resemble Monterey Jack in texture and stiffness, although they may not always melt as well as real Mozzarella.

Main Differences Between Monterey Jack And Mozzarella

Monterey Jack and Mozzarella are two popular cheeses that can be eaten on their own, on a sandwich, or melted in a dish. Above, we discussed the differences and similarities between the two varieties of cheese so that you may better understand both types of cheese and how to use them.

Simply described, Monterey Jack is a semi-firm cheese with a stronger flavor, whereas true Mozzarella is semi-soft with a softer flavor and is frequently offered in brine or whey.

Related Questions

What is Monterey Jack cheese similar to?

If you don’t have Monterey Jack cheese at home but a recipe calls for it, you might try substituting Gouda, Havarti, Edam, Colby, Emmental, or Mozzarella.

It will depend on the purpose for which you were using the cheese in the first place as to whether it requires a stronger taste, a milder flavor, or if it should be softer or harder.

Can you use Monterey Jack on pizza?

Monterey Jack can be used on pizza since it melts well, retains its flavor when melted, and does not become greasy.

Can you use a blend of Monterey Jack and mozzarella?

If you want to make a fantastic pizza or quesadilla topping, you might combine Monterey Jack and Mozzarella cheese. The reason this would work is because both substances melt readily and have comparable textures when melted.

Is mozzarella cheese healthy?

A lot of people choose mozzarella because it’s a nutritious cheese. In addition to providing calcium and protein, it also has fewer calories and less sodium than other cheeses.

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