Best Chocolate Covered Cherries Brands

5 Best Chocolate Covered Cherries Brands

Cherry cordials, also known as chocolate covered cherries, are a holiday confection that combines juicy cherries with sweet fondant and rich chocolate. What are the best chocolate covered cherries brands? The best chocolate covered cherries brands deliver what they promise: a delicious sweet treat made with high-quality ingredients. Our top picks of the 5 best chocolate covered cherries can be found below along with a detailed buyer’s guide:

Best Chocolate Covered Cherries Brands – Buyer’s Guide

There’s something delicious about chocolate and cherries together, which is why these sweet treats have always been a favorite gift. People of all ages love chocolate covered cherries because they are the perfect candy dessert to relive childhood holiday memories or simply to satisfy a sweet tooth.

In the chocolate covered cherry market, there is a wide variety of brands, some of which are older, and some of which are new. Due to the wide range of options, it is often difficult to determine which is the best option. Following are a few things to consider when choosing the best chocolate covered cherries brands:

Dark Chocolate Or Milk Chocolate

As far as chocolate covered cherries are concerned, there are several variations depending on how they are made and what ingredients are used. Dark or milk chocolate is one of the main variations. Choosing the best chocolate covered cherries is usually based on the type of chocolate rather than the cherries themselves.

One of the most important considerations when making candies is the type of chocolate used. It has a dominant flavor that can be a bit bitter, depending on the percentage of cocoa present, which is commonly 70%. Dark chocolate offers many health benefits.

Because milk chocolate has a smooth, mild, creamy taste, it is extremely popular all over the world. In general, dark chocolate has a stronger flavor and is healthier than milk chocolate, and you can choose either one based on your preference.

Cherry Filling

It is also important to distinguish between liquid and solid cherry fillings when talking about chocolate covered cherries. Most people think of chocolate covered cherries as having a liquid center. These have a more artificial flavor and can be ideal for some people. With a solid center, you cover whole cherries with chocolate and you get a more natural flavor and you can taste both the cherry and the chocolate.

Chocolate To Cherry Ratio

For some, this might not be an important consideration, but for others, it can make or break their decision. Various brands and manufacturers use different chocolate to cherry ratios, with some using more chocolate and some using more cherry.

The amount of chocolate on cherry cordials will determine the overall taste and texture. If you like your candy crispy and chocolatey, opt for cherry cordials with more chocolate. It can’t be bad, right?

Best Chocolate Covered Cherries Brands

Many brands make chocolate covered cherries, but not all of them strike the right chord. To enjoy chocolate and cherries together, choose brands that make quality products. The following are the best cherry cordial brands that use the highest quality ingredients in their chocolate covered cherries:

1. Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

A top-rated chocolate covered cherry brand on Amazon, Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries have over 5000 reviews and are loved by many! This delicacy has a distinct flavor without being overly sweet, as you would expect. As soon as the cherries are placed in a clear liquid, they are coated with real milk chocolate to give them that classic “snap” when biting into them.

Combining creamy milk chocolate with liquid-filled plump cherries offers a taste that is reminiscent of childhood. Most buyers praise this brand for maintaining its taste and quality over the years, which makes it a great choice.

2. Cherry Republic Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

One of the best brands of chocolate-covered cherries is Cherry Republic, which specializes in cherries and cherry-related products. Featuring Michigan tart cherries and delicious milk chocolate, this premium product is of the highest quality. Dark chocolate, 72% dark chocolate, imperial chocolate, and white chocolate are some of the varieties available. These high-end candies make great Valentine’s Day, birthday, or Christmas gifts for chocolate and cherry lovers, thanks to their delicious combination of sweet milk chocolate and fruity and tart cherries.

In addition to being thick and in proportion to the cherries’ size, the chocolate layer surrounding the cherries is also large, increasing the overall value. Described as perfectly sweet and tart, the chocolate coating stands out with its rich, chunky taste, making it the perfect end to a nice lunch or dinner.

3. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

The Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries from Trader Joe’s are a testament to their commitment to quality since 1967. This product contains no additional flavors or colors, as stated on the packaging, and is made with dark chocolate and cherries. These dark chocolate treats are a great choice for health-conscious people who enjoy the pure cocoa flavor. As a result, these are pure chocolate lovers’ desserts, with the dark chocolate dominating the cherry flavor.

4. Cherry Bay Orchards Chocolate Covered Cherries

These chocolate covered cherries by Cherry Bay Orchards are made of juicy, dried cherries that are dipped in the richest dark chocolate. The perfect gift or treat for yourself, these are made with only the plumpest, ripest cherries drenched in the perfect amount of chocolate. Cherry Bay is a natural and delicious snack that combines perfectly tart cherries with rich, dark chocolate. Although they are dried, they taste just as fresh as ever! A favorite among chocolate covered cherry enthusiasts, each bite has a Star-D Kosher certification and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

5. SweetGourmet Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Cordial Cherry

These sugar-free chocolate covered cherries by SweetGourmet are not only for anyone watching their sugar intake, but also for anyone who wants something sweet without feeling guilty because they are made from whole, plump cherries floating in a liquid cordial center and smothered in dark chocolate. For a sugar-free treat, they taste surprisingly good, and chances are you won’t be able to tell the difference from candies with sugar.

In spite of being sugar-free, they do not contain any sickeningly sweet sugar replacements. The dark chocolate tastes rich and offers a more refined taste than cherries covered in milk chocolate.

Final Thoughts

You can find delicious chocolate covered cherries whether you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate. This list of chocolate covered cherries brands offers something unique in terms of taste and quality. Among our top choices are Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries and Cherry Republic Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries. We are sure these top brands will not disappoint, whether you are looking for a nice gift to give to someone or simply want to satisfy your own sweet tooth.

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