Best Substitutes For Dried Mint

11 Best Substitutes For Dried Mint in 2022

If you don’t already have dried mint in your cupboard, you should absolutely have some in your kitchen! It is a very adaptable herb that may give a lot of flavor to foods, sauces, and dressings.

Since it is typically not practicable to keep fresh mint in the refrigerator at all times, dried mint can nevertheless impart a minty flavor to salads and dressings. Though you might require some for a recipe and be without either!

What are the most effective alternatives to dried mint? The greatest selection for dried mint substitutions will depend on the purpose for which you need it. Dried parsley, peppermint extract, dried oregano, dried rosemary, and even herbal mint tea were some of the better alternatives. Depending on what you need it for, keep reading to learn what the finest dried mint replacement is!

The Best Substitutes For Dried Mint

Mint has a distinct flavor, and dried mint retains it effectively when used in both sweet and savory foods. If you run out of dried mint, there are numerous replacements you can use in its stead.

You won’t get the same minty flavor as dried mint, but many of the substitutions will come close and still help you make something tasty!

Read through all of the suggestions below (while remembering why you were using the dried mint in the first place) to pick the ideal substitute for you.

1. McCormick Culinary Parsley Flakes

Since dried parsley doesn’t have a strong flavor and won’t overpower a dish where the mint was supposed to be present, it makes a good substitution for dried mint.

Even if you don’t like the overpowering smell and perfume of mint, this is regarded as an excellent substitute because it has a mellower flavor.

When cooking, such as in stews or soups, parsley is a wonderful alternative because of its delicate flavor; it will offer a good herb flavor to a dish without being overpowering.

Dried parsley works best in savory recipes because it does not complement sweeter foods well, but if you need some greens, you may add it to a smoothie.

2. McCormick Culinary Pure Peppermint Extract

If you do not have any dried mint but still desire a minty flavor, peppermint extract is the next best alternative! It is such a quick way to add the flavor of mint to a dish without requiring any preparation.

The only disadvantage is that peppermint extract has a considerably stronger flavor and aroma than dried mint, so you must be cautious when substituting it.

It can be added to sauces and dressings to impart the flavor of mint, but start with a small amount and adapt to taste. It is a superior alternative for desserts, marinades, and dressings that require a minty flavor.

3. McCormick Mediterranean Style Oregano Leaves

Oregano is related to mint, thus it stands to reason that it could be used in place of the dried herb. When substituting oregano for mint, keep in mind that it has a much more potent taste than mint does, so use caution if you don’t want to add any rich herby notes that could potentially overshadow a dish.

When substituting dried oregano for fresh, always begin with half the amount of mint called for and adjust to taste. In savory meals, marinades, and sauces, oregano is a great substitute for mint and pairs well with a variety of other spices.

4. Whole Foods Market, Rosemary

As a member of the same family as mint as oregano, rosemary can successfully replace mint in several dishes and recipes. While rosemary and mint may have somewhat dissimilar flavors and textures, rosemary can be utilized in a variety of ways and is simple to incorporate into food when dried.

Enjoy the fresh herbal taste it adds by substituting dried rosemary for dried mint in sauces, dressings, pasta, stews, soups, and casseroles. One thing to keep in mind while cooking with dried rosemary is that because it is such a robust herb, it needs to be added to a recipe early on to be able to unleash its flavor correctly.

5. Bigelow Mint Medley Herbal Tea

Herbal mint tea can be used in place of dried mint in a few ways, and it can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. You probably won’t want to empty the contents of a herbal mint tea bag into your salad while you probably could, you can instead brew some of the tea and use this to flavor sauces and dressings.

If you have some herbal mint tea in the pantry, make sure to have a look at the ingredients. Some mint teas contain other ingredients, ranging from black tea to rose hips and lemon balm we like this one as it contains only

If your tea just contains dried mint, then you could place the contents of the tea bag into a food processor and pulse it a few times to chop the dried mint down small enough to use in place of dried mint leaves.

6. McCormick Mediterranean Style Oregano Leaves

Dried marjoram has a flavor that is similar to dried mint, and the two can be used interchangeably in a few situations. Dried marjoram has a slightly lemony flavor with pine overtones. Even in dried state, it has a fresh flavor. In soups, stews, and dressings, use about the same amount of dried marjoram as dried mint.

7. McCormick Culinary Mint Leaves

Fresh mint is an obvious choice for dried mint; nevertheless, even while it imparts a fresh minty flavor to a meal, it is not always the ideal option for all recipes. Fresh mint is preferable than dried mint when making smoothies and garnishing salads and sauces. It is not excellent for cooking stews, soups, and similar dishes because it is a delicate herb that does not hold up well during cooking.

8. McCormick Tarragon Leaves

Dried tarragon can be substituted for dried mint because of its similar flavor and aroma. It has a bright, herbal flavor that works wonderfully in savory foods and light sauces.

Although dried tarragon won’t add a minty flavour to your food, it will add a unique and pleasant aroma and flavor. If you’re looking for a substitute for dried mint in meat marinades, try dried tarragon.

9. Lawry’s Lemon Pepper with Zest of Lemon

Lemon zest might work well in place of dried mint if you were going for that fresh flavor. While it might not be minty, this is a perfect substitute for dried mint in sauces and marinades because it will still be excellent!

Simply grate the lemon’s skin to obtain some lemon zest, and then combine it with the other components you’re using. Use a pinch at initially, taste the mixture, and add more if necessary.

10. Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Cilantro Leaves

Dried cilantro does not have the same strong or fresh flavor as fresh cilantro, but it will still bring a lot of flavor to a dish, so use it sparingly. Use half the amount of dried cilantro as you would mint, then taste and adjust as required. You can even make tea with it!

11. Herb Pharm Certified Organic Lemon

Lemon balm is unique in that it tastes and seems similar to mint. It may perfectly replace dried mint in sweet pastries, but it can also impart a fresh citrus flavor to savory dishes.

If you were planning to use dried mint in a marinade or dressing but don’t have any on hand, you should experiment with lemon balm instead. It is virtually the ideal combination of minty and lemony!

Related Questions

What does dried mint taste like?

The flavor of dried mint is both sweet and earthy. It’s fantastic for adding flavor and depth, and it sometimes has a more woodsy flavor than fresh mint. It is thought to impart a flavor very different from that of fresh mint.

Is mint tea just mint on its own?

The only two components required to make true mint tea are mint and some boiling water. You can use peppermint, spearmint, or even chocolate mint to prepare mint tea, among other types of mint.

Can I use dried mint for tea?

Dried mint is not recommended for use in making tea since it can turn bitter and bland if brewed for too long or if it has gone stale; for this reason, many tea manufacturers include extra ingredients such black tea or rose hips, hibiscus, and lemon peel. If you want a quality cup of tea, use fresh mint leaves or high-quality mint tea.

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