Ragu Vs Prego

Ragu Vs Prego — What’s The Difference?

Many different brands offer Italian pasta sauces, but there are usually two that come to mind when making spaghetti.

What’s the difference between Ragu and Prego? Ragu offers a full-bodied flavor that leans more on sweeter notes. Prego’s sauce has a slightly spicy and chunkier flavor. Ragu pairs incredibly well with pasta, while Prego can be used for any Italian dish!

Both of these iconic sauces have a lot to offer, so find out more about their differences and similarities below!

Ragu – Where It All Started

Although Ragu is an all-American brand, its roots are in traditional Italian cuisine.

In 1937, a married Italian couple started making the classic sauce in their basement and selling it on their porch. The brand was born.

Known for its distinctive, balanced sauces with an authentic Italian flavor, Ragu’s popularity soared over the years, and it wasn’t long before the family built a factory to mass produce the sauce.

You can use Ragu sauces for virtually any recipe that calls for Italian tomato sauce today, not just pasta dishes!

Product Variety 

In addition to their traditional sauces, Ragu also offers “contemporary” sauces. Here is a list of everything they have to offer:

  • Simply Ragu Sauces

  • Old World Style Sauces by Ragu

  • Chunky Ragu Sauces

  • Sauces made with Ragu cheese

  • Pizza sauces from Ragu

Ragu Simply Sauces

Notable Sauce: Ragu Simply Pasta Sauce – Traditional

Sugar is a notorious ingredient in pasta sauces, which can add empty calories and also hinder dietary goals.

People who value natural flavors and want a healthier all-purpose sauce will find Ragu’s Simply Sauces appealing.

It is safe to consume these sauces with a variety of Italian dishes since they do not contain any added sugar.

The sauces come in a variety of flavors, including roasted garlic, pasta with garden vegetables, chunky sauce, marinara, and traditional.

Ragu Old World Style Sauces

Traditional Old-World Style Sauce:

Putting the brand on the map began with this sauce!

Old-World Style sauces deliver an authentic Italian flavor that is rounded and full-bodied.

A great thing about this sauce is that it can be used to prepare any classic Italian dish.

As a result, these sub-products are perfect for North American consumers as they retain the characteristics and flavor of the original cuisine, but also add some regional customizations.

Ragu Chunky Sauces

Ragu Chunky Pasta Sauce – Garden Combination is a notable sauce

The consistency of store-bought sauces is one of the most common complaints.

The smooth, homogenized sauces from Ragu have very little texture, making them ideal for many recipes, but they take away from the sauce’s heartiness.

Introducing chunky sauces with cut vegetables, diced tomatoes, and spices resolved this issue.

You can choose any product in the Chunky Sauces category if you want a bit more texture and a natural taste.

Ragu Cheese Sauces

Among the most notable sauces is Ragu Pasta Sauce – Classic Alfredo

A ragu cheese sauce can be used to make alfredo or any other general white pasta sauce.

There is no doubt that this line of sauce pairs exceptionally well with any type of pasta due to its pronounced cheesy flavors.

A delicious combination of aged asiago, romano, parmesan, and fontina is used to make it.

Various specialty sauces are available, including classic alfredo, basil alfredo, garlic parmesan, and more!

Ragu Pizza Sauces

Pizza Sauce Ragu Homemade Style is a noteworthy sauce

With its unique pizza sauce, Ragu concludes its product line.

While the brand offers only one pizza sauce variation, it is perhaps all you need to make tasty pies!

This sauce uses vine-ripened tomatoes and authentic Italian seasonings.

You can make any type of authentic-tasting pizza at home with its smooth, thick consistency.

Prego – A Brief History

As a trademark of the Campbell Soup Company, Prego has the advantage of experience and scale. The Campbell Soup Company has been around for 150 years!

As the maker of condensed soups and other canned goods, Campbell wanted a tomato-based product that wasn’t ketchup.

As the company hired chefs, it developed the basis of what would become Prego.

Due to its thick sauce and clever marketing, Prego launched in 1981 to huge success.

Through many years of research and development, Campbell was able to can thick, chunky sauces without them separating.

At the time, other brands used starch or thickeners to alter the consistency of their product, making it feel commercial.

Prego introduced authentic flavors that were slightly altered for the North American taste palate, along with its freshness and thick consistency.

With a 28% market share in its first year, Prego dominated the market – an unheard-of feat for a new company!

Product Variety 

The main sauce categories at Prego are as follows:

  • Pasta sauces from Prego

  • Alfredo sauce from Prego

  • The Prego® Plus

  • Farmers’ Market® at Prego

  • Basil pesto sauce and pizza sauce

Prego’s Classic Italian Pasta Sauces

Notable Sauce: Prego’s Classic Pasta Sauce – Traditional

It was Prego’s classic sauces that made the brand famous.

Anyone looking to get a taste of the brand’s products should try the classic sauce, made with vine-ripened tomatoes and authentic Italian seasonings.

It’s got a unique flavor that’s neither too spicy nor too tomatoey – it’s the perfect balance of authentic and regional flavors!

Prego’s Alfredo Sauces

Notable Sauce: Homestyle Alfredo

Like Ragu, Prego has a wide variety of alfredo sauces.

White sauces from Prego have a homemade feel.

The sauces are made with cheese and cream, so they’re flavorful and hearty at the same time.

