Can You Put A Thermos In The Microwave

Can You Put A Thermos In The Microwave

One of the most contentious issues is whether or not a thermos can be placed in a microwave. While it is commonly assumed that you cannot or should not place this metal-based container inside this metal-opposed appliance, many people argue that this is not the case. So, what exactly is it? Is it safe to microwave a thermos? Bottom line, while many people say yes, we say no — there are simply too many variables that cannot be proven or disproven at this time. Instead, choose products that can either be microwaved or keep your drinks and food warm for an entire day. Today, we’ll look at why people say you can put a thermos inside a microwave — and why we think you shouldn’t. But, in the end, it’s all up to you!

Can You Really Put A Thermos In The Microwave?

We all likely already know the rationale behind the myth that thermoses shouldn’t be used in microwaves. The metal used to make this storage container—typically stainless steel—does not work well in microwaves. Sparks may fly if this material is put inside a microwave. These sparks can then start a fire or an explosion. Why then do more and more people claim that a thermos can be used in a microwave?

We’ll examine the responses to this question first, followed by some well-known arguments against them. However, the final decision is yours to make. For some fantastic thermos substitutes, we suggest looking at our product list below. They won’t keep your food as warm as a thermos, but they will still do better than a plastic container and are completely safe to use in a microwave.

Reasons Why You Can Put A Thermos In The Microwave

We are not advocating for this team, but we had to become acquainted with their reasoning. So, here are some of the reasons why some people believe you can use a thermos in a microwave.

1. The Stainless Steel Is Very Thick

The thinness of metal (such as aluminum foil), according to many, is the reason why it sparks and explodes. They claim that a thermos won’t heat up nearly as much and ultimately won’t cause sparks because it has significantly thicker metal walls.

2. A Thermos Doesn’t Have Corners

Following that, it is thought that sharp corners and edges of metal objects are much more likely to cause sparks. There are a number of video experiments available online that appear to support this claim. Because a thermos is completely round with no edges, they believe it is less likely to spark.

3. The Lid Is Open

They contend that there isn’t an excessive pressure buildup that could result in explosions because the thermos’ lid is opened when heating its contents.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put A Thermos In The Microwave

As you may have guessed, there are several more reasons why you should not do it. And, to be honest, we still don’t think it’s worth the risk. Yes, many videos show people successfully microwaving round, thick metal objects. However, we believe that the risk is still too high, especially given how inefficient it is in terms of energy consumption. Consider some of the most important reasons why microwaving a thermos is dangerous and, to be honest, inefficient.

1. How Thick Are The Walls Really?

Sincerelly, it is impossible to determine the exact thickness of a thermos’s walls. What if, as a result of Murphy’s law, you purchased a product whose walls are actually quite thin? Is the risk worthwhile? Additionally, the majority of the experiments use only stainless steel objects. What if a more reactive metal was used to create your thermos?

2. The Food Or Drink Will Heat Unevenly And Slowly

Everyone said it when they were doing their experiments: the food takes forever to heat up because of the thick metal walls! Furthermore, the only place where heat can enter the container is at the top, which is usually quite small in comparison to the volume. Is it therefore worthwhile?

3. The Term “Highly Unlikely” Is Used Too Often

When someone tries to refute a claim that has been largely established, it really annoys us. All of these “yes you can” articles use the phrase “highly unlikely,” so there is still a chance that things will work out. Metal is unquestionably reactive in microwaves. Isn’t that good enough justification to avoid the danger?

When someone says “highly unlikely,” they’re basically saying, “Even though we’re trying to convince you otherwise, it’s not our fault if something goes wrong! It’s risky to use it, and we believe it undermines the credibility of their claims. You cannot expect others to take a chance on your assertion if you are not prepared to support it with certainty (and science).

1. THERMOS Microwavable 12-Ounce Food Jar

The first option on our list is a food storage container designed by THERMOS — the design is distinct from traditional food jars! This food jar is divided into two parts. It is made of stainless steel on the outside, which helps to insulate the food inside. It can keep food warm for 4 hours and cold for up to 6 hours.

Then there’s the jar’s interior, which is a separate, removable container made of Tritan co-polyester. This plastic container can be safely placed inside the microwave! The food jar has a 12-ounce capacity and a simple design that is functional. The jar’s mouth is large enough to easily insert food while also allowing more heat to penetrate the food as it heats. As a result, it will heat up quickly and evenly!

2. Mora Double-Walled Microwave-Safe Travel Coffee Mug

The following item is a unique travel mug! Thousands of travel mugs are available, but not all of them are effective insulators or function as effectively as a thermos. The silicone ring on this travel mug from Mona is incredibly thick, which helps to seal the contents and retain heat. It has two walls, which slows the rate at which heat escapes, and it is made of ceramic clay, which is very good at retaining heat.

And before you get too concerned, ceramic is incredibly resilient and hard. It won’t break down easily. Additionally, the glaze is made entirely of natural, lead-free materials. So you can safely use the microwave and dishwasher with this thermos-like mug because it contains no metal! Just keep in mind to remove the lid to ensure that your hot beverage heats up effectively without creating internal pressure.

3. S’well Stainless Steel Triple Layered Travel Mug

This is a different kind of travel mug. This, however, is not a microwave-safe option. So, what was the reasoning behind including it on our list? Unlike most stainless steel travel mugs (such as thermoses), this one is triple-insulated. This increases its effectiveness in keeping your liquids hot or cold while you’re on the go! We have a similar triple-insulated travel mug (sadly, it’s old and no longer available) that keeps drinks hot for an entire day! That means that you don’t even have to reheat the drink.

Last but not least, this travel mug has a strong seal. You can throw it in your bag without fear of spills or leaks. It’s a fantastic product that we wholeheartedly recommend. And it’s very fashionable!

4. YBOBK HOME Insulated Thermal Bento Box Microwave Safe

And finally, we have this amazing stackable Bento lunchbox set! All of the stacked containers’ exterior surfaces are made of food-grade stainless steel, so it goes without saying that they cannot be microwaved. A microwave-safe, BPA-free inner food container is included with one of the stacks, though.

With this set, you can divide your meal into different parts and even maintain them at slightly different temperatures. You can use the thermos feature to keep your food warm if you’d like. And a convenient bag is included with the entire stack. The product is very effective overall thanks to the bag’s additional insulation.

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