Best Electric Turkey Roasters

9 Best Electric Turkey Roasters in 2022

Electric turkey roasters are ideal for small kitchens or anyone who requires a portable and convenient turkey roaster. Having an electric turkey roaster makes cooking a large bird much easier, whether you only cook turkey at Thanksgiving or it’s a popular meal in your home. In an electric roaster, it will also cook more evenly. If you do not already have one, an electric turkey roaster may be the next kitchen appliance you require.

Which electric turkey roasters are the best? The best electric turkey roaster should be designed to help you cook a turkey evenly and perfectly, but it should also be the appropriate size for the size of bird you usually cook. It should be simple to use and have accurate temperature control.

Electric turkey roasters are not as common as other cooking appliances such as air fryers, so choosing one can be difficult. To assist you, we have gone through and selected the best electric turkey roasters, as well as provided some tips on how to choose the best one for you!

How To Choose The Best Electric Turkey Roaster

Make sure the electric turkey roaster you select is not only a high-quality appliance but also the best model for your household’s cooking requirements. Therefore, the following considerations should be made when choosing the best electric turkey roaster for you:

Size Of The Electric Turkey Roaster

The size of the turkey roaster is one of the most important factors to consider. You don’t want to purchase one that is so small that you can’t cook a large enough bird to feed your family. However, you do not want to select one that is too large. This could waste a lot of energy and cause the turkey to cook unevenly.

Here’s a quick guide to selecting the proper size electric turkey roaster:

16-quart roaster: Ideal for birds weighing up to 18 pounds.
18-quart roaster: Ideal for birds weighing up to 24 pounds.
22-quart roaster: Ideal for birds weighing up to 28 pounds.
24-quart roaster: Ideal for birds weighing up to 30 pounds.
Please keep in mind that electric roasters under 6-quarts are too small for turkeys and should be avoided.

Electric Roaster And Lid Material

The roaster’s lid and the material used to make them are both crucial. It affects both the quality of the turkey’s cooking and the lifespan of the electric roaster. Either stainless or enameled steel will most likely be used to create the roaster. Both are excellent choices because they efficiently and evenly distribute heat. When it comes to portability, stainless steel does have a slight advantage, but enameled steel has better heat retention, which results in a better-cooked turkey.

The electric roaster’s lid will probably be constructed of the same material. Look for a roaster with a domed lid when making your selection. This gives the bird in the tray more room to fit. You might even look for a self-basting lid, which traps steam and flavor and drips it back down onto the turkey. These lids typically have ridges or spikes along the interior.

Temperature Range

It is extremely beneficial to select an electric roaster with an adjustable temperature range. Rather than having a single set temperature, this allows you to choose the best temperature to cook the turkey at. Because an electric turkey roaster can be used for other meals, temperature control is critical. Choose a turkey roaster with a maximum temperature of at least 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This will provide you with an abundance of cooking options.

Additional Functions

When dealing with a frozen turkey, it’s best to use an electric roaster that has a “stay warm” or “defrost” setting. But don’t just go for the most features; think about the ones you’ll actually use.

Easy Cleaning

Roasting may be dirty, and cleaning out a roasting tray can be a pain. As a result, choosing an electric turkey roaster that is easy to clean is considerably easier. It is preferable if the surface is nonstick. It’s even better if the insides of the electric roaster are dishwasher-safe. The easier it is to clean the turkey roaster, the more eager you will be to utilize it!

Easy Controls

The interface for the heating controls and other features should be simple to read and understand. All of the functions have to be easy to use and switch between. Additionally, a clear indicator indicating when the roaster is prepared for use should be included. Although simple buttons can function just as well, digital interfaces can make operating an electric roaster easier. Your personal preference matters.


If you frequently roast turkeys away from home, or if you need something to keep your turkey warm while traveling, an electric turkey roaster that is portable can be beneficial. Portable electric roasters should be lightweight, with handles and a secure top to keep the turkey (or whatever else) safe while on the go!

1. Oster Roaster Oven

Oster Roaster Oven

The 22-quart electric roaster oven has room for a turkey up to 26 pounds in weight. It is perfect for cooking for big families or plenty of visitors. The turkey is kept moist and juicy all throughout thanks to the self-basting lid’s continuous circulation of air and moisture inside the roaster oven. The electric roaster’s versatility is increased by its ability to bake, slow cook, and serve food. Because the roasting pan and the rack are both removable, cleaning them is a breeze. The turkey in the tray can be raised using the rack, or it can be taken off if not required.

The roasting tray is made of durable enameled steel and does a fantastic job of distributing heat. You can select settings from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with the thermostat controls. Defrost and keep-warm capabilities are also included. The Oster Roaster Oven is among the top selections because it checks all the right boxes. The roasting of huge turkeys and other cooking tasks both benefit greatly from it.