It’s great with pasta, but you can also use it as a topping for other things!

The Prego® Plus

Notable Sauce: Prego+ Hidden Super Veggies Sauce

Health-conscious people will love Prego+ sauces.

Prego+ has just two sauces, both packed with healthy veggies.

It’s got sweet potato, carrot, cauliflower, butternut squash, spinach, and roasted red peppers.

You get a good portion of your Daily Value (Daily intake) of greens from these added ingredients!

It’s why Prego markets these sauces as having “hidden veggies” since they have the same great original flavor as Prego+.

Prego Farmers’ Market

Notable Sauce: Prego Farmers’ Market Classic Marinara

Farmers’ market sauces have the same unique taste, but they’re made with premium ingredients and vegetables.

No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in this sauce.

For anyone looking for a natural sauce to use in a variety of recipes, it’s the perfect solution.

Besides the roasted garlic sauce, there are two sauces in this subcategory, and both are made from vegetables that are picked at their freshest!

Pizza Sauce And Basil Pesto Sauce

Notable Sauce: Pizzeria Style Pizza Sauce

In this category, Prego has an edge because they offer two pizza sauces and a standalone basil pesto sauce.

With a slightly thicker consistency, Prego’s pizza sauce is formulated to taste just like a classic pizzeria sauce.

Featuring fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and Italian seasonings, it’s made with high-quality ingredients.

Basil Pesto sauce is an excellent condiment that can also be used as a garnish!

So What’s The Difference?

We’ll break down the differences between the two brands. Here’s a comparison of their overall sauciness!


It’s ragu

Ragu’s reputation is built on tomatoes that are ripened to perfection.

Freshness and natural flavors are what helped Ragu gain market share. The brand also uses high-quality spices to flavor its products.

It is one of the most trusted brands in the Italian sauce market and it is loved by many people for its quality. Ragu is always coming up with new sauces, recipes, and improvements.


The brand’s connection to its parent company, Campbell, is what gives it an edge. It carries Campbell’s reputation and standards.

Basically, you’ll always get a premium-quality tomato product that’s made and packaged better.

Campbell pioneered canned foods and created many new inventions that improved food quality and shelf life, so you can always trust Prego to deliver quality products.

Flavor And Nutrition

I love ragu.

Most of Ragu’s sauces have a sweeter note, because research shows North Americans prefer sauces that have a bit of sweetness.

Italian seasonings and salt balance the brand’s tomato taste and sweetness.

In addition to tasting great and being versatile, Ragu is a reliable tomato sauce that can be used for all kinds of things.

Also, Ragu offers a balanced nutritional profile, and it also offers organic and healthier sauce alternatives.


Prego’s tomato sauce is always made with natural ingredients.

Just like Ragu, Prego uses a range of complex flavors and doesn’t just stick to neutral or sweet flavors.

You can expect hints of Italian spices, tanginess from the tomatoes, and supporting flavor notes from the rest of the ingredients.

Prego is committed to delivering nutrient-dense sauces, like Prego+, that have more macronutrients and micronutrients.


It’s ragu

In pasta recipes, Ragu’s sauces tend to be thinner than Prego’s because they focus more on spreading and plate presence.

The thinner consistency makes it easy to coat pasta shapes and you can also use it to make meat-based recipes.

Separate chunky sauces with more flavor and texture variation are also available from the brand.


Generally, Prego sauces are thicker and have visible veggies like onions and tomato bits.

Because consumers don’t want industrial-tasting sauces, this gives the sauce a homemade feeling.

In contrast, Prego also offers sauces in different consistencies to cater to everyone.


It’s ragu

There’s a Ragu sauce for every major food category!

Whether you’re making pasta, meat dishes, or pizza, Ragu’s tomato sauces are very universal and since they’re flavored just right, they’re easy to use.


Prego has a sauce for everyone! It has multiple categories of sauces.

There’s Prego’s presence in just about every major Italian (and some non-Italian) recipe, whether it’s all-natural sauces, traditional pasta sauces, white sauces, extra-veggie sauces, or pizza sauces.

Quick Comparison

 RaguPregoFlavorSlightly sweeter with a balanced spiciness and tanginess. Complex flavors. Tangy, sweet, and spicy. TextureTraditional sauces are smooth and homogenized. Contains bits and pieces of veggies.Contains bits and pieces of tomatoes, onions, and visible spices. VarietyMultiple variations in each category. More pizza sauce varieties. AromaTomatoes, mildly spicy.Strong tomato aroma with aromatic spices.UsesPasta, meat sauces, pizza, and more.Pasta, meat sauces, pizza, and more.

Related Questions

Both Ragu and Prego are iconic sauce brands that have changed how we cook and eat Italian food.

So now you know everything about them, here’s some stuff to think about!

Which sauce is best for making lasagna?

There are lots of easy recipes that use Ragu or Prego sauces if you want to make lasagna at home.

Prego’s marinara sauce is spicier, thicker, and more flavorful if you want to play it safe.

Does Ragu sauce contain dairy?

Though Ragu sells a lot of cheese sauces, its traditional lineup doesn’t contain dairy unless it says so.

It’s a common misconception that traditional Ragu sauce contains cheese to thicken and add flavor, but this isn’t true! Always check the back for the full ingredients and nutrition label.

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