What Is Whipped Honey

What Is Whipped Honey?

The texture of whipped honey is different from regular honey, so don’t worry if you’ve never tried it. It is delicious and has several amazing uses. Whipped honey – also called creamed honey, among other names – is honey that has been crystallized to give it tiny sugar crystals and a smoother, more spreadable texture. Learn more about whipped honey, how it differs from regular honey, if it contains cream or dairy, what other names it goes by, and what it’s best used for!

What Is Whipped Honey?

There are several other names for whipped honey, including:

  • Honey that has been creamed

  • Honey spun from bees

  • Honey granules

  • Honey that has been churned

  • Honey fondant

  • Butter made from honey

  • Honey with a soft set

For the purpose of this article, we’ll refer to it as whipped honey. Compared to honey with naturally occurring large crystals, whipped honey has crystals that are very small, giving it a smoother and creamier consistency. Raw honey must be used to make whipped honey, because it will crystallize over time. Some varieties of raw honey crystallize quickly, while others may not crystallize for many years.

Several factors affect how quickly honey crystallizes, including whether it has been filtered and what temperatures it has been exposed to before and after harvesting. In spite of its name, creamed honey does not contain cream or dairy products. Whipped honey is not whipped in its true sense, since air is not added with a whisk; the components are mixed thoroughly, but not vigorously.

Whipped Honey Vs Regular Honey

Regular honey and whipped honey are both made from raw honey. Only the whipped honey is crystallized differently, resulting in a smoother texture!

Whipped Honey

In essence, whipped honey is regular honey that has been processed further. It is collected from beehives, extracted, and then filtered before being bottled. When whipped honey is filtered, it undergoes controlled crystallization, which produces small crystal granules. The liquid honey is evenly mixed with seed honey to break up the larger crystals in commercially produced whipped honey using a machine called a honey creamer.

Regular Honey

You can buy raw or pasteurized honey from the supermarket. The raw honey is harvested, filtered, and bottled, while pasteurized honey is heated and cooled at controlled temperatures to kill any yeast spores. Apart from preventing crystallization, pasteurization keeps honey runny for longer by preventing fermentation.

Whipped Honey Vs Regular Honey — Similarities

Raw, unpasteurized honey is the main difference between whipped honey and regular honey. Because they are not heated, they retain their natural properties such as flavor and aroma. Since they are unpasteurized, they can crystallize over time.

Whipped Honey Vs Regular Honey — Differences

Raw honey goes through a natural crystallization process, but whipped honey’s crystallization is controlled to provide a specific consistency. In contrast, regular honey crystallizes at a different rate and forms smaller or larger crystals based on the nectar source. Clover honey, for example, crystallizes more rapidly and has smaller crystals.

Also, regular honey lacks the creaminess of whipped honey and will crystallize in a jar over time. Physically, whipped honey has a creamier texture, is lighter in color, and is easier to spread.

Uses Of Whipped Honey

From culinary to medicinal applications, whipped honey is a versatile food that is full of flavor and health benefits. Listed below are some of the most common uses for whipped honey!


Honey has such a smooth and spreadable texture that makes it ideal for use as a sandwich spread. It doesn’t cause the soft bread to break while spreading and is a wonderful alternative to peanut butter and jelly.

Spread For Toast And Crackers

Besides bread, whipped honey is great on toast and crackers. You can use it in place of butter and cheese for a healthier alternative.

Healthy Dip

Whipping honey is a great healthy dip for fruit and vegetables. You can use it instead of caramel, for example, and enjoy its health benefits without sacrificing sweetness.

Sweetener For Beverages

A common pairing is tea with honey, whether it is for sweetening or medicinal purposes. Whipped honey could be substituted in teas, coffees, and hot cocoa. When heated, whipped honey loses its creamy texture and reverts to a liquid state.

Frosting For Cookies And Cupcakes

Honey pairs perfectly with your favorite desserts if you’re a fan. Using whipped honey instead of frosting will not only make cookies and cupcakes taste great, but it will also reduce the bad fats and refined oils in the frosting.

Marinade For Meat

Although honey can be used as a marinade for glazed ham and other meats, whipped honey has a more spreadable texture that would make it easier to cover the entire piece of meat. Due to the similar flavor of regular honey and whipped honey, the substitution will not affect the dish’s taste.

Natural Cough Syrup

Besides its culinary applications, honey also has medicinal properties. You can make whipped honey from honey varieties such as eucalyptus and citrus to reap their benefits.

Final Thoughts

In other words, whipped honey is regular honey that has gone through a controlled crystallization process, giving it a smooth, creamy texture that makes it very easy to spread. A variety of honey can be used to make it, and it has a variety of culinary and medicinal uses. There are several varieties of whipped honey available in the market, but you can also make it yourself using crystallized raw honey, whipped raw honey, and liquid raw honey.

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