Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks

21 Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks

Starbucks’ cold foam is a popular topping that can be found in a variety of their beverages. What are the finest cold foam drinks at Starbucks? The greatest Starbucks cold foam drinks capitalize on the sweet flavor and frothy texture of cold-cream milk. We recommend an Iced Americano, Caramel Mocha, Pink Drink, Vanilla Latte, London Fog, White Mocha, or other cold foam-topped beverages! Check out our list of the greatest cold foam drinks available at Starbucks below!

What Are Cold Foam Drinks?

A clever technique to top iced drinks with a foamy, creamy, and frothy topping without changing their temperature or consistency is to use cold foam drinks. Nonfat milk, vanilla flavoring, and occasionally maple syrup are combined to create cold foam. The additional components enhance flavor and give the foam “structural support” while nonfat milk froths more effectively.

The resulting mixture creates cold, foamy milk that may be poured on top of beverages without melting into them. In other words, as your iced drink warms to room temperature, the cool foam stays on top and gently seeps into the drink. Because hot milk has historically been used by baristas to create milk froth, which is generally solely utilized in coffee, cool foam is crucial.

Top Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks

If you’re new to cold foam drinks, we recommend going directly to Starbucks and trying one of these!

1. Iced Americano With Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Looking for a powerful mood booster? If that’s the case, we suggest attempting an iced Americano with a vanilla-sweet chilled foam topping. This beverage is stronger than your typical iced coffee, and you can spice it up even more by adding a few pumps of hazelnut and toffee nut syrup. This drink is definitely enhanced by the sweet and creamy cold foam, and we believe it has a good chance of being your new go-to order at Starbucks.

2. Iced Salted Caramel Mocha With Cold Foam

If you like a delicate salted caramel flavor, you should try this iced mocha! It not only has a deep coffee flavor, but it also has a sea-salt-flavored cold foam topping that really kicks things up a notch. It’s nothing short of a liquid treat, and we believe it has the ability to impress even the most skeptics, especially with the addition of a pump of hazelnut syrup.

3. Iced Mocha With Raspberry Cold Foam

We love the combo of raspberries and chocolate, and Starbucks nails it with a wonderful layer of raspberry cold foam. You can even make it your own by adding syrups or drinking it plain!

4. Pink Drink With Unsweetened Cold Foam

Listen to us out before you say “no.” We understand that pairing fruit drinks with chilly foam toppings might sound like a poor idea, but wait until you give it a try! It is nothing short of a fantastic move to add creaminess on top of Starbucks’ Pink Drink. You can not only add a layer of texture, but it also subtly improves the flavor. Try it out, and for an even greater experience, try customizing it with your own toppings.

5. Toffee Nut Iced Coffee With Regular Cold Foam

This drink may not be accessible all year, but when it is, we highly recommend it to those who want a traditional toffee nut iced coffee. The added cool foam is the ideal complement to this delectable flavor, and we are confident that you will look forward to trying this drink every time it appears on the menu!

6. Iced Vanilla Latte With Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

This is for those who really enjoy a powerful vanilla-flavored beverage. Yes, you can wind up with a high-calorie beverage, but if indulgence is what you’re after, this combo will definitely provide. To moderate the beverage’s overall sweetness, adjust the quantity of vanilla pumps, and enjoy it with a thick blanket of icy, sweet vanilla foam!

7. Iced London Fog Tea Latte With Irish Cream Cold Foam

Here’s a fairly uncommon order that some rookie baristas may have never heard of. This cocktail calls for a 4-minute steep of Earl Grey teabags before adding ice, vanilla, and milk. The best way to enjoy this beverage is with an Irish cream cold foam on top!

8. Iced White Mocha With Cold Foam And Caramel Drizzle

Due to the way it gained popularity on the short-form platform, TikTok consumers love this beverage. Although it has a lot of calories, the taste and consistency make it worth the wait—and money! Traditional white mocha is used to make the beverage, but it is then topped with luscious cold foam and drizzled with sweet caramel. We suggest choosing this drink if you enjoy sweet drinks and don’t mind the calories.

9. Irish Cream Cold Brew

Do you want a traditional cold brew? Then try this delectable cocktail that makes full use of Starbucks’ Irish cream syrup. Finish with an equally delectable Irish cream cold foam – you can even decorate with sprinkles! Because it’s a highly customizable drink that can be created in a variety of ways, we encourage you to experiment with different varieties.

10. Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

Similar to the salted caramel option above, this one has fewer calories per serving, but it is just as tasty! This beverage is made incredibly irresistible by the addition of salted caramel cold foam, and we believe that it will be enjoyed by a variety of coffee lovers.

11. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

This is a wonderfully healthy flavor. In this classic, we enjoy the combination of pumpkin cream and chilly foam! Wait until you taste it with a topping of cream cold foam if you like pumpkin-flavored beverages with mild overtones of vanilla. To vary the sweetness of this beverage, adjust the number of vanilla pumps.

