The St. Charles Development Corporation (SCDC) was formed and funded in June of 1998 by a group of area business owners and community leaders.

The purpose of the corporation is to promote the welfare of the business and community interests of the citizens of St. Charles, Iowa, and the territory surrounding this city in Madison County.  This is to be done through preserving, improving, developing, promoting and expanding the commercial, industrial, cultural, social, educational, and physical advantages of the locality.  Unlike other organizations, the SCDC only meets to work on a specific project.  In between projects that require the entire group, the officers of the SCDC stay vigilant and engaged in all activities and projects taking place around St. Charles to lend any assistance asked for and projects that the SCDC could spearhead.

SCDC’s major accomplishments include:

  • Facilitation and coordination of several multi-organizational projects to completion; the latest being the formation of St. Charles Action Team, which is a collaboration of all of the organizations in town.
  • Assistance in obtaining start-up capital for a new county winery;
  • Organization and funding of annual holiday community and business appreciation events;
  • Researching and negotiating the transformation of the abandoned school property into a multi-faceted tax base bearing private sector community addition;
  • Sponsoring a “Support Your Local Business” campaign.
  • The most recognized project that SCDC spearheads is the St. Charles Community Christmas.

We are always looking for new ideas and opinions and would welcome anyone that would like to join us.  If you want more information please contact

Kathy Dennis – President – 515-710-0879

Or visit our website at: