How Many Dates Are in A LÄRABAR

How Many Dates Are in A LÄRABAR?

LRABAR is a simple and nutritious energy bar flavored and sweetened with dates. But how many dates are there in an LRABAR? The actual number of dates will vary based on the flavor, but each bar should have 1-2 dates. Because each LRABAR flavor contains approximately 14 cup of fruit, the proportion of dates to other ingredients may vary. Learn more about LRABARs, how they vary from other protein bars, why each LRABAR contains dates, and which flavors contain the most dates!


The energy bar LRABAR is named after Lara Merriken, who invented it. It was developed as a straightforward, wholesome power bar that could deliver energy without sacrificing taste or quality. Merriken had the concept for L-RABAR while out hiking and munching on a bag of trail mix. She became aware of the dearth of high-quality companies making straightforward energy bars from basic, all-natural components.

Soon after exploring this concept, Merriken created the L-RABAR, which was initially designed to contain just 2-3 natural components per bar but now comes in varieties with up to 7-8 natural ingredients per bar. The bars also needed to taste wonderful without the use of artificial sweeteners or other flavorings, so having natural ingredients wasn’t enough.

Here’s where dates come into play! LRABAR makes the most of this delectable fruit, which is naturally sweet and offers a flavor that is reminiscent of rich caramel that can be utilized in a variety of applications. Dates include a mixture of glucose and fructose, two commonly utilized sugars that offer both immediate and sustained energy.

In contrast to fructose, which is metabolized a little more slowly by the body and releases energy more gradually, glucose is nearly instantly absorbed by the body and gives you immediate energy.

Trail Mix Vs LÄRABAR

When it comes to nutrition and energy, trail mix and LRABARs are very similar, however LRABARs have the advantage due to their convenience, quality, and flavor. Trail mix comes in a variety of flavors and combinations, but the flavor is usually fairly consistent, depending on the components utilized. LRABARs, for example, combine mashed and naturally processed foods to offer a distinctive and healthful flavor with each bite.

This method produces a strong and appealing flavor that standard trail mixes cannot match. Furthermore, because LRABAR has complete control over the nutrition in each bar, you can easily meet your DV (Daily Value) of nutrition without overeating, which is frequent with trail mixes.


Here are a few of the many varieties that L’RABAR offers:

Fruit Bread
Piata Coconut Cream
Apple Pie Cookie with Chocolate Chips Cashew cookie dough
a Key Lime Pie
Crab Cakes
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Choco-Peanut Butter Chip
flavored chocolate Brownie
Blueberry Muffin
Nut pies
Almond butter with jelly
What feature do all of these tastes share? Dates! But there is an intriguing thing to think about when there are so many different flavors.


Due to the presence of additional sweet ingredients, the number of dates in LRABARs might vary substantially. The Cookie Dough flavor, for example, has a distinct date-like flavor with faint cookie dough undertones. This LRABAR will have extra dates to compensate for the flavor and sugar level of the other ingredients. Other flavors, such as Banana Bread or Chocolate Chip Brownie bars, will have fewer dates added because chocolate chips and bananas contain sugar naturally.

As a general rule of thumb, each LRABAR should have at least 1-2 dates. Because the firm does not specify the precise number of dates in each bar, you will have to make an educated guess for each flavor. Checking the ingredients and nutritional composition of each bar is an easy method to achieve this.

If you detect any ingredients that may already contain sugar, such as chocolate chips or naturally sweet fruits, you should anticipate to obtain roughly 12-1 date per bar. Other less sugary flavors that rely mainly on the sugar content of dates may have 1-2 dates per bar. Pecan pie and cashew cookies are excellent examples of this because nuts do not naturally contain a lot of sugar.

Flavor Science

L-RABAR has a sizable Research & Development division that continuously strives to offer consumers newer and better flavors while staying true to its brand promise of offering natural nourishment. It’s not just that there are different amounts of dates in each bar; it’s also because the natural flavor notes in each bar interact with one another to create a balanced flavor that brings out the best in each ingredient.

L’RABAR meticulously selects the ideal fruit and nut varieties to go with dates. This is why different qualities can be found in nut- or fruit-based L-RABAR flavors, even zesty ones! Some L-RABAR bars, such as the Key Lime or Lemon Pie varieties, give distinct sweet and sour sensations. The benefit of creating flavors that are well-balanced is that even if the bar contains one or two dates, the flavor won’t be overbearing.

Which Type Of Dates Do LÄRABARs Use?

LRABARs flavor their energy bars with Medjool dates. This date is distinguished by its greater sugar content and delectably intense caramel flavor. Especially though Medjool dates are more expensive, LRABAR doesn’t skimp on date inclusion, even when mixed with less expensive ingredients like apples and bananas. Medjool dates are popular in the Middle East, but they are also grown in places such as Arizona, Florida, and California in North America.

Because of their accessibility and ease of application, they are a fantastic flavoring ingredient in many US-based food products! Medjool dates are extensively used to make a variety of delectable treats on their own. These dates are extremely popular with sportsmen since they deliver both immediate and delayed energy. Medjool dates have a soft and chewy body that makes them easier to digest.

Other types of dates, such as Deglet Noor dates, have a stiff and gritty texture that makes them difficult to purée. This gritty texture might also have an impact on the overall quality of the product. Two (48g) Medjool dates contain around 133 calories, 36g of carbohydrates, 32g of sugar, 3.2g of fiber, and approximately 1g of protein.

In the context of LRABARs, each bar can have an average of roughly 190 calories and 18g of sugar – hence the quantity of dates in each bar can also be calculated using this metric. Please bear in mind that while high-calorie LRABARs may have more dates, you must also account for the rest of the components to get an appropriate estimation.

Do LÄRABARs Taste Like Dates?

No matter what variety of LÄRABAR you try, you will detect a characteristic date-like flavor. Although LÄRABARs do not exclusively taste like dates, they will have a deep caramel flavor, but the brand does a superb job of balancing all the ingredients in each bar! The business adds that they utilize roughly ¼ cup of fruit in each LÄRABAR — this implies that they will naturally have to tweak the quantity of each component to either disguise or bring out various flavor characteristics.

Peanut Butter-based LÄRABARs are a fantastic illustration of this. Since peanuts have a unique flavor, using more dates can easily hide the natural flavor notes of the peanuts — on the other hand, using fewer will result in a bland flavor.

The company systematically changes the percentage of each ingredient until the bar gives an ideal overall flavor. This way you get the finest of all components and a delectable power bar that you can pack on the move!

Related Questions

LÄRABARs are a fantastic alternative to trail mixes. They deliver a consistent dose of energy without compromising on flavor or quality! Now that you know all about LÄRABARs and the number of dates utilized in them, here are some relevant questions.

How long do LÄRABARs last?

Because L-RABARs don’t contain any additives or preservatives that would keep them fresh for a long time, the company employs cutting-edge packaging methods to preserve the freshness of each bar. L-RABARs can be kept unopened for up to 9 months, however to get the most flavor out of them, you should eat them as soon as possible after opening.

Should you refrigerate LÄRABARs?

Refrigerating LRABARs is the best way to store them. This storing method not only extends the shelf life of the bars, but it can also impart a pleasing mouthfeel and texture. Do not freeze LRABARs as this may affect the texture of the product once defrosted.

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