Soak Potatoes In Salt Water

Should You Soak Potatoes In Salt Water Before Cooking?

One of the most adaptable ingredients in the kitchen is the potato. A basic potato or two can be used in a variety of recipes, but there are various ways to prepare potatoes before cooking them. Do potatoes need to be soaked in salt water before cooking? Particularly if you’re making baked potatoes or French fries, or if you’re preparing potatoes ahead of time, you should soak potatoes in salt water before cooking. When potatoes are soaked, extra starch and water are drawn out, resulting in firmer potatoes when cooked. If you want perfectly crisp French fries and baked potatoes, soaking potatoes in salt water before cooking might take a little bit of time, but it is definitely worth it!

Do You Need To Soak Potatoes In Salt Water Before Cooking?

Before cooking, soaking potatoes in salt water helps pull out water and eliminate extra starch from the potatoes. In order to make baked potatoes and French fries, you would like the potatoes to be crispier and firmer after they are cooked. Although cooking raw potatoes that haven’t been soaked in salt water will yield less-than-stellar results, it’s not strictly necessary. It is absolutely worthwhile to soak the potatoes if you have the time and advance planning!

Does Soaking Potatoes In Salt Water Change How They Cook?

Soaking potatoes in salt water obviously changes the way they cook and turn out in the end. When creating French fries or baked potatoes, potatoes are typically soaked in salt water before cooking. Soaking the potatoes before cooking helps to eliminate the potato starch, which is important for preventing the fries from sticking together during the frying process. Following that, soaking the potatoes helps to achieve a golden-brown surface with a soft and fluffy interior.

By removing the water and moisture from the potatoes, the French fries will be drier and more stiff when cooked. The water component of the fries is replaced with fat while frying, making them more tasty as well. When cooking baked potatoes, potatoes are frequently soaked as well. This is also possible when preparing potato wedges. Soaking potatoes in salt water before baking gives them a crunchy jacket on the exterior and a soft, fluffy interior.

Do I Need To Add Vinegar To A Salt Water Soak For Potatoes?

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to add a teaspoon or two of vinegar to your salt water soak for potatoes. Although it can be done with salt water alone, adding vinegar is said to help the potatoes absorb more moisture and starch, giving them a superior overall finish. It’s also thought that soaking the potatoes in vinegar will help them taste better, but this is simply a matter of taste.

Do I Need To Dry Potatoes After Soaking Them?

After giving the potatoes the proper length of time to soak, you should dry them before cooking them. Fries or entire potatoes should be drained before being placed on fresh paper towels. When the potatoes are dry and prepared to cook, use a few more pieces of paper towel to blot away any remaining moisture.

The Pros And Cons Of Soaking Potatoes In Salt Water

When selecting whether or not to soak your potatoes in salt water before cooking them, weigh the benefits and drawbacks.


The benefits of soaking potatoes in salt water are really good. The biggest advantage is that the potatoes absorb less moisture and starch thanks to the salt water. This results in firm, crispy French fries that are crisp and brown on the exterior but soft and fluffy on the inside. They do not break or mush together. Similarly, baked potatoes and potato wedges will have a wonderfully crispy surface and a soft, tender interior.


There is only one disadvantage to soaking the potatoes in salt water while making French fries or jacket potatoes, and that is the time it takes to make them. In order for this technique to be effective, you must plan ahead of time and prepare the potatoes thoroughly before boiling.

How Long Do You Need To Soak Potatoes In Salt Water

The amount of time you have to soak the potatoes depends on what you are making, but you may soak them in salt water for up to 24 hours before cooking.

Baked Potatoes

You just need to soak the potatoes for 2-8 hours when cooking baked potatoes or potato wedges for the best results.

French Fries

The maximum amount of time that French fries should soak in salt water is 24 hours, but any longer could cause them to reabsorb moisture. However, you do not need to soak them for this long; just 30 minutes would be enough to prepare them for cooking.

How To Soak Potatoes In Salt Water

Soaking potatoes in salt water is simple; you only need to plan ahead to finish on time.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to soaking potatoes in salt water:

Fill a decent basin halfway with cold water, allowing some room at the top for when the potatoes are added and the water rises.
If you’re cooking fries, add 2 teaspoons of salt to the water. To create entire baked potatoes, combine 1 cup of salt and 8 cups of water.
Cleaning, peeling, and slicing potatoes for fries, or washing and leaving them whole for baked potatoes, are two ways to prepare them.
Place the prepared potatoes in a bowl of salt water and soak for up to 24 hours.
Drain, dry, and cook the potatoes after they have soaked for a sufficient amount of time.

Can You Soak Potatoes To Prevent Discoloration?

The ability of potatoes to avoid fading is a less well-known benefit of soaking them in salt water. When exposed to air, potatoes, like apples and other fruits and vegetables, can develop a grayish-brown tint; soaking them can help with this. Although this discolouration has no impact on the potatoes’ flavor or texture, it is not cosmetically pleasing.

After peeling and cutting the potatoes, immediately submerge them in water to prevent them from coming into touch with oxygen and fading. For other potato meals, such mashed potatoes, you can just use ordinary cold water; you don’t necessary need to add salt unless you are making French fries or baked potatoes.

Until you are ready to use the potatoes, you can leave them in the water, but you shouldn’t leave them in the water for more than 24 hours. Drain the potatoes and cook them as usual when it’s time to prepare them.

Final Thoughts

Soaking potatoes in salt water before cooking is suggested, especially if you’re making French fries, baked potatoes, or wedges. Soaking potatoes in salt water helps to eliminate extra water and starch, resulting in crispy and firm French fries and baked potatoes on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.

To get outstanding results, soak the potatoes in salt water for a few hours, but do not soak them for more than 24 hours. If you have the time, soak the potatoes for French fries and baked potatoes before cooking them!

Related Questions

Here are some more queries we thought you might have now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about soaking potatoes before cooking and how to do it.

Should I cut my potatoes before soaking?

Unless you’re cooking baked potatoes, it’s a good idea to cut the potatoes before soaking them in salt water. This increases the surface area of each potato piece, allowing more moisture to evaporate and as much starch to be removed as feasible.

What happens if you do not soak potatoes before frying?

If potatoes aren’t soaked before frying, they’ll have too much starch, which could cause the outsides to stick to one another when cooking and possibly cause the potatoes to break apart easily.

Should I soak potatoes before making hash browns?

Soaking potatoes before cooking hash browns helps to liberate extra starch. This makes the outside of the hash brown crispy and brown while keeping the inside soft and moist.

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