Pistachio Martini

Pistachio Martini

Summer is all about cocktails with bright, colorful garnishes, but occasionally we need a cocktail that shouts LUXURY! This luxurious pistachio martini is made luxurious by the addition of pistachio liqueur. This is the great trademark cocktail to serve at your summer party, but it’s also perfect for a winter evening by the fire. The pistachios will inspire a feeling of summer, but the cocktail’s smoothness is ideal even on chilly nights.

What Is A Pistachio Martini?

Despite being served in a standard martini glass, a pistachio martini is not your typical martini! The traditional martini is mixed with gin and vermouth and topped with an olive or a lemon twist.

This pistachio martini is created with vodka, white chocolate, and pistachio liqueurs. As a garnish, the rim of the glass has a thin layer of white chocolate that has been dipped in chopped pistachios.

Can I Turn This Into A Mocktail?

With 6 ounces of milk, a scoop of softened pistachio ice cream, a dash of vanilla essence, and a small amount of pistachio extract, you can simply convert this martini into a mocktail. Shake the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice after allowing the ice cream to gently melt. Serve in a martini glass with garnishes as directed.

Can I Add More Flavors?

You can use vanilla-flavored vodka instead of regular vodka to make this martini even more popular. Also, for a stronger pistachio flavor, use no more than 14 teaspoon of pistachio extract. It’ll be perfect for two people!

Should A Martini Be Shaken Or Stirred?

Although martinis can technically be stirred or shaken, this one requires a vigorous shake to ensure that all ingredients combine. This step guarantees that the martini is well-chilled due to the ice cubes!

Holding the cocktail shaker with both hands will help you perfect your bartending technique. The martini is properly cooled when the outside of the shaker is frosty.

How To Garnish A Martini Glass

White chocolate that has been melted and pistachios that have been finely chopped can be used to decorate a martini glass. Prepare two separate plates, one for the melted white chocolate and the other for the chopped pistachios. Coat the rim of the glass with white chocolate, then roll it in the pistachios.

The glass can be chilled in the freezer while the martini is being prepared. You shouldn’t keep it in there for too long, though.

Sip Slowly

A pistachio martini is a delightful and easy-to-drink cocktail. The sweetness of the pistachio liqueur and white chocolate liqueur makes the drink taste more like a delicious milkshake than a powerful martini. However, this martini is entirely alcoholic, so sip it gently.

Also, keep an eye on any nearby children; this martini may appear appealing to them due to its color and garnish, but they cannot partake in this delicious beverage. Even more reason to put them to bed and mix this in quiet by yourself!


6 oz pistachio liqueur 4 oz vodka 3 oz 2 oz. white chocolate liqueur 2 oz. chopped white chocolate Pistachios, chopped
Cubes of ice


Utilize a microwave to melt white chocolate.
Chop the pistachios finely.
Fill two compact, shallow bowls with chocolate and chopped pistachios.
Melted chocolate should be used to coat the rim of a martini glass before being covered in chopped pistachios. Discard the glasses.
Add ice to the shaker.
Vodka, chocolate liqueur, and pistachio liqueur should be added. Shake firmly.
In the prepared glasses, pour martinis. Enjoy!


To make a flawlessly frozen martini, place the prepared glasses in the freezer for a few minutes while shaking the liqueurs and vodka.

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