Located about 25 minutes south of Des Moines, St. Charles, Iowa is known as “The Gateway to the Bridges of Madison County”.  The beautiful Imes covered bridge welcomes you as you enter town from the East, providing a perfect sense of our rural Iowa roots.

The people of St. Charles are a proud and active group, not only living here but working hard to make sure everyone feels at home.  You can enjoy a true Iowa festival during our annual Old Settlers.  Stop by the Welcome Center to learn more about our community and the bridges or have a picnic at the City Park.  St. Charles is also home to the Avenue of the Saints Amphitheatre, which holds several music festivals each year and has included acts such as the legendary Willie Nelson.

Many of our community members not only live here but also call St. Charles home for their business.  Visit our Business Directory page for more information on these great organizations.  Finally, we are part of the Interstate 35 school district which makes us loyal Roadrunners.  We are happy to have solid educational opportunities for our children and to support our Roadrunners in all events.


St. Charles, The Gateway to the Bridges.....rural Iowa roots with a great vision for the future.

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