12. Nitro Cold Brew With Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam

a beverage with vanilla and pumpkin spice flavors that has been nitrogen-infused? Include us! The finest of everything Starbucks has to offer is combined in this drink, which truly ties everything together with the addition of a vanilla-flavored pumpkin cream cold foam on top. It doesn’t get any colder than this, but keep in mind that cold foam shows through in cold beverages!

The advantage of using cold foam in this beverage is that as the beverage warms up, the foam progressively seeps into it, adding not only excellent presentation but also wonderful texture. You will undoubtedly be enthralled as you watch the chilly foam softly drip into the beverage. For an even beautiful and tastier beverage, you may even have it decorated with your favorite toppings!

13. Salted Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew

This salted caramel alternative, like the others on our list, merits a spot on our list because of its silky, rich texture and irresistibly wonderful salted caramel flavor. It’s created with Starbucks’ famous nitro cold brew technology, which results in a smoother beverage that not only provides a velvety feel but also helps the froth maintain its structure. The addition of salted caramel cold foam, which, as previously stated, is a particularly lethal combo in nitrogen-infused cocktails, significantly elevates this beverage.

14. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cold Brew

This drink is unique since it is a part of Starbucks’ top-secret menu. Perhaps you only saw it on social media on Valentine’s Day, but we urge you to give it a shot with or without a partner! It is brewed with regular cold brew and has strawberry and chocolate tastes added. There are many ways to enjoy this wonderful and highly addictive beverage. Of course, adding vanilla-flavored cream cool foam on top will enhance the experience and provide even more richness and depth to the flavor.

15. Cold Brew With Dark Cocoa Almond Milk Cold Foam

If you like almond milk, this is a terrific drink to try! It’s a typical cold brew blended with almond milk and dark cocoa to give you a delicious chocolatey blast. While it isn’t the healthiest option, despite the usage of almond milk, it is an incredibly delicious beverage that can be enhanced with a creamy cold foam on top!

16. Cold Brew With Cinnamon Almond Milk Cold Foam

This cinnamon almond milk beverage is intended to appeal to all coffee enthusiasts, not only vegans, like the dark cocoa alternative on our list. The combination of strong coffee flavors, cinnamon, and vanilla is perfectly balanced. The beverage can be altered in a number of ways, but we advise that you keep it straightforward and sample it plain. For a nice and tasty finish, simply pour some cream cold foam on top and maybe some sprinkles.

17. Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

This is a relatively new beverage that has already gained popularity in numerous Starbucks throughout the region. It’s a simple combination of a standard cold brew and a creamy chocolate topping. The nicest part about this drink is that it combines the flavors of classic cold coffee and chocolate ice cream! It’s a little heavier, but if you’re having a cheat day, we highly recommend trying this drink with a special luscious chocolate cold foam. Every chocolate lover’s fantasy has come true!

18. Iced Chai Tea Latte With Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Many people already enjoy iced chai tea, but did you know that you may improve it by adding cool foam made of sweet vanilla cream? One of those drinks that you may experiment with without concern for the results is this one. The base flavor is excellent and offers lots of customizing options. To achieve an even stronger caramel flavor, we advise you to add a few more pumps of brown sugar.

19. Iced Dirty Chai Tea Latte With Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam

This is a Frankenstein-inspired beverage! It’s a hidden menu item that combines the typical flavor of brown sugar with the nuances of chai tea. This beverage may not be accessible all year, however it may be available near the end of August. Don’t forget to top it up with two shots of blonde espresso and a dollop of pumpkin cream cold foam!

20. Nitro Cold Brew With Chocolate Cream Cold Foam

This beverage made our list because it makes the best use of Starbucks’ nitro brew. Why not utilize nitro cold brews as the foundation for a wonderful and luxurious iced drink with a chocolate theme? After all, they can generate a more smoother beverage. Several pumps of vanilla syrup and Starbucks’ chocolate cream cold foam should be added. Enjoy and indulge in this beverage for the following 10 to 15 minutes. The drink can optionally have it entirely infused for an added layer of flavor and richness.

21. Iced Green Tea Latte With Chai Cold Foam

You can’t get enough chai tea? Then we have the ideal solution for you. Order an iced green tea latte as usual, but ask the barista to top it with chai tea cold foam. That’s true, you can get chai-flavored cold foam to top almost any Starbucks beverage! This cool foam is created with nonfat milk, vanilla pumps, and chai tea concentrate.

Related Questions

Cold foam drinks are genuinely fantastic, and you may experiment with a variety of adjustments to make the most of this delectable topping. Here are some questions relating to the greatest Starbucks cold foam drinks that you now know.

What is the consistency of cold foam?

Cold foam has the consistency of light whipped cream, but it can also vary depending on the flavorings added. Its major function is to provide a layer of texture to otherwise cold-brewed beverages. While whole milk can be used to make cold foam, Starbucks often utilizes nonfat milk since it foams more than whole milk.

Can you make cold foam beverages at home?

Although it can be challenging, making cold foam drinks at home is not impossible! Before adding the milk to the coffee, you might need to pay close attention to how much you aerate it. While a thinner cold foam will simply dissolve into the beverage as you pour it to the cup, a thicker topping won’t be able to penetrate into the drink.

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