Best Canned Guava

5 Best Canned Guava (And How To Use It)

The tropical fruit guava is a delightful, flavorful, and juicy treat. Although it has long been well-liked, there are more inventive ways to incorporate it into both savory and sweet meals. Unfortunately, because it is a seasonal ingredient, not all places in the US can get it. So canned guava would be the next best thing!

But what exactly distinguishes a quality guava canned product? You should start by looking for goods that only have guava, water, and sugar (sugar syrup). Secondly, the cans must be undamaged, reasonably priced for what you receive, and in the desired form (whole, half, diced, shells, etc.).

We’ll examine some of the top canned guava goods available online right now. Then, we’ll quickly go over some uses for your canned guava and how to prepare it for various situations.

What Goes Into Canned Guava?

Guava is a tropical fruit that is widely available throughout the world. Unfortunately, they are primarily imported, highly seasonal, and frequently prohibitively expensive in the United States. During the majority of the year, finding fresh guava is nearly impossible. So, why not use guava juice? To begin with, guava juice is highly artificial and processed. It is primarily made from orange or apple juice and is flavored accordingly, as are most juices.

Second, some recipes call for whole guava. This could be used to make a fruit salsa, guava compote, or just a simple garnish. Whatever the reason, juice, puree, and jam are out. As a result, canned guava is your best option for fresh guava. The catch is that there aren’t many canned guava products on the market! Not in the United States, at least. So we went out of our way to find the best options available. Not all of them are available on Amazon, and shipping is quite expensive. But it’s well worth it, especially if you buy in bulk!

Sugar syrup is always used to preserve canned guava. They can also be found in glass jars, but cans have a longer shelf life and are more shelf stable. The guavas absorb the sweetness of the sugar syrup as they sit in it. You are eventually left with a super-sweet fruit. This means that the way you use them will frequently need to change as well.

Best Ways To Use Canned Guava

Guavas are a particularly sweet fruit when they are fresh. So it produces an even sweeter flavor profile after being stored in a sugar syrup. As a result, you have more restrictions on how to use it, as we’ve already discussed. Guava from cans works well in beverages or dessert preparations. These products already have sweeteners in them. Therefore, removing some granulated sugar (or other sweets) from the recipe is fairly simple.

Pie and pastry fillings made from canned guava are also available. They work well for producing jams, compotes, and other purees and garnishes with texture. Additionally, guava can be used (whole or pureed) in baked goods including cheesecakes, bread and butter puddings, and muffins. It will be simple to incorporate the sweetened canned guava into custards, mousses, frosting, glazes, and icing if you want to utilize it in a liquid form.

Guava in cans is so intensely sweet that it doesn’t go well with many savory dishes. In salads, stews, or soups, you shouldn’t use sweetened guava in place of fresh guava because the result will be an extremely sweet meal when the dish is meant to be fruity.

However, salad dressings, marinades, and basting sauces can all be made with canned guava. It is quite simple to change the flavor combinations to prevent an overly sweet sauce. One of our favorite savory dishes to prepare is guava BBQ sauce!

How To Choose The Best Canned Guava Products

It’s a little difficult to be selective now because there aren’t many possibilities. Nonetheless, here are some essential aspects to keep an eye out for!


Ideally, canned or preserved guava should simply contain fresh guava and sugar syrup – that’s theoretically all that you need. If the ingredients list has a bunch of additives, it won’t be as good as freshly preserved guavas.

And, as we usually recommend, check the packaging for any allergen warnings. Some people are strongly allergic to (for example) nuts. They cannot even have things that were created in a facility with nuts!


There are various preserved guava items out there. Today, we are specifically looking for preserved guava fruits – not guava paste, guava puree, or guava juice. The most common variety of canned guava you can buy in the United States is guava shells: these are peeled guava with the interior seeds removed. Then, you also receive guava halves (which is what we like best) (which is what we like best).

We couldn’t discover any guava canned halves manufacturer in the United States. Instead, we found a website that imports South African delicacies. Guava halves are highly popular there and you may find many different varieties!

Price Vs Quantity

Some goods will need to be imported, as we’ve already said. Consequently, they are typically more expensive than what you may find nearby. Always ask yourself if the price is reasonable for what you are getting. Considering how “foreign” it is, canned guava is still not a very inexpensive commodity, but trying to acquire some shouldn’t break the bank.

Don’t Buy Or Accept Dented Cans

Unfortunately, if you order online, you have little influence over this. If you receive damaged cans, please return them as soon as possible. If a can is damaged, bacteria may have entered through microscopic breaks in the metal. If germs get into the guava can, they will quickly multiply and ruin the contents before you even open it.

Best Canned Guava

We’ve listed some of our favorite canned guava products below. Although the list is brief, there are still other possibilities accessible. However, these are by far the best ones (at least in our opinion), and they ship to the majority of locations in the US! Though we genuinely believe these are the top choices for canned guava, you can also use our buyer’s guide from above to assist you in making your decision.

1. KOO Guava Halves In Syrup

If you want solid halves with seeds, this is without a doubt the greatest canned guava product. We’ve had it many times before, and it’s truly become a pantry staple! KOO is a South African canned goods manufacturer that manufactures thousands of these per day. And this particular product has been manufactured for decades! Aubergine Foods, a South African-focused internet store situated in the United States, sells them.

The can itself is not pricey, which is surprising given that it is imported. You’ll have to ship it, which could take a week or two. However, if you can plan ahead of time or simply want to stock up, buy a couple of these at a time. KOO Guava Halves In Light Syrup is also available on their website!

2. Jego Guava Shells In Syrup

These canned guavas are hollowed-out guava halves that can be used as a serving bowl; they are not halves or entire guavas. They won’t cut well into slices or have the texture of the seeds, but they’ll work just fine in recipes calling for finely chopped or blended guava. These shells are more expensive than the aforementioned halves, which may be explained by the fact that they are imported from Ecuador. However, there are opportunities to purchase these shells in bulk, which works out to be slightly less expensive.

3. Rhodes Guava Halves In Syrup

This is another canned South African product available on the Aubergine website. As previously said, canned guava is a very popular staple in South African cuisine, hence it sells out rapidly. This choice is identical to the previous canned guava halves, but Rhodes (the brand) is slightly cheaper in general – it’s essentially just a brand thing, according to some South African friends of ours. But, hey, it never hurts to have a backup plan!

4. Ancel Guava Shells In Heavy Syrup

More guava halves are up next. These are Miami-based regional goods. Like correctly canned guava should be, they are simply made of fresh guava, sugar, and water. These appear to be of decent quality, but they are difficult to locate. Not to add that the only choices we had on Amazon were in bulk. If you need to buy a lot, this isn’t a bad thing. But if you’re looking for single cans, pick any of the items from our list up top.

5. Goya Cascos De Guayaba Guava Shells

Finally, we’ll look at another canned guava shells offering. However, it is likely that this is the most expensive choice available today. It’s still a fantastic product, but it shouldn’t be your first choice. This is another product imported from Ecuador that is sold in single quantities.

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