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2. Aroma 18 QT Roaster Oven

roma 18 QT Roaster Oven

The Aroma 18 QT Roaster Oven is an excellent kitchen device. It is the perfect size for cooking a huge turkey as well as some vegetables. The roaster oven includes a stainless steel inner rack on which to set the turkey. It may also be easily raised up to remove the turkey from the roasting oven. The roasting pan is made of enameled steel and has exceptional heat distribution and retention, which helps to cook the turkey evenly. It may be easily removed from the roaster for cleaning.

The cover is self-basting, which keeps the turkey delicious and moist as it cooks. When the turkey is finished, you can utilize the keep warm function to keep it warm until it’s time to eat. Temperatures can be set between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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3. Nesco MWR18-14 Roaster Oven

Nesco MWR18-14 Roaster Oven

The Nesco Roaster Oven is the adaptable small roaster your kitchen has been waiting for! In addition to baking pies, steaming veggies, and cooking delectable soups, it can roast a turkey to perfection. Its 18-quart capacity allows it to accommodate a chicken big enough for the average family while still leaving enough for some vegetables.

This roaster will roast a turkey evenly and effectively, giving you great results every time thanks to its circulating heat, thick insulation, and full auto-temperature control. When the turkey is finished cooking, the rack’s handy lift-out handles make it easy to pick it up, and it can be refrigerated with any leftovers.

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4. Hamilton Beach 28lb Turkey Roaster

Hamilton Beach 28lb Turkey Roaster

The Hamilton Beach 28lb Turkey Roaster, as the name implies, is suited for large turkeys, making it an excellent choice for large holiday celebrations. It has a 22-quart capacity, so you can cook a variety of various meats and sides in it. The inside pan is composed of enamel-on-steel, which makes it strong and excellent for properly cooking the turkey. It is very simple to clean, so the majority of the hard work is done.

With the lift-out rack, you can quickly remove bulky things including the turkey from the roaster, keeping your turkey intact until carving time! Temperature settings range from keep warm to 450°F, giving you maximum control.

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5. Nesco ITR-01 Turkey Roaster

You can cook an 18-pound turkey in under two hours with the Nesco ITR-01 Upright Turkey Roaster, which will save you a lot of time in the kitchen! The whole turkey will be cooked uniformly thanks to the electronic heating components’ controllable high and low heat settings. As the turkey roasts, you can keep an eye on it using a glass viewing cover. The roaster is also simple to transport because to the easy-grip side handles! Because of the non-stick interior and the drip tray on the cooking stand within the roaster, cleanup is simplified. The roaster is strong, portable, and simple to maintain because it is made of stainless steel.

6. Kuraidori Roaster Oven

Kuraidori Roaster Oven

You can roast a turkey weighing up to 22 pounds in the Kuraidori Roaster Oven. You can roast a turkey in it, as well as slow simmer, stew, bake, and steam other foods. The roaster has a surround-heat technology that cooks food from all sides, resulting in even cooking results and a juicy and tender bird! The high dome lid allows for a larger turkey to be accommodated, and the lift-up tray makes it simple to remove the bird. The lid has a glass viewing pane that allows you to monitor the cooking process. The variable temperature control allows you to precisely cook the turkey, and once it is done, you may use the keep warm option.

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7. Weston 18 QT Roaster Oven

Weston 18 QT Roaster Oven

You can quadruple your oven’s capacity with the Weston 18 Quart Roaster Oven without taking up a lot of space in your kitchen. With a lift-up rack for simple removal of the turkey or other roasts, this is a great alternative for turkeys up to 24 pounds. Alternatively, you could simply bring the portable roaster to the table and begin serving there. With a heat range of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it allows for a variety of cooking techniques. The roasting pan gains height thanks to the dome lid. The entire roaster is incredibly simple to clean because it is made of steel and enamel.

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8. Chefman 14 QT Roaster Oven Cooker

Chefman 14 QT Roaster Oven Cooker

The Chefman 14 Quart Roaster Oven Cooker is the smallest option on this list, but it is ideal for a couple or small family looking to prepare a little turkey on occasion. The self-basting lid keeps the turkey moist and soft while adding incredible flavor. The roaster’s high dome lid allows it to cook up to a 20-pound turkey, which can be readily removed using the lift-up tray. The temperature can be set to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You can cook the turkey to your liking and keep it warm once it’s done.

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9. Ronco ST5000PLAT Digital Showtime Rotisserie

Ronco ST5000PLAT Digital Showtime Rotisserie

If you prefer your turkey roasted on a rotisserie, this offers slightly different cooking than most of the other choices on the list. You can use the rotisserie oven to cook two full chickens or a turkey up to 15 pounds in weight. For the greatest results, you can monitor the turkey’s cooking process thanks to the glass front. The turkey remains moist and tender thanks to the precise rotation speed that distributes heat evenly. Additionally, the oven has a self-basting rotation that preserves all the flavors. It is simple to use and even turns off when the cooking time is up.

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