What Does Cream Soda Taste Like

What Does Cream Soda Taste Like?

This tutorial will help you understand everything about cream soda if you’ve ever seen it and wondered what it is.

What flavor does cream soda have? Vanilla-flavored cream soda features overtones of sweetness, woodsiness, and smokiness. It is a straightforward mixture of vanilla added to sugar and water. Additionally, cream soda can be combined with milk or other ingredients to make a variety of delightful drinks.

Learn more about cream soda in the sections below, including its history, flavor profile, applications, and how to produce it at yourself.

What Is Cream Soda?

Cream soda is really just water, sugar, and vanilla blended with a dab of light brown coloring and/or soda water. Cream soda is available in a variety of flavors around the world, with each location having its own twist on this simple beverage.

You may be wondering where the “cream” in cream soda comes from, especially since the original recipe makes no mention of dairy. Cream soda is a type of Italian soda that has spread around the world.

The Italian version is made with sugar, water, vanilla extract, and half and half milk. The taste may vary, but the base flavor of this particular Italian soda is typically sweet flavored milk.

The commercial version of the soda appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. It was developed as a light and refreshing syrup that could be combined with other ingredients to make new cocktails.

Some say that because milk-based drinks are difficult to store and package, manufacturers opted to eliminate milk from the formula and make a base soda that could be consumed on its own or added with milk at home.

People were quick to come up with new and exciting beverage ideas using commercialized cream soda as a base.

Cream soda and cream soda-like products are now available all over the world. Some are colored wacky, while others are carbonated and even combined with alcohol!

Characteristics Of Cream Soda

Now that we are familiar with the history of cream soda, let’s examine some of the most significant qualities of cream soda as it exists today.


Cream soda has a primarily vanilla flavor with varied degrees of sweetness. Subtle woodsy and somewhat smoky undertones are present in the basic recipe, but whether or not you use actual vanilla extract will determine how pronounced these characteristics are.

Cream soda is often flavored with vanilla and sugar, but in some areas other flavors, such as herbs and spices, are added to give it more depth of flavor.


Depending on the manufacturer, the commercial variety of cream soda might be light brown or faintly golden in color.

Given that this sort of soda is typically carbonated and used as a foundation for other beverages, cream sodas can also be crystal clear and totally transparent.

Quite a few geographical variants are also very simple to find. Cream soda typically appears as a clear liquid or a light golden beverage in North America.

While other places may manufacture this beverage with hues of red or amber, Asia sometimes produces cream soda with a brilliant green tint.


Cream soda’s viscosity is typically watery — after all, this beverage is simply a blend of water, sugar, and vanilla extract!

However, the milk-based cream soda popular in Italy and other areas of the world will be creamier and smoother in texture. This can also be influenced by the type of milk used to prepare the beverage.

Typically, half and half is favored, but you may easily vary the component ratio or the type of milk to create a customized version of cream soda.

Some people like to add crushed ice to their cream soda. This imparts a gritty and delectable texture, especially if you use strong syrup.

Real Vs Fake Vanilla Cream Soda

Vanilla is essential to the quality of cream soda. Vanilla is typically a costly spice, second only to saffron in terms of production costs.

Vanilla is extensively used throughout the world, but you may not know that its flavor is also incredibly simple to recreate artificially!

During the vanilla boom of 2000, it became instantly evident that vanilla demand would significantly outstrip supply.

Vanilla processing is a very labor-intensive job that involves numerous hours and precision to get the vanilla pods in one piece, similar to how saffron processing requires a great deal of physical labor and attention.

To accommodate the demand and reduce prices, a number of locations began producing artificial vanilla that mimicked the flavor of vanillin, the molecule responsible for vanilla’s smell and flavor.

Even though the artificial type is manufactured from vanilla extract and additional chemicals, it does a sufficient job of imitating this spice’s properties.

Also, synthetic vanilla can be used to make cream soda, which often tastes fantastic.

However, most purists would advise you to try the natural form of this beverage before settling for the artificial one, due to the genuine woodsy and smoky flavors that synthetic vanilla cannot deliver.

Real vanilla pods contain hundreds of delicate flavor components that contribute to a robust vanilla flavor.

Making Your Own Cream Soda

Check out our methods below if you want to learn how to make vanilla cream soda and/or Italian cream soda on your own.

Vanilla Cream Soda

Here is a brief guide on how to create homemade vanilla cream soda.


1 cup of water
1 cup of sugar
2 vanilla pods OR 3 teaspoon vanilla extract


To begin, you must produce a mixture of simple syrup.

In a saucepan of suitable size, bring 1 cup of water to a simmer and then switch off the heat.
Pour the sugar into the warm water and stir until it is completely dissolved. Please refrain from boiling the water and overcooking the mixture. The objective here is to dissolve sugar crystals in water.
Allow the sugar mixture to cool before continuing. Do not add vanilla to the pot when it is still hot; doing so could harm its delicate flavor and scent.
Combine 3 teaspoons of vanilla essence (or 2 vanilla pods) with the water and refrigerate the mixture for approximately one hour.
After one hour, the cream soda is ready to be mixed!
The combination should be refrigerated at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and consumed within seven to ten days for optimal flavor.
This syrup can be used to create a variety of beverages. We suggest beginning with something straightforward, such as blending cream soda syrup with soda water.

Combine two to three teaspoons of the prepared cream soda syrup with one can of soda water. Taste and adjust ingredients as necessary!


It takes exactly one cup of filtered water to make one cup of cream soda, and the same goes for the sugar content. On the other hand, you can make a more concentrated mixture by increasing the sugar content by half again.


3–4 teaspoons of the mixture of cream soda (commercial or homemade)
1 soda water can
Half-and-half milk
An ice cube


Mix 3-4 teaspoons cream soda and soda water to make the base. Don’t fill the glass all the way with soda; leave some room for the milk!
Fill the rest of the glass halfway with half and half milk, then stir gently until smooth.
Add some ice cubes and enjoy!


You can change the flavor and proportions of this drink to your satisfaction, and you can even add spirits (even flavored spirits!) to enhance this simple cocktail.

Related Questions

Cream soda is a popular beverage that may be found in many different forms all over the globe. Here are some questions that will test your newfound knowledge of the flavor.

Can you make ice cream using cream soda? 

Yes! Ice cream can also be made with cream soda. The flavor will be similar to vanilla ice cream, but you can change it by adding fruits and other flavors to the ice cream of your choice. Try producing ice cream using cream soda that has been flavored with actual vanilla pods for the best results.

Can you add heavy cream to cream soda?

Yes. It is possible to make an Italian soda that is even creamier than regular cream soda by combining heavy cream and half and half milk.

To counteract the stronger taste of the heavy cream, we suggest using more cream soda syrup. Add whipped cream and crumbled dried nuts or cherries for an extra special touch to your drink.

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