How To Peel Cucumber

How To Peel Cucumber

Basic cooking skills include peeling; if you haven’t yet mastered this fundamental task, this tutorial will teach you how to peel cucumbers efficiently, minimizing waste. What is the best method for peeling a cucumber? Use a Swiss or swivel peeler to take off the cucumber’s tough skin. Then arrange it on a cutting board and slice it in half lengthwise with a sharp knife. Split the cucumber in half lengthwise, and use a spoon to remove the seeds before slicing it into thin rounds. Keep reading for advice on how to peel and cut cucumbers quickly and efficiently, as well as information on the proper tools for the job.

The Right Tools For The Job

Every job requires the right skill set and tools — let’s talk about the tools first. There are primarily two tools that you will need to peel and cut cucumbers:

  1. The humble vegetable peeler
  2. A sharp knife

Vegetable Peelers

Cucumbers may appear difficult to peel due to their cylindrical shape, but they are actually the easiest to process because they have a mix of firm and tender textures that allow you to use a variety of tools on them. Cucumber peelers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but two stand out in everyday cooking: the swivel peeler and the Swiss peeler. Let’s go over the features of each tool!

Swivel Peeler

An excellent tool for peeling almost any vegetable, a swivel peeler allows you a firm grasp and precise control. The term comes from the fact that the long blade is mounted on a swivel. This peeler has a flexible blade that may be angled to conform to the curve of the produce you’re peeling.

Potatoes, turnips, and cucumbers (of course) are just a few examples of round and cylindrical vegetables that benefit from this trait. Have a look at this incredible swivel peeler, which can be used on a wide variety of veggies.

Here’s how to peel a cucumber with a swivel peeler:
Wet the cucumber and dry it off with a clean, dry towel.

Use your middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger to firmly grasp the swivel peeler’s handle. Position your thumb on the side and your index finger behind the blade.

You can also use a knife grip, holding the sides of the peeler just below the blade head. For added convenience, some peelers feature a grip handle.

Peel the cucumber by starting at one end and working your way down to the other using the blade of the peeler. Turn the cucumber around and peel it again and again until the whole thing is done.

To complete the peeling process on the opposite side, simply flip the cucumber over when you’ve completed the peeling on the middle.

Swiss Peeler

The Swiss peeler has the same mechanics as the swivel peeler but comes with a fixed or pivotable blade.

This peeler has a “Y” form and might look like a conventional shaving blade.

A Swiss peeler’s blade is suitable for peeling huge or elongated veggies like cucumbers.

You can quickly swipe down and peel off any rounder vegetable with this sort of peeler without any effort!

For the finest results, we recommend using this Swiss peeler.

Here’s how to use a Swiss Peeler:

The cucumber should be washed and dried.
Try cutting the cucumber tip to create a flat edge for the best results. This will make it easier to peel the cucumber evenly from top to bottom!
Grip the Swiss peeler in the same way you would a shaving blade.
Hold the cucumber at a 45-degree angle and begin peeling from top to bottom by bringing the peeler down towards you. Then just spin the cucumber and continue until all of it has been skinned.

Paring Knife

Lacking a special veggie peeler? Then you can also peel cucumbers with a knife.

Contrary to vegetable peelers, which are made to cut thin layers of the peel to minimize waste, this method is not advised because it is certain to produce food waste.

However, if you take your time, you can easily peel the vegetable with a knife!

You will need a sharp paring knife for this procedure.

Peeling knives are another name for paring knives. These knives offer superior control when doing precise cutting jobs and may also be used to thinly peel vegetables. They are compact, adaptable, and efficient by design.

Here’s how to use a paring knife to peel a cucumber:

Cucumber should be held at an angle once the tip has been cut off.
Set the knife’s blade slightly below the cucumber’s flat edge while holding it in place with your index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers.
Your thumb should be parallel to the cucumber’s blade. The thumb will provide you a more secure grasp on the vegetable and the cutting motion while also providing a stable basis for the knife.
Simply bring the knife down from one end to the other once you are in the proper position, then rotate the vegetable and repeat the procedure until the entire item has been skinned.
You can also peel the cucumber in a sideways motion if you are uncomfortable using the method described above:

The paring knife should be held vertically and inserted at an angle into the cucumber’s side.
Rotate the cucumber slowly as you make the cut around it.
The remainder of the vegetable can then be peeled in the same manner once the top piece has been peeled.

How To Cut Cucumbers

Peeling the cucumber makes it easier to cut. Cucumbers are fantastic since any knife that is even slightly sharp will do for slicing them.

If a chef’s knife is unfamiliar or not easily available, a standard short knife will do.

Keep in mind that a somewhat sharp knife is all that’s needed to easily slice through the fragile flesh of a peeled cucumber; in principle, you could use any type of blade you have on hand so long as it isn’t dull!

Using this chef’s knife will provide better control and a smoother cut; you may even be able to make more uniform slices.

Detailed instructions for slicing cucumbers are provided below.

Place the cucumber on the cutting board and secure it using the “claw method.”
Form a “claw” by tucking in your fingers to the point where your fingernails lie on top of the cucumber, leaving only your knuckles visible.
The little risk of injury makes this approach ideal for novices.
Choose one end of the cucumber and work your way to the other. Remove the cucumber’s end and, working slowly, cut it into thin slices of uniform thickness.
Slide your hand down the veggie until you reach the opposite end with your claws. Then, just gather up all the pieces and dig in!

Tips For Peeling Cucumbers

Never peel or cut cucumbers with a dull blade, especially when using a paring knife, as the blade may come off the vegetable.
Cut the cucumber in half, then use a spoon to scoop out the seeds from both halves to remove the seeds. Then, using any peeler or paring knife, peel each side separately.
To improve your grip and peeling speed, try cutting large cucumbers in half. Peel both sides as you typically would after making a cut in the centre to form two smaller half.
When using a knife or other sharp blade to peel a cucumber, keep the cucumber away from your body, especially when you are bringing the knife down toward your body. For added safety, you might also try peeling away from the bottom up.
In order for the peeler to peel the veggies uniformly and equally without catching debris between the blades, if you are using the same peeler for several different vegetables, be sure to clean the blade after each use.

Related Questions

Peeling cucumbers is very easy if you know the right tools and techniques! Now that you know how to peel them, here are some related questions we thought you might have.

Can you peel cucumbers with a mandolin? 

While not recommended, you can attempt peeling a cucumber using a mandolin slicer. If you press too hard on the blade, you’ll start peeling thick slices; instead, gradually glide the side of the vegetable until you get thin peels.

Should you milk cucumbers before or after peeling them?

Cucumbers should be milked before being peeled in order to reduce their bitterness:

Remove the cucumber’s tip. It is a crucial component of this procedure, so don’t throw it away!
Rub the cucumber’s edge with the tip of the sliced stick. Continue until a bubbling or thick froth forms, which should take a few minutes.
The cucumber should be rinsed, dried with a towel, and then peeled as usual.

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